2020 Volkswagen Golf 7 GTD – charged diesel wagon

The popularity of the company’s line of Golf 2020 Volkswagen is known to anyone who is even slightly acquainted with the automotive world. Such high sales figures are due to quite simple things. The fact that golf is a quality, reliable, comfortable car, providing all the necessary modern buyer.

Because it is not surprising that the manufacturer is not limited to the release of a traditional hatchback body, and the body tries various other variations, makes a crossover hatchback, creating on its basis a full wagon, plus offers customers a charged version.

Picture 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTD –

One of the most interesting new products in for the fans of the brand, as well as for lovers of fast wagons began the publication of the charged wagon 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant. In fact, it is a modification of conventional sports Golf in the station wagon. Nevertheless, the car began to look more interesting, there have been interesting developments in the cabin. Plus, of course, experts from the German automaker paid special attention to the specifications. After all, the “charged” the car depends on the fact that is situated beneath his hood.

Anyway, today we will have a traditional review, starting with a study of the updated appearance. Then let’s see what innovations came into the cabin, plus tell you what drives a brand new wagon loaded.

The appearance of the new Golf 7 GTD

The image was easily recognizable, but if you put a number of “civilian” Golf, the difference will be felt without any problems.

The front of the 2020 Volkswagen Golf 7 GTD –

The front part has got a slightly upgraded trim grille, which is located in the center of a traditional label manufacturer. Also, the car boasts a new bumper, successfully combined with a grating made in the form of a honeycomb. The small ribs on the edges of the hood just flow in bi-xenon optics. It looks machine bold and interesting.

2020 Volkswagen Golf 7 GTD side

Side note original housings exterior mirrors, which, apparently, will be complemented with LED turn signal repeaters signals. It is possible that such a feature would be available only for a fee. The vehicle retains the recognizable shapes of doors, almost flat roofline, on top of which the black roof rails are now located. The ideal radius of the wheel arches are combined with great new alloy wheels of 17 inches. If desired, the customer can order the optional wheels 18 inches.

The rear of the hatchback

The back of the visor is decorated with neat-spoiler on the luggage compartment cover glass, as well as some darkened optics. Tailgate remains the same, but a little bit corrected the bumper, plus dual pipes made from the exhaust system. This clearly gave the sports car. Plus fittings positive impact on the sound coming from the engine.

It is noteworthy that the external changes will not lead to any change in terms of size. The only thing to give greater sportiness and aerodynamics, the car is lowered by 15 millimeters.

Specification body

So the current car sizes are:

  • length – 4562 mm;
  • width – 1799 mm;
  • height – 1452 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2635 mm;
  • ground clearance – 135 mm.

You may also want to look at the photos and videos that allow you to personally evaluate the ideas that embody the company’s 2020 Volkswagen designers to create a very interesting version of its Golf wagon.

Interior design in the Golf 7 GTD –

Changes inside is not as much as the outside. Nevertheless, and interior has undergone some very original innovations.

For example, the seats are patterned in Clark cell. At the customer’s choice, upholstery can be made with leather or Alcantara.

Converts and pedals, which are now made of stainless steel, and the thresholds were added to illuminate the LED elements.

Salon Golf 7 GTD

Several corrected driver’s seat. The dashboard and center console are the same, that does not deprive them of their obvious advantages. But it transformed the steering wheel, which is adorned with decorative elements made of aluminum.

Some weird, but still looks extravagant shift knob. The fact that the designers took the unusual step, stylized it under the ball, which play a round of golf.

As a result, we have quite an interesting interior with a few changes compared to the source code. At the same time inside the car maintained a high level of ergonomics, delicious assembly perfect fit all the elements. The center console is equipped with a large touch screen infotainment system, and under it was a place for a separate control box music, radio. In the immediate vicinity of the transmission lever is located one block buttons, responsible for the various systems in the vehicle. Plus do not forget the handy multi-function steering wheel with a cross section from the bottom, through which you can control some equipment, without being distracted from the road.

Back row kept its cozy and comfortable sofa, so sit back no less comfortable than the front. As before, there will be enough space for three passengers.

Even if the entire cabin occupied by passengers and the driver, it does not hurt to be placed in the trunk of an impressive number of things, as the volume of the compartment is 605 liters. If, however, this will seem a little, and the lack of passengers in the back row will allow the lower back, then you will turn into a huge trunk compartment equal to 1620 liters. Its dimensions are such that will allow two of the night with no problems in a full-length, or, for example, carry a huge refrigerator.


Most likely, 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTD will be equipped with the most generously equipped, available for the regular version of the versatile. The exact list of equipment has not been named, but because we can name only tentatively that can offer charged diesel wagon to its customers:

  • multimedia complex;
  • touch screen multimedia system 5.8 or 8 inches;
  • navigation system;
  • advanced audio system;
  • active cruise control;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • tracking system Rows of motion;
  • assistant for parallel and perpendicular parking;
  • tracking system for road signs;
  • control the physical state of the driver;
  • color multi-function trip computer;
  • adjustable steering wheel height and depth;
  • electric front seats;
  • heated and ventilated front seats;
  • complex security systems;
  • set of airbags;
  • electronic parking brake, and so forth.

Components at 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTD – year promises to be very busy indeed. It only remains to wait for the new items on the market.

The price of the new 2020 Volkswagen Golf 7 GTD


Despite the fact that the manufacturer presented its new Geneva access order has been opened before the start of the event. What is true, only in Germany. Closer to the summer car will actively spread the rest of the market, which fall within the interests of the manufacturer. it is also expected in Russia.

As for the price, the price tag at home starts with a mark of 32 thousand euros. How much will be different cost trends we – remains a mystery. But it is necessary to be guided by at least 34 thousand euros.

Equipment Engine Price Fuel Drive unit Consumption maximum speed
Comfortline 1.6 MT (110 hp) 1122100 petrol front 8.1 / 5 190
1.4 MT (125 hp) 1174100 petrol front 6.7 / 4.3 204
Highline 1.6 AT (110 hp) 1287160 petrol front 8.9 / 5.2 186
AMT 1.4 (125 hp) 1339160 petrol front 6.1 / 4.3 204

Specifications 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTD –

So it’s time to talk about that as a result leads to the movement of the charged, comfortable wagon.

Under the hood is located turbocharged diesel power unit volume of 2.0 liters, of which managed to squeeze 184 horsepower power and 380 Nm of torque. In essence, the same motor is charged on diesel hatchback.

diesel engine

Acceleration from standstill to 100 kilometers per hour at the station wagon takes 7.9 seconds, vs. 7.7 seconds needed to accelerate hatchback. As for fuel consumption, here 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant shows a very solid and attractive for buyers result – in the range 4.4-4.8 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. The motor meets the stringent Euro 6 standards.

power plant

Video Test Drive


Well, the car 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTD – at station wagon really makes a positive impression. Of course, to call it “charged” somehow difficult, because the power of the engine does not even reach 200 horsepower.

The rear of the cars

However, it is not important in this vehicle. How to, in fact, the family station wagon, 184 horses have enough head as high-torque and dynamics of the Golf turned out excellent. Combine this with a great design, with elegant ergonomic interior, remarkable performance comfort and safety. And for a snack, add the fuel consumption, which is less than 5 liters per 100 kilometers.

Well, except when such will not want to become the owner of this car? Obviously that would be willing to buy more than enough. Not for nothing that 2020 Volkswagen started to accept orders before the official premiere.