2020 Toyota Camry – updated sedan of business class

In this review we will focus on the famous 2020 Toyota Camry in , which made it already to the eighth of his generation. This car model is so loved by customers, that for all time (over 30 years) 16 million copies were sold. Figures taken lightly, which suggests that the Japanese auto giant has found a happy medium between quality, luxury and price, allowing the Camry to take a leading position in its market segment. The nearest competitors, the Nissan the Teana L33 and Ford Mondeo are far behind, and can not boast of such a brilliant result.

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update or restyled, as anyone is more convenient, but the world seemed new 2020 Toyota Camry – year .

So what exactly attracts consumers to the car itself is quite ordinary? With that we will now try to figure out why we come directly to the car. Near 2020 Toyota Camry looks strictly and somehow impersonal. It seems that designers are too lazy to update the design, because it has not changed since the last generation.

2020 Toyota Camry photo

In front we expect all the same slanted headlights and grinning grille, while the side and rear of the Camry in general can be confused with low-cost Chinese cars. The wheels for this class is very modest in size and are 16 and 17 inches, depending on the configuration. Alloy wheels, standard. At the same dimensions of the vehicle corresponds to the business segment.

  • 2020 Toyota Camry’s length is 4825 mm, width – 1825 mm. Height – already familiar to many and a half meters (1480 mm) and wheelbase of 2775 mm deserved figure.
  • Ground clearance is equal to 160 mm, for our not always the best road, is a very good indicator.

2020 Toyota Camry if specifically does not want to stand out, staying in some impersonal and gray. This contributes to the colors: The car can be ordered in white, gray, black, silver and beige colors. At the same time a cheerful tone does not provide.

2020 Toyota Camry restyling photo

In all of this the car’s weight ranges from 1500 to 1600 kg, depending on configuration, and the drag coefficient has earned the mark of 0,28 Cx, which is not bad.

2020 Toyota Camry restyled interior photo

Having dealt with the appearance, opens the door and looks inside. What is there waiting for us? Perhaps it is its rich interior decoration attracts the many customers who have turned their attention on the Camry, rather than on its competitors? Just need to mention that the Russian market, the new 2020 Toyota Camry restyling available in eight trim levels, on which depends directly and luxurious interior. As a rule, interior design depends on the engine power. You can not order a fully stuffed the car with the weak 2-liter engine.

New 2020 Toyota Camry Photo Salon

In general, once inside, 2020 Toyota Camry pleases potential buyer good ergonomics, quality materials and the ability to adjust the driver’s seat to fit your needs. Settings as many as eight, as in the older trim even has electric steering column with memory function. Sitting behind the wheel of useful information from the instrument panel is easy to read. Available six-inch LCD screen that can broadcast as GPS or GLONASS card, and entertainment videos. Over the sound of the car is responsible head unit with USB output and six speakers. In high trim as there a 7-inch monitor.

The front seats are equipped with the 2020 Toyota Camry heated, and the temperature of the inside of the vehicle meets the three-zone climate control. Material seats – leather good quality, but, again, it depends on the configuration.

2020 Toyota Camry photo

Behind safely accommodate three adults, and for them there will be quite comfortable. Head even tall men rest on the ceiling will not.

The size of the boot is neither weak nor strong side of the car, and the average is 506 liters. It should immediately be noted that in those models where the optionally installed electric rear seats, luggage compartment volume decreased by as much as twenty liters. Not really fundamentally, of course, but sometimes it is there may not be enough.

2020 Toyota Camry photo trunk

2020 Toyota Camry can be called with certainty not only comfortable, but also very safe. Even in the initial trim manufacturer has provided such important systems such as ABS with EBD and the BAS, eight airbags, traction TRC system and the system of exchange rate stability, which helps to hold onto too slippery surfaces.

Photos of the new 2020 Toyota Camry

Summing up the appearance of the 2020 Toyota Camry it can be concluded that the car in the Japanese manufacturer has turned out well. Ergonomics is not satisfactory, rich feature set has everything you need to feel confident on the road, and exterior while not enough stars in the sky, it looks quite decent.


But any car in the first place begins with the motor, and therefore offer a smooth transition to the specifications. On the Russian market receives three types of gasoline engines from 2 liters to 3.5 liters. In many ways they are similar to each other, and different, of course, only power and fuel consumption. I must say that for some reason, most budget subcompact machine, capable to disperse hundreds Camry to 12 seconds, a special love of the consumer does not use. Our motorists like motors more powerful, and more pay attention to the four-cylinder 2,5 Dual VVT-i (181 “horses”), equipped with an automatic 6-speed gearbox, and the 3.5 liter unit, once the six-cylinder (249 hp ).. The maximum speed of both motors is 210 km / h and there is set up to hundreds of 9 and 7 seconds respectively. It is interesting that while so many different capacities, fuel consumption is about the same, and is 7 liters on the highway and up to 13 liters in the urban cycle. I would say that this indicator for the business saloon is very, very good.

Despite the good performance of acceleration and top speed, 2020 Toyota Camry is not well suited for sporty driving. The car is heavy, sometimes there are body roll when cornering. So for those who prefer a scorcher, there are more interesting options.

Price and equipment

Price Camry release in the salons of official dealers starting at 969,000 rubles, and can reach up to half a million for that of the Suite.

2020 Toyota Camry configuration and price