2020 Toyota Mark X – chic right-hand drive sedan

In , 2020 Toyota announced that an updated version of their leaves 2020 Toyota Mark X sedan second generation. This restyling has appeared at an opportune moment, as passed at that time, three years since the release of the second generation models on the market. Of course, this version is still current in the year -, and when followed by the third generation, it is not clear.

The car has long enjoyed great popularity in Japan, and is actively sold in Taiwan, China and other eastern countries. But until Russia got the car not long ago. But better late than never. Because we want to introduce you to this interesting sedan, talk about it in detail, consider from all angles and to understand what is so special about it, apart from the right wheel.

Let’s start with what 2020 Toyota Mark X came to motorists as a replacement for the now legendary 2020 Toyota Mark 2. Five years after the debut of the tenth brand, the company dared to release a second generation of its most interesting sedan.

It should be noted that the 2020 Toyota Mark X belongs to class E if European take measurements. It was created on the rear-wheel drive platform, but has all-wheel drive option. But let’s start with the familiar appearance, then know including technical parameters.


2020 Toyota Mark X in front photo

Outside the 2020 Toyota Mark X is very original, attractive and incredibly stylish. The front part was a nice LED-xenon optics, where the LEDs serve as the light of the main frame. Also note the elegant trim grille with the logo of the company and the letter X, immersed in chrome. Trapezoidal air intake adorns the front spoiler, in which the edges of the fog lamps. Basically, the front end somewhat reminiscent of the current style of Lexus cars made in the shape of an hourglass, although implied coil of yarn after the first beginnings of the company 2020 Toyota. However, 2020 Toyota’s form is not as intrusive, but because Mark X was in a better position.

2020 Toyota Mark X side photo

Side view opens eyes on three-volume proportions, long hood, large swollen wheel arches, flat roof, enough light outwardly stern. In general, the machine profile and remarkable in many classical Japanese.

Picture 2020 Toyota Mark X back

Stern looks no less beautiful than the front. Cancel and elegant optics that photo and video materials can be seen with the naked eye, plus a competent line bumper, unrivaled position lamps and compact trunk spoiler completes the perfect image of a sedan.

The choice of body color options are not so much. However, buyers can choose between a dark blue, silver, gray, white, black, pearl white and dark-red embodiment of the body.

You may also want to clarify what are the dimensions has a sports sedan from Japan. And they Mark X are as follows:

  • length – 4750 mm
  • width – 1795 millimeters
  • height – 1445 mm
  • wheelbase – 2850 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) to the rear and all-wheel drive – 155 and 150 millimeters, respectively.


As it turned out, Mark X was very strict, solid, yet attractive interior. Its interior can not be called a model, because a number of manufacturers who design devote more time and effort.

2020 Toyota Mark X photo salon

Complaints to the salon at 2020 Toyota does not and can not. Everything is made from high quality materials. Front seats have received admirable support to the back and side cushions. Plus they have a very attractive and useful feature for our customers. The fact is, if you remove the headrests and lower back seat, formed two full place to sleep in front of you, and the surface is almost perfectly flat and extremely comfortable.

Photo of the front seats in the 2020 Toyota Mark X

Before the driver is comfortable steering, Optitron instrument panel, consisting of two pairs of large and small radii appliances which are located each in its own well. The center console is decorated with a large eight-inch touch screen, which is responsible for the navigation and multimedia. Directly below the screen were placed climate controls.

Photo back sofa in the car 2020 Toyota Mark X

If we talk about the back row of seats, it is not so antikomforten as many expected. On the contrary, back sofa provides a solid level of comfort and convenience. What is true for two passengers. Third is not particularly pleasant to sit, since the middle of not only the large transmission tunnel, but also prevents the bulge of the sofa comfortable stay. If there sit two, the space is more than enough in all directions. Plus note comfortable armrests, which is located a control unit for changing the backrest. For each of the rear seat passengers is regulated separately.

Photos car trunk Mark X

As for luggage, and then it was a pleasant surprise. In its normal position the trunk of 479 liters place without any problems. This can be folded back row seat, and then the space for loading baggage and other items will increase at least twice. Exact figures we, unfortunately, are not known.


Options at 2020 Toyota Mark X had indeed varied. Producer allows you to enjoy one of the many variants, ranging from the most basic, top-end finishing with the highest and modern equipment. For example:

  • leather
  • dual-zone climate control
  • blinds with electric windows of the second row
  • heated and electric front seats
  • electrically adjustable steering column
  • Keyless Access Salon
  • The parking assistance system
  • modern multimedia system with display 8 inches
  • speakers 12 speakers
  • Assist for the start of the hill
  • Cruise control
  • avoidance system
  • TR security, EBD, ABS with VSC
  • phone
  • navigation system
  • Rear View Camera
  • sky cameras and so forth.

2020 Toyota also offers a whole series of electronic assistants and chips, which are long enough to list. At the same time, it is proposed, and an option of purchase of the machine and in the budget execution, where the protagonist is the heart of the car – its engine.


As for the price, then there is any problems with the search data does not arise. And so we hasten to introduce you to actual quotation in Japan and Russia.

So, for the basic version with a low-powered engine will have to pay 2.44 million yen. The most expensive with the top engine will cost 3.9 million yen.

Pictures 2020 Toyota Mark X

Russian buyers can also get this right-hand drive sedan delivered directly from Japan. The car will cost 1.4 million rubles. It is important to note that the delivery is carried out in Moscow and the new car will be conditionally new, because it will be run on the country, ie Japan, about 3-5 thousand kilometers. Officially Stamps zero X we have not yet sold. Perhaps, the situation will change in the near future.


As we have said, the car is available for sale with full or rear-wheel drive only. Unfortunately, the all-wheel drive Mark X can only be paired with a less powerful engine. Transmissions – sikventalny six-speed automatic with intelligent control.

Both engines are offered for the 2020 Toyota Mark X, run on gasoline and have direct fuel injection system.

  1. Less powerful, that is, the younger the engine submitted an engine capacity of 2.5 liters and output of 203 horsepower, the torque which is 243 Nm.
  2. Senior engine more attractive and represented a 3.5-liter engine with a power of 318 hp and torque of 380 Nm.

The car is very competently uses all horse power at the expense of properly tuned transmission. Even the impression is created when selecting the motor to 203 horsepower, it is not enough. But when, under the hood of the 2020 Toyota Mark X is the engine for three and a half liters and 318 horsepower, its sound and asked to press harder on the pedal of the accelerator. In Japan, there where the full potential of this power unit can not be said about Russia. Because we are a more relevant engines of two and a half liters.


Impressions of the 2020 Toyota Mark X years a broad positive. Car causes positive emotions when you look at his appearance, seen from the interior, and even the study specifications. Yes, and reviews of the owners demonstrate that for the true lovers of the beautiful hand drive vehicles – not a hindrance.

Unfortunately, there do not know anything really about the possibility of the official 2020 Toyota plant in Russia. Yet fans though and there, but right-hand drive in some – is taboo. The reasons are different, but one result. It is unlikely that the Japanese manufacturer will want to change the tradition and put the steering wheel on the more familiar we left front seat. Although the price of 1.4 million rubles, including delivery looks not so much based on the fact that for the money you get in the end.