2020 Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe – new charged “German”

The company Mercedes has recently released an updated version of its utility vehicle M-Class, which, after the restyling was given a new name – GLE – .

It does not have to wait long and the emergence of a charged modification of the updated car, developed in partnership with AMG. As a result, the light appeared the car Mercedes-AMG GLE 2020 years -, which very soon will begin to conquer global rent.

 2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe AMG – photo

In the meantime, we have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the novelty, because already a lot of useful and interesting information available from official sources, that is, the direct representatives of the Mercedes company.

I would like to begin to note that the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 has an even more extreme version, but unlike 63 AMG Gle is only in the technical specifications.

It is noteworthy that the manufacturer did not simply install more powerful engines and make an SUV only due to this charged version. Compared with restyled GLE, forced his version has a modified appearance, somewhat modified interior. Of course, a complete set here will be only the top-end, and specifications – at the highest level.


So, the car is not difficult to distinguish from the source code, and very new. Innovation literally visible from all sides. Because let us conduct a comprehensive inspection, and photo and video materials to us in this great help.

 2020 Photo Gle Mercedes Coupe AMG front

The front part has got a completely new bumper, a modified radiator grille trim. In addition, the head optics is somewhat different. Lights allow us to “look” the SUV an even more predatory and aggressive. At the heart of the LEDs are lighting, although it is unlikely that anyone now surprised. Pleasantly pleased and a new hood with air vents and ribs almost at the very base of the windshield.

 2020 Gle Mercedes AMG side photo –

Side watching reissued rapids, large comfortable doors, almost perfectly flat roofline and roof rails on it. Specific revision undergone the front and rear wings, and in large radii of the wheel arches are located exclusive wheels. Even the base offers a 20-inch rollers, and for a fee you can get the aluminum products to 21 inch.

 2020 Photo rear of the crossover

The rear part welcomes us with a new rear bumper with a large diffuser and two twin exhaust pipes at the edges of the system. Above the tailgate glass is a small spoiler and rear optics experienced a small upgrade.

Well, in terms of appearance changes quite serious, and it is pleasantly pleased. Updated exterior can reveal the internal, that is, the technical potential of this car. His way car shows how serious its opportunities in the road and not only.


The interior design has changed is not so serious as the external. Nevertheless, to find differences between the original SUV without any problems.

Photo salon

Let’s start with the fact that the driver and front passenger can now comfortably in the new sports seats, made in high quality leather. Appropriate sports seats profiles allow convenient to fix the position of the body and provide a delicious side support, due to which even at the entrances to the sharp turns at high speed you will not throw from the spot.

Quality materials

The central tunnel that separates the driver and front passenger, remained virtually unchanged, and only supplemented with decorative inserts. By the way, inserts for improved decor here is very good fit. Thus, multi-function, steering wheel flattened bottom decorated with Alcantara inserts, and the interior is decorated with carbon fiber plates himself, giving the feeling of a sports saloon. And for the convenience of the driver on the pedal installed metal plates.

Very comfortable seats

Highly accurate, informative instrument panel, center console-designed with a large multi-media display, and much more will please the quality and comfort of work.


Similarly to the first row of affairs on the second row, where passengers maximum comfort is provided.

In fact, even the flaws found here with a great desire impossible. This Mercedes-. Moreover, the project created in tandem with the AMG. And these guys are bad machine has never created.


Of course, for its Mercedes-AMG GLE 2020 manufacturer has provided a very rich equipment, and because equipment is offered with a very broad list of options. And what in the ordinary GLE went for a fee, are available already as a basic equipment. Of course, the price tag will be relevant to the initial version, but it’s worth it.

Among the most interesting components of the equipment, which is equipped with Mercedes-AMG GLE 2020, are the following:

  1. dual-zone climate control;
  2. adaptive cruise control;
  3. ecological system start-stop;
  4. collision avoidance system;
  5. Electronic automatic rudder;
  6. automatic start-stop;
  7. automatic braking system;
  8. adaptive LED head optics;
  9. electric opening of the luggage compartment;
  10. multimedia system company Online Comand;
  11. multimedia touch screen diagonal of 8 inches;
  12. premium audio system;
  13. leather upholstery;
  14. inlays in carbon and Alcantara ;;
  15. heating system, ventilation and massage for the front seats;
  16. electric adjustment position of the front seats;
  17. Camera panoramic view;
  18. front and rear parking sensors;
  19. assistance system when driving in traffic;
  20. tracking system for the blind and other areas.

As you can imagine, to list all the components configuration – it infinite. Besides, things like electro or multifunction steering wheel for a vehicle such as the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 – it is self-evident option. The client will be able to choose how it will richly stocked charged SUV.


Alas, about the price the manufacturer is currently silent. Apparently, this is due to the fact that sales will begin only this summer.

It is expected that in July the first batch Mercedes-AMG GLE 2020 will go to the official dealers in Europe, and after a couple of months should see the car already in.

Pictures Gle Mercedes AMG 2020 years

About the cost is difficult to say, because even the price of a regular GLE remains unknown. We can only note that the predecessor of the charged off-road vehicle in the person of the ML 63 AMG in Russia worth 6.5 million rubles. It is unlikely that the new product will be radically different in terms of pricing, but to wait for reducing the price tag is certainly not worth it.

Equipment Price Engine Box Drive unit
GLE 63 AMG 6990000 5.5 petrol (557 hp) Machine (7) full
GLE 63 AMG S 7640000 5.5 petrol (585 hp) Machine (7) full


And now finally we know what the technical characteristics of the charged based German SUV.

Here we are dealing with a very, very interesting powertrain. Of course, Mercedes-AMG GLE 2020 there is only one engine. But what.

This is a petrol engine volume 5.5 liters. Due to the presence of the eight cylinders with dual turbo system tvinturbo, the power of this “beast” on wheels was 525 horsepower with a torque of 700 Nm.

Acceleration from zero to a hundred only takes 4.3 seconds. Thus, the novelty has surpassed its predecessor by 0.5 seconds.

As you remember, we talked about the presence of an even more extreme version of the Mercedes-AMG GLE S. 63 It is equipped with the same powertrain, but more refined. As a result, its capacity has reached 585 horsepower, and torque increased to 760 Nm. This had a positive impact on the dynamics of dispersal, although allowed to beat the 525-strong version of only one tenth of a second.

Mercedes AMG GLE Coupe – 2020 year

As for the top speed, there is the German automaker, whose name is Mercedes, acting in his usual repertoire. We’re talking about the traditional installation of electronic speed limiters maximum. And to mark all e-collar is also known from previous vehicles – 250 kilometers per hour.

It is no secret that the limiter can be removed. But this option is officially Mercedes does not currently offer. So you may have to act, and to seek appropriate specialist if target of 250 kilometers per hour will seem insufficient.


The company Mercedes did not long delay the release of a charged version of its SUV, which just recently experienced a planned restyling.

Best of all, Mercedes-AMG GLE 2020 – has received a number of changes as compared to the source code. It has changed the exterior, the interior was redecorated. As always, the company’s machines are getting very rich equipment, and the SUV is not an exception.

Of course, the crown of all events has become the engine compartment, which is located in an extremely impressive powertrain. Recoil 525 horsepower was more than enough, but Mercedes decided to go ahead and make the most extreme modification with outstanding 585 horsepower. This was probably done to spur competition.