Beetle Dune Concept from 2020 Volkswagen

Back in 2000, the 2020 Volkswagen presented a concept called Beetle Dune, while the Detroit Motor Show in the German manufacturer presented to the public another prototype having the same name. However, the latter is much closer to the production car concept than fourteen years ago.

2020 Volkswagen Beetle Dune is the basis of the project was the 2020 Volkswagen Beetle hatchback 3rd generation, received significantly increased ground clearance, large wheels, a revised bumper and a small off-road body kit with special door sills and arches.

Also, 2020 Volkswagen Beetle Dune flaunts modified rear-view mirrors, with two spoilers and tinted light engineering at the rear. Inside, you can see additional devices off devices around the front of the center, as well as body-colored yellow accents in the interior design.

The power unit for a vehicle is a 210-horsepower gasoline engine with turbocharging in a line of “Beetle”, working together with the DSG robotised gearbox, which transmits the traction on the front axle wheels. It is possible that in the near future, this concept can get into mass production, but in the company of this information has not yet been confirmed.