2020 Toyota Tacoma : photo price and equipment, video

As is known, the North American market was particularly weak for vans. Not surprisingly, 2020 Toyota chose the international auto show in Detroit to showcase the third generation of his pickup, whose name 2020 Toyota Tacoma.

Photo 2020 Toyota Tacoma year

It is noteworthy that at the auto show, presented simultaneously in two versions of the car. The first – a classic pickup truck, and the second – off-road modification TRD.

Cars, though produced under the Japanese brand, engaged in the development experts from American division of 2020 Toyota auto company, which is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Our interest in the 2020 Toyota Tacoma is high also because the previous generation showed excellent sales figures. So, starting with the release of September 2004, the second generation of Japanese pickup truck was sold in the United States in the amount of more than 1.5 million vehicles. For comparison, a true American pickup trucks from GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado on even together failed to show similar figures popularity.

In fairness, we note that Tacoma is only conditionally considered the third generation. In fact, experts conducted a deep restyling of the second generation. As you remember, it is present on the market since mid-2004.

Anyway, the car was a bright, interesting, quite conservative. In fact, we have a classic pickup truck with a bias towards modern solutions and design ideas. In this regard, we offer you to get acquainted with this car, examine his appearance, to look into the interior, see the basic options and packaging, as well as to evaluate the charms used by power plants.

Exterior 2020 Toyota Tacoma

Fresh photos and video materials allow to appreciate the appearance of a pickup.

Exterior turned out simple enough, but significantly improved compared to the second generation. The car became brighter, more interesting, more original.

Do not ever forget that the truck is not for family trips, not in order to lure single women. This is a working vehicle, designed to work, transportation of various goods, luggage. Because we expect from him something supernatural is hardly worth it.

Photo 2020 Toyota Tacoma Front

Anyway, the front part is surmounted by a large grille with large beams, and a large chrome cut a label manufacturer. Lights now have some modified form, as well as LED stuffing. Fog made in classic style, and the whole front is protected by a special plastic clothes.

Photo 2020 Toyota Tacoma Side

Sideways is nothing unusual, if you are used to modern vans. Depending on version, the door may be one or two on each side. Powerful, long cargo bed, large wheels, no less powerful wheel arches, solid shell exterior rear-view mirrors. Even the appearance gives the impression of a reliable, tough, durable car.

Photo 2020 Toyota Tacoma back

Behind all even easier, more concise. Modern optics, protection, pipe exhaust system. The most that neither is a classic workhorse, complete with original stylistic solutions.


As for size, then they should be well enough to talk in detail. Variations of the body can be two – Access Cab and Double Cab with two or four side doors, respectively. Despite this, they have dimensions almost identical:

  • length – 5286 mm;
  • height – 1679 mm (rear-wheel drive) or 1785 millimeters (four-wheel drive);
  • width – 1895 mm;
  • wheelbase – 3236 mm;
  • ground clearance – 205 mm (rear-wheel drive) or 236 millimeters (four-wheel drive).

Flatbed Truck in a semi-cabin version of Access:

  • 1867 mm – Length;
  • 1440 mm – width;
  • 457 mm – the height of the bead.

Flatbed Truck and cars with double cab is:

  • 1532 mm – Length;
  • 1440 mm – width;
  • 457 mm – the height of the bead.

Interior 2020 Toyota Tacoma

In terms of the interior appeared much more pleasant novelties. To begin with, that the manufacturer to use a completely new center console, a new pick-up adorned the front panel using a new instrument panel, set the trip computer with color display.

Photo front cabin 2020 Toyota Tacoma

The front seats now have an improved side support, keep well back, hips. The decoration applied the higher the quality of the skin and soft, pleasant plastic.

Photo salon 2020 Toyota Tacoma

As a result, salon to get a modern, convenient, comfortable. Even more than to sit back comfortably. The driver all at your fingertips, including a multifunction steering wheel with the correct grip.

Photo salon behind 2020 Toyota Tacoma

Options Tacoma

For some, it may seem surprising, but the equipment has become much more interesting. It would seem that the need to pickup and its owner. In fact, the 2020 Toyota Tacoma is ready to offer a lot of interesting decisions. In the main list can be included are:

  • multimedia complex;
  • color touch screen of 7 inches;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • keyless entry system in the cabin;
  • engine start button system;
  • sunroof with electric drive;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • heated front seats.

In addition, the car owner will have at its disposal a new windshield, improved sound insulation, enhanced comfort in the cabin due to the full soundproofing.

Special compliments engineers for processing cargo compartment. It is now possible to admire a new lid. Beneath it is hidden high-quality hinges, safety lock, allowing to lower and raise the tailgate without upsetting him. Note special fasteners, hooks, allowing reliably to fix the cargo in the back, as well as compartments and boxes for storing things, tools and other items necessary in the car.

The price of a new 2020 Toyota Tacoma

First of all, the car will be sold in North America. It is unknown whether 2020 Toyota is going to offer its new pick-up in other countries.

Anyway, at the moment it is reported that 2020 Toyota Tacoma – especially North American car of destination. The first copies of promise to go on sale in about the third quarter of this year. The prices will start with a mark of 21 thousand dollars, while the most equipped version will cost 39 thousand dollars.

Specifications 2020 Toyota Tacoma

As the power units can act as one of the two engines, depending on what the customer will like.

Engine 2020 Toyota Tacoma

It is obvious that the base for the 2020 Toyota Tacoma pickup of the third generation will be four-cylinder engine capacity of 2.7 liters, whose power is 162 horsepower, and torque – 244 Nm.

The second engine has six cylinders and 3.5 liters volume. It can give out about 300 horsepower with a torque of 377 Nm.

Both engines can be equipped with one of the two transmissions to choose from – a six-speed mechanical or automatic with the same number of gears.

The drive can be selected or full back.

As for the special itself traversed by the road version of the TRD, then it will be further improved off-road suspension, special wheels, the system will select the driving mode, locking rear differential, as well as a special cruise control, whose task will be motion control at a rate of 1 to 5 kilometers per hour. Excellent assistant to overcome the most difficult sections. Plus, the TRD version will boast an active traction control and assistant movements off the mountain.

Video test drive 2020 Toyota Tacoma


Pick-up for most of us associate it with the US. There really is love, appreciate these cars as workhorses.

At 2020 Toyota Tacoma has a huge potential for development. Despite the fact that the third generation appeared simply modified the second generation, the car was clearly better, more interesting, more attractive, more comfortable. Yes, you can expect something a little more grandiose. But against the manufacturer’s decision not trample.

It is now interesting to see will the new generation of the popular pickup truck in the US surpass sales of its predecessor.