2020 Volkswagen Golf R 7, – top of the range 2020 Volkswagen Golf 7

There is no doubt that the most pumped from all modifications 2020 Volkswagen Golf 7 R is the most discussed variation recently. Questions of this kind, as “What is new in it?” And “How much will it cost?” Is likely to come and now if the company itself did not want to share with motorists curious details about the model and its top-end modification.

Initially, the company plans to introduce this version was three weeks during the presentation in the showroom that in Frankfurt. By the way, feel the difference between ordinary 2020 Volkswagen Golf 7 and a modified version is possible at once, without looking any individual style elements.

The first thing that catches the eye is the front bumper, which looks pretty luxurious. It is characterized by the fact that includes the air inlets is much larger than usual. Another feature of the changes is the modified radiator grille, as well as the presence of “skirts” on the sides. The most observant of motorists will also notice a completely new company Cadiz wheels, and in addition more and LED optics, which stands out for its toning.

As it is already possible to see not only in appearance changes were made, but also inside the cabin, and their number also can not fail to please. First, the interior got new chairs, which was a hint at its sporting orientation.

Second, find out about the condition of the car and its high-speed data is already using the new devices. Well, finally, the cabin will show off only new music system that is different from the old style and some new features. But the innovation does not end there.

We have found that the need to ensure that the car was attractive in appearance and more comfortable inside, but what about the power that will make the car go where we please? And once we get the power and, with so much that is significantly outstrip performance standard version of the 2020 Volkswagen Golf 7.

The two-liter turbo engine, which is mounted on a top-end modification, is able to achieve 300 horsepower, 45 horsepower more than the regular version. To deal with this powerful engine to you, it is proposed to use a six-speed mechanical gearbox type, but if you are not satisfied, you can fork over a similar transmission, but the automatic type, which will be allocated to the ability to switch between the two clutches.

The differences between them are not just a matter of convenience, but also will affect the rate of acceleration from zero to a hundred. For example, a mechanic will be able to reach hundreds in 5.3 seconds at a time as with a machine can be done the same way in 4.9 seconds. But the most important factor will be the fact that the use of an automatic transmission, you can save on fuel consumption. Total 6.9 liters will go a hundred kilometers, which is almost 20 percent less when compared with those of conventional version of the car.

If you raise the question about the maximum speed, it is 250 km per hour, which is not too small for this class of car. Speaking about the benefits of this modification, it is impossible not to mention about a modified suspension that boasts adjustable shock absorbers.

I would also like to note the emergence of a new regime to stabilize the system, which was called “sport”. Unfortunately, that information is available concerning the sales of this version in Germany, but for the Russian Federation is unknown. The Germans will be able to purchase this automobile masterpiece for just 38,325 euros, but the price value will grow depending on the chosen modifications.

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