2020 Volkswagen Polo sedan

Sedan 2020 Volkswagen Polo , currently has one of the best-selling car of this class in our country, even though its price is not cheap. This sedan is produced at the Kaluga automobile plant. Car design, reliability, and specifications have received good reviews from the domestic car owners.

2020 Volkswagen Polo Sedan photo

The way in which outwardly looks sedan 2020 Volkswagen Polo like not only to young users, but also for those who are over 70. The photo and video can be clearly seen, the sedan is classically restrained style that is not saturated with bright forms, it gives the brand a certain solidity. Radiator grille in the vehicle has severe contours and shape of a rectangle. Designers gave the oval headlights of head light, which is not “striking”. At present a large bumper air intake and at its edges are fog lights.

2020 Volkswagen Polo sedan Photo

The car is very nimble, its aerodynamics was calculated to the last detail. Elan, which comes from such an aerodynamics very much felt when driving. It is envisaged that the customer can add to the set of his car some pleasant things, such as a room air conditioner or climate control, stereo, papktronik, electric front window and a lot of other options.

  • The dimensions of the vehicle are the following indicators. The length of the 2020 Volkswagen Polo is 4384 mm, its width – 1699 mm, height – 1465 mm. Wheelbase is 2552 mm., And the ground clearance is 170 mm, this figure is large enough for sedans in its class. The luggage compartment has a 460 liters of usable volume and can easily expand if fold rear row of seats.

Interior 2020 Volkswagen Polo sedan Photo

Despite the fact that the sedan has a small body size, very spacious inside. Passengers in the rear seats is convenient, since the width of the space and the length is enough. Plastic, which was used in the decoration of the interior space, pleasant to the touch. Savings as materials for interior decoration, not in the style of 2020 Volkswagen motors. The panel with the devices is very ergonomic. On-board computer has some excellent qualities. It is equipped with a navigation system, which is convenient to use thanks to the large multifunction display. With this system it is impossible to get lost either on the track or in the city or elsewhere in search of the required addresses you.

2020 Volkswagen Polo sedan photo salon


The model can not hit the customer number of complete sets. They exist only three species: trendlayn, komfortlayn and haylayn. All, without exception, have a complete 105-horsepower engine, which has a volume of 1.6 liters.

In the first configuration (Trendlayn) supplied 5-stupenchastaya mission, which is made in the form of systems with a mechanical switch mode. The second and third are already complete 6-band automatic. All this distinguishes Polo Sedan from competitors. Automatic transmissions for vehicles of competitive manufacturers of the same class are not provided. Not difficult to guess that the base platform for the new sedan has served almost eponymous hero of this review – the 2020 Volkswagen Polo.

VW Polo sedan pictures

After the upgrade, it has acquired a wider wheel track, the anti-lock system and is now available can adjust the steering wheel. Up to a hundred kilometers per hour Polo Sedan can accelerate in 10.5 seconds. With a good dynamic, the car consumes relatively little fuel. For every hundred kilometers traveled have to spend only 6.5 liters. It is worth noting that this is characteristic of consumption in combined cycle!

The test drive 2020 Volkswagen Polo showed good driving characteristics of the car. Leather in this sedan carries a lot of information. Banks in entering even in sharp turns – are minimal. Longitudinal rolls were observed when driving.

Compare Models & Prices

Price 2020 Volkswagen Polo sedan already announced regional dealers. For a minimal version will have to pay 450 thousand rubles, and the maximum -. 642 thousand rubles..

Equipment Price Engine Box Drive unit
Trendline 1.6 MT5 449900 1.6 petrol (105 hp) mechanical (5) front
Comfortline 1.6 MT5 530100 1.6 petrol (105 hp) mechanical (5) front
Comfortline 1.6 AT6 576800 1.6 petrol (105 hp) automatic (6) front
Highline 1.6 MT5 594500 1.6 petrol (105 hp) mechanical (5) front
Highline 1.6 AT6 641200 1.6 petrol (105 hp) automatic (6) front


We must admit that, even at a low potential price Volkswagun Polo Sedan – true German car with all the bonus features peculiar to the German manufacturer. It is built to run on problematic Russian roads. Travel on this sedan with this state of roads is quite comfortable and as safe as possible. If you need an inexpensive, but not necessarily quality vehicles, you need to carefully look at the 2020 Volkswagen Polo Sedan. This car is definitely worthy of the attention of any buyer.

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