2020 W Motors Fenyr SuperSport

Poizvoditel 2020 W Motors supercar from the Middle East presented his new creation called Fenyr Supersport. The car is designed to be faster and more comfortable than its predecessor Lykan Hypersport .

While the world saw only 7 Hypersport cars, Motors intend to annually produce 25 units Fenyr Supersport.

On the hood of the supercar 2020 W Motors Fenyr Supersport model year will raspolozhn all the same 6-cylinder in-line biturbo engine capacity of 4.0 liters, produced by German company RUF Automobile. This engine has been specifically designed for Hypersport model, but now he perekochyuet on Supersport version with a number of innovations that have made it possible to increase its power to 900 hp and torque of 1200 Nm. In general, it is 130 + hp

With these specifications, a sports car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.7 seconds and develop an impressive top speed of over 400 km / h!

Another success briefcase manufacturer considers new body, which is made of lightweight carbon fiber and placed on the chassis of the Super tubular aluminum. Detailed figures on the title has not been announced, but it is not difficult to guess that the supercar will weigh an order of magnitude better than the 1380 kg model Lycan Gipersport.

Visually Fenyr Supersport has some similarity with Lykan – all the same sharp and angular forms and menacing front end with a sufficiently large grille, triangular air intakes, the headlights are very similar to the same in Hypersport model. On the side we can see the steep rims to look through the big red brake calipers, spectacular view and wide wheel arch air vents, through which the cooling of the motor is being installed in the center for better weight distribution. If you look at the top sports car – its design is almost completely symmetrical.

Behind it seems fresher than Hypersport, horizontal taillights more simple form, a rear diffuser and tailpipes, positioned in the center.

Price 2020 W Motors Fenyr SuperSport in has not yet announced