2020 Toyota Fortuner : a photo, price and packaging, video

Japanese auto giant 2020 Toyota presented the second generation of its seven-seat SUV frame – 2020 Toyota Fortuner year.

The official premiere took place in Thailand and Australia on July 16 this year. And both events took place around the same time.

Photos of the new 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner

The car is largely approximated to his fellow eighth generation Hilux. In this seven-seat SUV Fortuner looks chic, fun, have a more comfortable rear suspension.

Similarities between the two 2020 Toyotas are manifested in many ways. In the course of our review that you make.

Exterior 2020 Toyota Fortuner

Presented by 2020 Toyota official photos and video materials allow virtually all sides to consider a novelty. Frankly speaking, the car turned out gorgeous. Compared with the predecessor it does not even make sense, since the first-generation 2020 Toyota Fortuner loses in all respects.

Picture 2020 Toyota Fortuner Front

The front part is decorated with narrower head optics with shades of unusual shape. Also note the rather large grille trim and chrome trim. Front bumper inspires by its size, neatly framed, is on the edges of fog lights.

Picture 2020 Toyota Fortuner Side

We see the side repeater turn signals in the exterior mirrors, roof rails, a huge wheel arches, which are placed on the rims 17-18 inches of light alloy. Frankly, there can accommodate more serious “rollers”.

Picture 2020 Toyota Fortuner back

The back side can appreciate for a stylish spoiler on the trunk roof, large luggage compartment lid, stylish head optics and a refined finish.

Despite the fact that this is a full frame large SUV, it looks stylish, presentable and even elegant. This combination is pretty amazing, but it adds a very pleasant impression.

As for the size, they are fully consistent with the class of car:

  • length – 4795 mm;
  • width – 1855 mm;
  • height – 1835 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2745 mm;
  • ground clearance – 225 mm.

Interior 2020 Toyota Fortuner

The inner space of external characteristics are not inferior to the exterior. At the same time planting the formula from Fortuner – 2 + 3 + 2. Inside the car, fully and comfortably sleeps seven people, including the driver.

By the way, the interior is largely displays affinity 2020 Toyota Fortuner and Hilux. After both cars front panel and center console feature almost identical.

Picture 2020 Toyota Fortuner year

It is worth noting the new multifunction steering wheel with comfortable grip, modern informative instrument panel with color display, relevant for our time multimedia system. Managing climate, adjust the position of seats – a pleasure. All at hand, nothing prevents, if the buttons were born to stay that way.

Options 2020 Toyota Fortuner

Until about the packaging manufacturer is not reported in detail. Nevertheless, it is already possible to call a list of equipment that exactly will be offered to customers. whether it would be basic or act as an option – it is another question.

Among the most interesting “chips” will allocate as follows:

  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • color display in the dashboard;
  • multimedia complex;
  • color touch screen multimedia 8 inches;
  • advanced audio system;
  • keyless entry system in the cabin;
  • Start-stop system (motor launch carried out by the button);
  • modern navigation system;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • electric drive for the tailgate;
  • special box for storing drinks (cooling and heating mode);
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • paddle gearshift paddles;
  • seven airbags;
  • electronic assistant for the start of the hill;
  • Electronic assistance in steep slopes, etc.

Price 2020 Toyota Fortuner

Unfortunately, for a new generation of supply frame seven-seater SUV 2020 Toyota Fortuner on the territory of Russia is not good news. To us he was not going to deliver. At least for the moment.

Sales of 2020 Toyota plans to start with Australia. Here, the first customers will be able to become owners of the all-terrain vehicle from the end of October this year. Prices for the car not called. For reference, a precursor, ie the first generation of the 2020 Toyota Fortuner, sale now, priced from 40 to 45 thousand dollars. It is about 1.3-1.5 million rubles.

Most likely, the novelty will be a bit more expensive, but it is essential to raise the price tags for the base model of the Japanese do not plan to.

Specifications 2020 Toyota Fortuner

It is already known that the frame for the second-generation Japanese SUV has become stronger and stronger as compared with the first generation.

As for the comparison with the Hilux, this pick-up is available with rear- or all-wheel drive. Fortuner is already in the base will go along with the system of all wheel drive.

The suspension is designed as follows. Double wishbones front and rear – five-link system. Forward and rear engineers installed springs with shock absorbers. They allow for better movement in complex road and off-road sections. Brakes disc elsewhere.

If we talk about the main technical characteristics, ie the engine compartment, there is a wide variety from the start of sales should be expected. Furthermore, customers only offered one engine of the GD series.

Motor has a system of direct fuel injection, turbocharger, is able to change the geometry. We also note the exhaust manifold, which is mounted in the cylinder head, and another 32-bit controller.

In this case we are talking about engine capacity of 2.8 liters. It runs on diesel fuel and generates power of 177 horsepower. The torque depends on the selected transmission.

  1. Paired with a six-speed mechanics index torque of 420 Nm.
  2. When choosing a pair to a diesel turbo engine dedicated six machine torque of 450 Nm.

Thus mechanics has another advantage over the gun. For manual transmission allows you to pull a trailer weighing up to 3,000 kilograms. If it is automatic, then the weight can not be more than 2800 kilograms.

It would seem that a huge SUV, the seven-seat interior, impressive engine. However, the manufacturer claims that the diesel consumption of around 8 liters in mixed cycle. Is it so? It is possible that meant optimal operating conditions.

Anyway, with the presence of the tank 80 liters of power reserve at 2020 Toyota Fortuner will be decent.

Video Test Drive Fortuner


In fact, the Japanese carmaker 2020 Toyota tried to change the perception of frame SUVs. This is not the old crude, shapeless cars. From now on, they can be stylish.

What to say, many experts have noted the ability to compete in the new Fortuner appearance issue with the new generation Lexus RX. And this is a serious argument.

Alas, while the machine is delivered to Russia is not going to. But in certain regions of our country on the 2020 Toyota Fortuner would have a potentially high demand. Let’s see, can with time everything will change, and customers do not have to resort to the gray dealers, and have access to the second-generation Fortuner through official 2020 Toyota showrooms.