2020 Toyota Harrier – predatory fourth-generation crossover

The updated version of the 2020 Toyota Harrier – model year has been available to the buyer in December . This in Japan. The official presentation of the fourth generation of the crossover to the general public at an auto show held in Tokyo in November of this year.

2020 Toyota Harrier – mid-size crossover, whose price ranges from 2,720,000 yen to 4,470,000. In the initial configuration Grand is equipped with two-liter petrol engine capacity of 151 hp, front-wheel drive 2WD and CVT CVT. Hybrid Components involves equipping the 2.5-liter petrol power unit and two electric motors, the total capacity of which can “give” 197 “horses”. Aggregated with the electronic continuously variable transmission gearbox and E-Four, which provides drive to all 4 wheels. If we convert the yen into Russian rubles, the price varies from 882 000 to 1 450 000 rubles.

Let’s see, what is the fourth generation 2020 Toyota Harrier. If we compare the dimensions, it is seen that as compared with the previous version they became a little smaller. However, the managers of the company assure that the inner space of the passenger compartment is not affected on the contrary, it has become more capacious. Inside freely placed five people and luggage.

Even if you just look at the photo and video presentations 2020 Toyota Harrier, a crossover immediately imbued with respect, and there is a natural desire to purchase it. What neudivitelnoproportsii harmonious body lines Athletic. All this attracts attention and inadvertently hypnotized. There is a feeling of sportiness and style.

In front we see the original bumper, having a streamlined shape. Bumper aerodynamic skirt complements the bright and stylish fog lights. “Fog” are equipped with LED headlights are planted in neat grooves, niches, the air intake has a broad engaging smile. The head is equipped with short-range optics and overall daylight on the latest LED-technology. In general optics resembles human eyes narrowed. Between the false radiator grille with the headlights no less stylish liner. The logo Lun (this is the word translated Harrier) bird of prey family Accipitridae.

The wild looks and body profile. But at the same time it is elegant and collected. There is a feeling that before you and true bird of prey she folded her wings and is about to throw himself on his next victim. hood nose falls, sides look powerful, high window-sill line. The roof has a flat drop on the line and through the highly inclined rear rack aft, which has a lean look.

Feed itself attracts massive bumper, the parking lights are soft lines and intricate curves, they are fully LED. The tailgate is compact, equipped with an electric drive, over her glass one can not ignore the huge spoiler with integrated extra stop lamp LED too. crossover design does not leave you a chance it is simply impossible not to fall in love!

But looking inside the cabin, you will be pleasantly surprised when compared with previous versions of the designers did not just step, and a real leap forward. finishing materials of higher quality, in a lot of devices and options that will provide comfort, safety and even entertain the most demanding passenger.

One of the new fashionable “chip” salon Clear Blue backlight that emits a soft blue light. Pleasant glow goes to the legs, illuminated door handles, CVT control knob, engine start button, cup holders, located on the central tunnel. Soft blue light, even coats with thresholds Harrier inscription.

Multifunction steering wheel, has electric height and depth. The front seats are equipped with an electric drive and heating. The driver’s seat has eight adjustment, front-passenger seat four. The front panel of a color TFT-monitor.

Dual-zone climate control, equipped with a humidity sensor. The panel 8-inch touch screen, which displays a panoramic camera and a rear-view, phone, navigation and so on. The powerful audio system with JBL speakers complement 11. The salon is finished in natural leather or a combination of synthetic leather and fabric. A plurality of airbags, including the knee of the driver. Adaptive Cruise Control is equipped with an automatic braking system. Access keyless salon. Panoramic Sunroof, equipped with an electric drive. In general, in a lot of really useful and practical devices. Of course, all these options fully possesses the most “fancy” grade Premium.

We have already said that the crossover dimensions have decreased, but the interior space is not affected, and it has become even greater. It is true: in the first row without any problem can comfortably accommodate people with growth above 190 cm no less comfortable will feel the passengers and the back row have a lot of free space in the knee, and on his head.. And the interior is quite broad. Rear sofa is the optimum length cushion, backrest can be split and can change the angle.

Pay attention to the specifications of the 2020 Toyota Harrier – year, and we note that, in fact, we are dealing with two different models depending on the operation of power plants.

  • The petrol version of the 2020 Toyota Harrier – model year equipped with two-liter engine capacity of 151 “horses”. It has a start-stop system, front- or all-wheel drive (2WD or, respectively, 4WD), CVT 4WD.
  • Depending on the drive, crossover curb weight 1560 to 1660 kg, fuel tank capacity of 60 liters. Fuel consumption – 6,25-6,75 l.

The second version of the hybrid Harries. The power plant includes a gasoline 2.5 liter engine produces 152 horsepower and two electric motors. Front power of 143 “horses”, rear 68 hp As a result, the total capacity of the power plant “produces” 197 horsepower. Equipped with all-wheel drive transmission, E-Four and a continuously variable gearbox, electronically controlled. The curb weight of the hybrid version – 1750-1800 kg, fuel tank is designed for 56 liters. According to Japanese engineers, fuel consumption of the hybrid version of an average of 4.6 liters. 100 km.

Hybrid 2020 Toyota Harrier will be presented in two versions: the standard one rear electric motor and a “heaped” with two electric motors.

Suspension is fully independent. The front MacPherson strut, rear double wishbones. The steering column is equipped with electric power. Models are equipped with a host of useful electronic devices: EBD with ABS, S-VSC, elektroassistentom at the start of the hill, and so on.

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