2020 Volkswagen Amarok Power Concept

At this year’s Worthersee festival it was full of powerful cars and striking concept cars, but it was there and at least one pick-up, which literally lit the Austrian event. We are talking about the 2020 Volkswagen Amarok Power Concept -, truck, created not only to show a more aggressive side of the company, but also equipped with all that is needed for life inveterate party-goers.

The most intriguing in this pickup – 5-kilowatt sound system and DJ equipment installed in its spacious boot. Among such a set for didzheyaot 92 Allen & Heath, Player Pioneer CDJ900NXS, two speakers Void Acoustics Impulse 3t, Stasys Xair subwoofer and six micro-speakers. This is more than enough to make a lot of noise, by organizing a great party on the beach.

What about the way, this party on wheels is equipped with a 3-liter diesel V-6, which also impresses with its performance. With the help of a turbine engine produces 268 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque, which allows Amarok’u accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 7.9 seconds. Maximum speed – 209 km / h.

Well-designed, Amarok Power Concept looks like a German version of the all-powerful Dodge Ram SRT-10. Pick-up at 8 centimeters lower than usual the Amarok, and it put a massive 22-inch alloy wheels wearing low-profile tires. Discs of gunmetal plated (alloy of red copper with tin and zinc) are perfectly combined with a gray body color and orange decals adorning the bodywork on the sides. The unique appearance is complemented by a massive air intake pickup, built-in front bumper, darkened tail lights, chrome exhaust nozzles and a black diffuser.

Gray-orange theme is present in the cabin, where the sports bucket seats trimmed with black and orange skin. Orange tint also highlights the dashboard and center console, enhanced coverage and simulating carbon fiber. In 2020 Volkswagen also used Alkantatra cloth trim steering wheel with a flat bottom, gear selector and handbrake.

Press release

2020 Volkswagen Amarok Power is on the shores of Lake Wörthersee, highlighting the opportunity to throw a party anywhere: spacious trunk 5.25-meter pick-up allows you to carry all the equipment necessary for a party. Given that any DJ can be conveniently transported and set up the system, capacity of 5 kilowatts, anywhere, Amarok Power definitely “ignite” not only on the shores of Wörthersee.

This unusual Amaroktozhe has a “rhythm”, thanks to the diverse interweaving metallic, glossy and matt surfaces: color deep gray metallic emphasizes on the one hand technical, modern look, while the surface of the pearl to add shine. The side mirrors and large 22-inch alloy wheels (tire size 295/35) painted in the color “gun metal”. The rest of the touches are striking orange decals on doors and thresholds, as well as orange brake calipers. Also on the Amarok Power are bi-xenon headlights with chrome inserts and semiabstract chrome exhaust pipes.

The car looks and feels like a road, and this is reflected in the interior: sophisticated black and orange leather, black cloth Alkantatra on the steering wheel, sports seats and door trims are combined with high-quality interior coating, simulating carbon fiber.

Impressive and attention to a speaker system installed in the vehicle: the central place among the DJ equipment takes Allen & Heath Xone: 92. As an established player Pioneer CDJ900NXS. Articulate it all two speakers VOID ACOUSTICS Impulse 3t. Their special design was created department of «2020 Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.” However, as stylized subwoofer VOID ACOUSTICS Stasys Xair, Amarok Power is ideally equipped to reproduce even the lowest frequencies. 6 micro-speakers from the VOID ACOUSTICS used as monitors and embedded speakers in designated niche. Speakers VOID ACOUSTICS amplifiers swing from MC². All the individual components are designed in such a way as to perfectly fill the 3.5 m 2 body Amarok SingleCab, and assembled, they leave room for a full-fledged sound system and sound reinforcement. Everything is ready for the next party in the open air, so that Amarok can really shake!

World premiere: May 29, , Reifnitz / Wörthersee

S Dimension: length 5,254 mm; width 2,228 mm; height of 1,740 mm;

Engine: V6 TDI (common rail system)

The cubic capacity: 2,952 cm3

The maximum torque of 600 nm.

Transmission: 8-stupenchasty Machine

Capacity: max. speed: 210 km / h, with 0 to 100: 7.9 seconds