2020 Toyota Sienna

Guarding the family order, a conservative and safe miniven- “Samurai” from Japan – 2020 Toyota Sienna .

Beautiful on the outside, practical inside. Under this slogan was updated third-generation 2020 Toyota Sienna minivan.

External changes can be counted on the finger

s, in the truest sense of the word. The first thing that altered – it is the grille, which is now available in several versions, depending on the configuration of car. Headlights, sedan-like the 2020 Toyota the Camry , – the second part of the body, having undergone changes. The optics of thin LED strip daylight have been added. Bumper retained its massive and “monolithic” look with a pair of protivotumanok, “drowned” at the edges. The 2020 Toyota Sienna profile shows a rather simple form and conservative, decorated 18-inch alloy wheels with six spokes. Miniveen may seem a little unwieldy due to its large overhangs. Aft, together with revised headlights, very much like a crossover Lexus RX 2003-2007 period. And on the trunk lid is now installed a new spoiler and a new radio antenna.

Interior finishing will please the owner of high-quality leather, soft plastic inserts and a new center console. Last, by its design, is now very similar to the spacecraft control unit features a touch-screen multimedia system. Before the driver is a color display of the onboard computer and analog instrumentation with white dials. The passengers of the second row are placed in a wide and high seats with folding armrests. However, the average passenger would only be a small child. Also, for the passengers of the second and third row provides multimedia system a “ceiling” display.

Under the hood is working hard 266-horsepower V6 engine capacity of 3.5-liters. Works engine is mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission, and all the power is transmitted to the drive the front wheels. Acceleration from zero to a hundred, according to experts, will be 8.4 seconds. At the same time fuel consumption will be 13 two-ton minivan liters in city mode. The steering is precise and verified, the brakes are responsive and operate linearly. Another advantage of Sienna – a great insulation, even in the standard version of the SE. Maybe not immediately meet all the wealth of equipment and technologies in the new Carnival the Kia , but here are the most important thing: a lot of practical space.

car prices on the Russian market is at least 80 000 US dollars.

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