2020 Toyota GT 86 – graceful sports car from Japan

2020 Toyota GT 86 – – literally and charismatic car masterpiece. The result of joint efforts of engineers and designers Subaru and 2020 Toyota has led to the emergence of “twins”: 2020 Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ, presented in 2011. The creators remain only say “Bravo!”, Because in spite of the joint development, as well as the identity of the overwhelming majority of the elements of both vehicles, each of the sports coupe inherent characteristic of the companies “individual” features – corporate identity. When looking at each of the machines standing together can accurately determine where the BRZ Subaru, and where – 2020 Toyota GT 86.

Today’s review is dedicated to the bright sports coupe 2020 Toyota GT 86 -, we have tried to “dilute” the largest possible number of photos and video materials – bright, brilliant, original and memorable appearance cars, literally created in order to admire it. Therefore, we can not deny you the pleasure to enjoy the colorful exterior (and interior is quite relevant to him) rear-wheel drive 2020 Toyota GT 86 as possible with a greater number of angles.

Before proceeding to overview 2020 Toyota GT86, we note that only changes (rather minor) touched the car just a few months ago, and the basic version of the sports car became slightly cheaper, and the remaining equipment rose. Other changes: the presence of a more sporting suspension settings, the appearance of the interior “carboxylic” inserts, the presence of two new exterior colors: pearl white and metallic silver, the emergence of a new antenna, designed as a “shark fin”.

2020 Toyota GT 86 – Photo

In the exterior of the Japanese coupe vaguely guessed the collective image of the sports car of the last century that unobtrusively support the size, the length of the stern and the bonnet and roof lines. The front of the 2020 Toyota GT86 is the most original and stylish as the overall look and all of its individual elements are fascinating. Straight from the top and bottom of intricately curved headlights cars separated from the plane of the hood vyshtampovok two waves, in the middle of the elongated bonnet adorns the branded company logo – thanks to two vyshtampovki, like furrow, and located on the edges of the logo, it seems as if she “moves out” from the hood. Along the edges of a huge bumper are large split-level niche – at the bottom is a round fog at the top – the direction indicators. It underlines the sporty appearance of the front of the car is a huge air intake grille covered with a large mesh netting.

2020 Toyota GT 86 photo Side

A quiet side surface of the front and rear limit elegant bloated wheel arches. The flat bottom, high window-sill line ends with a rounded roof that blends in with the feed. Also it stands out the side mirrors and two-tone classical, serving a little more than usual, the shape of the door handles.

Photo stern 2020 Toyota GT 86 –

Feed 2020 Toyota GT86, as befits a sports car – very short trunk lid spoiler crowns. Form the back lighting, LED stuffing received, echoes the shape of the headlights, the bumper is installed at the bottom of a massive plastic lining, divided into three parts, in the extreme of which is a large chrome exhaust nozzle system.

  • Parameters of the Japanese 2020 Toyota GT coupe 86 years – are as follows: length – 4240 mm, width – 1775 mm, height – 1285 mm, wheelbase indicators – 2570 mm.
  • In the clearance dimensions affects the selected Transmission: manual transmission in the case of fixed ground clearance is 120 mm, automatic transmission – 130 mm.
  • For car capacity for low-profile tires 215/45 R17, 215/45 R18, mounted on a respective diameter wheels.

Note that 2020 Toyota GT86 designed to trifles, and is a full-fledged sport coupe: it show almost perfect weight distribution is 53% and 47% (for the front and rear axle, respectively); an excellent indicator of resistance drag coefficient Cx – 0.27, as well as light weight cars that is within 1240-1260 kg, depending on the PPC.

The interior of the sports car meets and forms solutions which do not belong to the typical eminent Japanese manufacturer – in other production cars 2020 Toyota interior execution is not found. Bucket sport seats upholstered received (in the initial configuration), in the more expensive versions of the sports car interior uses a combination of leather and Alcantara. The seats are equipped with heating functions as well as have a strong lateral support. Note that in the driving seat, due to unusually low landing, the first time it will be extremely difficult to find the ideal location – landing causes the driver to be in a half upright position. However, after only a short time, clearly understand that it is this provision is the best for a quick ride on a sports car.

Visually simple, but very comfortable in fact the wheel (not least thanks to inserts in perforated leather) is mounted vertically. Stick shift is also very convenient – in the middle of the high transmission tunnel. The instrument panel has a 3-ring radius, the middle is a small window tachometer speedometer (digital), located next to the usual range of the speedometer ring (a mark-up to 260 km / h) with an arrow, as well as a miniature display of the onboard computer. The tone of the steering wheel, dashboard and is located vertically on the sides of which are round holes ducts. The top of the console is decorated with LCD display (6.1 inches) that displays information entertainment system (CD, MP3, AUX, USB, Bluetooth, 6-Th powerful speakers). Directly under the monitor placed climate control knobs. Decorative elements of the interior, emphasizing the sporty direction of the car, a bright red line, which was a place almost every element of interior: from the steering wheel, to the parking brake.

Second-row space is so small that there is barely able to accommodate child seats (required for this fastening ISOFIX – present). In all other cases, the back row is suitable only for the placement of an additional amount of luggage. Note that the additional seat in the 2020 Toyota GT86 (as in any other sports car) is very handy, because the volume of the luggage compartment (shortened to improve the appearance), is only 243 liters.

Configuration and price

2020 Toyota GT86 , as dorestaylingovoy cars, we have available in 3 basic versions: “Elegance”, “Prestige”, “Lux”, as well as 2 additional (they received the prefix “Aero”, and characterized by the presence of larger spoiler, overlays on sills and bumper). The basic package 2020 Toyota GT86, offered in the territory of the Russian Federation includes: a light sensor, 2-zone climate control, 7-NIL airbag, the possibility of keyless access and start the engine by pressing the button, bi-xenon headlights, the stabilization system, the system active cruise control, alloy wheels protectors with 215 / 45R17. “Prestige” is characterized by the presence of leather upholstery. “Luxury” is the only version, which by default comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Price 2020 Toyota GT 86 “Elegance” in Russia will start with a mark of 1,294 rubles., For the “Prestige” asking dealers from 1,429 thousand. Rub., The value of the version of “Aero Prestige” starts from 1,491 rubles. Version “Luxury” with automatic transmission is a little more – from 1,500 rubles.. The most expensive equipment “Aero Lux” is estimated at 1,562 thousand. Rub.


Technical characteristics of the sports car 2020 Toyota GT86 – fully justified expectations independent suspension, front – stand McPherson , behind – double wishbones, applied electric power steering and disc brakes (front – 294 mm in diameter, the back – 290 mm). The heart of the sports car became more powerful (including the weight of cars) “subarovskaya” Opposite a 2-liter “four” (200 hp), is aggregated with 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-stupas. Automatic transmission . Depending on the PPC box, 2020 Toyota GT86 accelerates to 100km / h in 7.6 (8.2) seconds, “maximum speed” of 226 (210) km / h, with an average (statement) flow rate of 7.8 (7, 1) l.

2020 Toyota GT 86 – Photo

On the road, 2020 Toyota Dzheyti 86 behaves exactly as is required of a sports car: the steering is incredibly sensitive and informative – if the car becomes an extension of the pilot, obediently and immediately fulfilling his team. Settings systems responsible for security, allow to take turns in the drift (controlled), or sliding. With all the outstanding driving characteristics 2020 Toyota GT86, during a sports car control it becomes clear that the car was designed for driving on a closed, perfectly smooth athletic tracks.

Photos 2020 Toyota GT86 –

Summing up, it takes note that the Japanese manufacturer this time surpassed himself (though not without the participation of “Subaru”) in the lineup 2020 Toyota this extraordinary and calling, truly a sports car did not appear very long time. Advantages of 2020 Toyota GT86 manifested in everything: this is a wonderful exterior, high-quality interior, excellent handling, excellent equipment, low fuel consumption, etc. Today we have a few deviate from the established traditions, and we will not talk about the shortcomings of the sports car GT 86 2020 Toyota, because of serious deficiencies, more or less affect the performance, in cars just do not have – and any minor flaws (even if they suddenly show up), this luxury car can and should forgive.