2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE : photos, videos, price and specifications

The company 2020 Volkswagen, according to her statements, the focus to its new crossover wants to draw from the North American market. Not surprisingly, it was Auto Show in Detroit was chosen as the main stage for the presentation of a new, almost stock car, which is currently referred to as the 2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE.


  1. Appearance
  2. dimensions
  3. Salon
  4. Equipment
  5. Price
  6. Specifications
  7. Video
  8. Conclusion

It is noteworthy that the United States will promote the crossover of two German production. In addition to the Cross Coupe CTU, at the company, located in Chattanooga, also will launch a series of model Cross Blue. This is a larger car, which took place the presentation in the same Detroit two years ago.

Since we are talking about almost ready for series production of the crossover, it makes sense to talk about a new product in more detail and look at the first photo and video materials.

Awesome appearance

Official photo and video materials give clearly to understand that it is waiting for news consumers. It is a powerful, stylish design that managed to acquire not less than attractive and interesting interior. But first, all the same, the external aspects of the study.

Picture 2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE Front

The front end features LED fully, fairly compact in size optics, it can be clearly seen in the photo. Partly narrowed grille trim, two large beams, enclosed in chrome, powerful, refined bumper. Apparently, the designers wanted to make his creation a solid, credible in terms of reliability and quality.

The side of the crossover

The profile of the 2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE note itself an image that represents the strength, confidence, assertiveness. Large wheel arches are ready to host the solid wheels and exterior mirrors look downright gorgeous.

The back of the Cross Coupe GTE

On the back of the photo can even be called simple. All because of the smooth, straight line. Still, do not rush to conclusions. Even behind the 2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE looks best. Do not forget about the powerful bumper, overall stuffing LED optics, small but comfortable tailgate. All this forms a complete, sophisticated and very attractive image of a sufficiently large crossover.


Indeed, although the 2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE will be less than the Blue Cross, the concept of size is impressive. So, they will be as follows:

Length 4847
Width 2030
Height 1736

It is not difficult to understand that the new product will be even more of his fellow – Touareg SUV new generation .

interior design

Designers have made a serious effort with respect to the interior. Let the machine is not fully serial, but far deviate from the presented options salon company, apparently, is not going to.

Photos interior 2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe CTU

As a result, within the crossover turned stern trim. Salon is designed to fit five people, including the driver. According to some sources, the auto can be and a seven-seater. Anyway, while we note two full front sports seats and a large rear bed, having separate back. Due to this, each of the three rear passengers has at its disposal a very comfortable place. Three adults sit back without any problems and limitations.


The central tunnel

If you need to increase the standard luggage space, the rear row backrest can be lowered, resulting in a nearly perfectly smooth surface. Precise data on the boot volume yet.


Obviously, the talk about picking too early, exactly like about the exact cost of the car. However, themselves representatives of 2020 Volkswagen during the presentation in Detroit was considered the correct name some equipment components, thereby giving to understand that they are seriously focused on the launch of mass production of 2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE.

As a result, basic and optional equipment can include the following elements:

  • digital dashboard Active Info (similar equipment is offered optionally in the new Passat);
  • color display dashboard to 12.5 inches;
  • modern multimedia complex;
  • multimedia display of 10.1 inches;
  • climate controls with touch controls, and so forth.

In fact, it is with infotainment touch screen will be managed by all available systems in the car.

The price of the new Cross Coupe GTE

You understand that to provide any information on the prices we can not. This is because even in the company 2020 Volkswagen do not know what will be the actual cost of their car nearly two years.

The expressive front end

That’s two, as sales scheduled to begin only at the end of next year. Therefore we have patience and wait.


Perhaps we will not surprise anyone by saying that the new 2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE will be built on the MQB modular platform. It has long proved its worth, because it is rather a positive thing.

The power plant is expected hybrid and drive – intelligent, on all four wheels.

power plant

With specific regard to the motor, the complex hybrid setup will include an electric motor with a power of 40 kW and a torque of 220 Nm, as well as FSI petrol engine with six-cylinder and 3.6-liter. This engine produces 280 horsepower with a torque of 350 Nm. But that’s not all, since the first electric motor mounted in front, and will also back with a capacity of 85 kW and a torque of 270 Nm. All this allows to get complex with capacity of 360 horsepower.

View from above

In the role of the gearbox on the 2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE will act as robotic six-speed DSG. Together with the motor car can accelerate to 96 kilometers per hour in just 6 seconds. The maximum speed is not great – 209 kilometers per hour. As a result, specifications are uniquely well-regarded complex. Although, given our roads, speed of over 210 kilometers per hour is hardly someone highly useful.


Lithium-ion batteries enable the car to cover a distance of 32 kilometers on electric only.

According to statements by the German automaker, their car will consume about 3.6 liters per hundred kilometers traveled path. At the same time the fuel tank capacity of 80 liters. It is not difficult to calculate that a full refueling will give the opportunity to drive more than 2.2 thousand kilometers.



To tell today – it’s good, it’s great and exciting. However, now we need to wait for the most important thing. Namely permission from the management of the company to 2020 Volkswagen production.


Do not forget that we are already acquainted with the third like each other concept, none of which are in series so far has not been launched. In this regard, many doubt that 2020 Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE manufacturer so easy to send to the conveyor. Anyway, we can only wait.