2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser – an interesting city car

In recent years, the segment of compact city cars all have developed rapidly. This is due to a number of reasons ranging from fuel economy, ending the fullness city car, resulting in space is getting smaller. This forces motorists to change to a more compact, nimble car, which is much easier to move in dense city traffic, parking on a limited space, and so on.

Japanese carmaker 2020 Toyota has recently presented its new product in Europe. Model name – 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser, which is already known in other markets, but under other names. So, the city avtomobilchik in their homeland under the name ist release, and US citizens are familiar with the name Scion xD. Although correct to say that 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser – a new model.

For its creation, use the platform of the compact hatchback the Yaris . Only the novelty does not apply to the same class hatchbacks. Urban Cruiser is necessary to carry to class urban crossover.


Externally, the car was quite strict, angular, a little inflated by arches. In general, new fits perfectly under the conditions of urban and architectural features.

2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser photo front

The front part is different exciting bumper, nice designed front grille, stylish nameplates traditional Japanese automaker, and special plastic covers on the bumper that helps protect the car. Also worth noting is sufficiently high position fog lamps and a slightly narrowed, but the massive head optics.

2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser photos Side

Side view of an interesting, but not outstanding. High door trim door handles, compact exterior mirrors with turn signals, an elegant roof and wheel arches quite impressive. That’s all that can be told about the profile of the body.

2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser photo back

As for the rear, then there looks ideally bumper with plastic covers, impressive in its size spoiler, as well as the beautiful optics. The tailgate is large and allows loading and unloading of luggage without problems.

If we talk about the dimensions of the 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser, here it should be noted quite impressive compactness. This is not surprising, because the crossover built on the base Yaris, which is left on the Urban Cruiser the same wheelbase. But trends length of 3.93 meters at a height of 1.53 meters. Quite a modern subcompact dimensions. You’d better look at the photos and their own eyes to evaluate the design of this compact crossover.

There the car is another important advantage. This is its compactness and maneuverability, whereby it is possible without any problems in a limited space to park with ease. Not for nothing called the city car.


As the novelty does not belong to the category of luxury cars, to the creation of the interior came here restrained and practical. This does not mean that the shop has turned uninteresting. On the contrary, the interior space is more emotion than the exterior.

And this despite the fact that the trim is made of fabric and door trim and instrument panel concluded in hard plastic. You do not regret it, causing it to stay comfortable and pleasant for steering the Japanese skin. This is not the first time that Japanese developers are trying to save wisely, depriving the car unnecessary components, but leaving the most useful and important.

Photo salon 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser

Driver has at its disposal sufficient informative dashboard. What is true, it was divided into three compartments and separated from each other by plastic partitions. Because of this somewhat deteriorating the readability. The center console is made carefully, competently separate audio controls and HVAC equipment.

Photo Urban Cruiser Front Seats

Plus, 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser boasts an abundant number of drawers, shelves, hidden cells, which allow to put all sorts of little things, and desired driving in the car stuff.

2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser photo trunk

Back row allows maximum comfortably accommodate two of the passengers, although three of them are highly closely will not. Although the car is small in size, its capacity turned out to be surprisingly good. If necessary, the rear seats can be moved 15 centimeters and change the slope of the back. What is true, this is done mainly in order to be able to accommodate more luggage behind. In its normal position the trunk holds 314 liters. But if you fold the back row, while the free space increases to 749 liters, which is pretty good.


Car 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser is offered with quite a rich level of equipment. The main differences are still in the selected power settings, while the filling remains practically the same for all.

So, the most important components of the equipment should be noted:

  • wheels 17 inches
  • sound system
  • four-wheel drive
  • climatic equipment
  • leather steering wheel
  • touchscreen
  • security systems (ABS, ESP, etc.).


Unfortunately, in the past year, the manufacturer raised the price tags on your 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser about four hundred dollars. The result is now for the version with manual transmission will have to pay from 15 700 dollars for the manufacturer homeland.

Photos of the new 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser the year

If you want to buy yourself this compact crossover with an automatic transmission, then we need to prepare at least 16,500 dollars. The prices are for the domestic market. This means that it will be higher for the payment of customs duties and other taxes, provided the country in which the vehicle is taken out.


2020 Toyota offers its customers choose from three options for equipping the engine compartment. The customer can choose petrol or diesel engine, as well as a full or rear-wheel drive. Although the rear-wheel drive is only one version – with a gasoline engine. Two diesel engines are no alternative all-wheel drive.

Urban Cruiser Motor Photos

Uncontested touched and transmission. Regardless of the configuration and engine, the box will only be mechanical.

And now each of the motors in more detail.

  1. The petrol engine capacity of 1.33 liters. Its capacity is 100 horsepower with a torque of 132 Nm. Engine four-cylinder, in-line arrangement of them. Maximum speed with this engine is 175 kilometers per hour, and from zero to hundreds of 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser spends 12.5 seconds. As for consumption, the urban, suburban and mixed cycle it is 6.6, 4.9 and 5.5 liters of gasoline, respectively. The drive goes back and Manual is designed for six steps.
  2. Diesel engine capacity of 1.36 liters. The four-cylinder engine has a capacity of 90 horsepower, but more as compared to the gasoline engine torque that there is already 205 Nm. Maximum car accelerates to 175 kilometers per hour, but hundreds of gaining faster – for 11.7 seconds. If we talk about consumption, it is 5.8 liters in the city, 4.4 liters on the highway or the city, and 4.9 liters in the combined cycle. The drive is full, and the gearbox manual for six stages.
  3. The diesel engine in volume of 1.36 liters. In fact, it is the same motor, but slightly lighter. If the previous motor car weighs 1700 kilograms, the weight of this diesel engine is reduced to 1625 kilograms. Indicators top speed and acceleration from zero to hundred identical to the previous motor. At the same time changed the diesel fuel consumption. So, in the city car consumes 5.3 liters, and beyond consumption is reduced to 4 liters. Accordingly, the mixed cycle involves the expenditure of 4.5 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers driven.


2020 Toyota introduced on the market an interesting car that has to compete with the leaders of the SUV segment, ie compact urban crossovers. Whether such a scenario is possible for the 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser, when it will pass such monsters as, for example, the Nissan Juke?

So far, it looks unlikely. However, as shown by reviews of the owners of this crossover model has its admirers and fans. It’s a good car for a family that lives in a big city and regularly use the car. The compact size and maneuverability 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser allows it to perfectly enter into the turns, quickly reconstructed from one row to another, choose the most optimal path and to take its place in the heavy traffic. Plus, the flexibility and features of the body to allow a very limited space to make turns and parking.

Photos 2020 Toyota Urban Cruiser

You can finally say that this is a good, fairly inexpensive and practical car. Of course, if you shove under the hood of a more powerful engine, the impressions of the car will be even brighter. But at the crossover excellent fuel economy. A small tank of 42 liters not seems small, when you see the on-board computer consumption figures in 4.5-5 liters even in the city, not to mention the figures in the country, which in a neat and measured driving can fall even below four liters per hundred kilometers .

Plus, designers no harm would be to work on improving the appearance. The rest of the show to the Japanese claims is difficult.