2020 Toyota Camry

Japanese samurai, sold over 10.2 million, a brilliant representative of a D-class cars, comfortable, safe and updated sedan – 2020 Toyota Camry .

To say that the new 2020 Toyota Camry changed much compared to its predecessor – like more than the open flattery than the truth. However, some modifications were made. In general, the car was 4.3 cm longer than its predecessor. In front, a new air intake grille adorned with carbon fiber frames, which looks very stylish and aggressive. This image is complemented by sharp-angled headlights and side LED running lights, are located in the side of the bumper recesses. On the side, clearly visible, dynamic lines, which extend along the entire Camry body. The complete set XSE sexy 18-inch alloy wheels. The aft part of the body is decorated with a small spoiler and wide headlamps, which are located between the chrome visor. The lower part of the bumper is topped with a small diffuser and two tailpipes typical of models with 3.5-liter engine.

Filling Camry saloon changed for the better, richer, side. The conditions under which the driver is reminiscent suite in a good resort, where there is everything you need. The interior design notes are viewed conservatism and center console as a whole looks pretty solid. However, available in high-end finishes and XLE XSE red double stitching and suede trim parts give the brightness and sportiness. The driving position is good ergonomics, the steering wheel housing the main control buttons and switch gear petals, and all information displays are widely expansion pleasant blue backlight. Touchscreen Entune infotainment system now has a diagonal of 7 inches, instead of 6.1. The only drawback may seem arrangement cruise control lever, which can be accidentally hurt his knee. The list of safety systems includes a collision avoidance system, Blind Spot monitoring sensors and adaptive lighting system.

The range of engines for 2020 Toyota Camry remained unchanged. The standard engine sedan will get a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine to 178 “horses” power. It looks more impressive 3.5-liter V6 engine with its 268 hp and 336 Nm of torque. The motor is running in tandem with 6-speed automatic transmission. To disperse hundreds took 7 seconds, while fuel consumption in the urban cycle is about 11 liters per hundred. In terms of comfort, the suspension brings a soft “velvety” ride and brakes react immediately to press the pedal.

Partial exterior redesign, some internal modifications and classic V6 – here is a list of advantages that Camry is ready to conquer the heart of the future owners.