2020 Toyota Aygo – years – a unique hatchback from the Czech Republic

From the Czech Republic it is because collect new compact urban hetbchek there, namely in the town of Kolin. It is a company created jointly with Japanese automaker 2020 Toyota and the European association of Citroën and Peugeot companies.

2020 Toyota Aygo photo

In general, the new 2020 Toyota Aygo – year is soplatformennika with models such as the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1. Most importantly, 2020 Toyota Aygo stands out against the background of their European brethren. Whatever anyone says, but 2020 Toyota’s designers could work much better than the French, with the result that the market came a very interesting, unique hatchback, the main “chip” which – it is its design. So let’s examine this little car, as well as evaluate its prospects in the domestic and global markets.

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As we have said, all the charm of novelty is mainly in appearance. In this regard, the designers did their best. Even before the release of the new generation 2020 Toyota Aygo in saying that they want to create a machine that will be different unique appearance that can be distinguished in the gray stream of cars with ease. And we can say with confidence that they succeeded.

2020 Toyota Aygo photo

The front part is very playful, funny, original. In fact, difficult to describe in words the car, so we recommend a look at the photo 2020 Toyota Aygo, and to explore the highlights of the car. So you are able to see design course creators, called X-Grapgic. The whole point cross, black car front end color insert on the background of the selected color. By the way, the color palette is wide enough for the Aygo. Lights made in the Japanese style – slightly narrowed, that did not affect the quality of the lighting. The bumper embedded neat, literally tiny fog lamps, as well as set the LED strip running lights.

2020 Toyota Aygo photo Side

In profile, the car looks even amazing. Many consider this the greatest achievement of the hatchback design art to date, and therefore it is difficult to describe. Suffice it to say that the optimal size of the selected door. By the way, the 2020 Toyota Aygo Year – is available in two body styles – three and five doors.

Photo rear of the 2020 Toyota Aygo

To the rear is also no complaints, just surprised how the designer was able to make such an interesting car. There is available a solid bumper in size, big marker lamps.

2020 Toyota Aygo photos

Complement the image of stylish alloy wheels, the radius of which can be 14 or 15 inches, depending on the chosen configuration. As for the overall performance of the car, they are as follows:

  • length – 3455 mm (25 mm more than its predecessor)
  • width – 1622 millimeters (plus seven millimeters compared to the previous generation)
  • height – 1460 mm (minus 5 millimeters, comparing with last generation Aygo)
  • clearance (clearance) – 150 millimeters.


Many expected that inside will see the same surge of emotion, as well as outside. But everything turned out differently. Inside, the car does not cause rapid enthusiasm. Perhaps this is due to the fact that at first you look at the appearance, and only then look in the salon.

Picture 2020 Toyota Aygo saloon

But the interior is simple just to name language does not turn. The Japanese came to this issue is traditionally quiet and restrained, focusing not on the brightness, but on practicality, a high level of ergonomics and comfort. To add the necessary charm, in the front dashboard vents installed beautiful climate system and made the original insertion around them. Also insert in the body color are located around the gearbox and on the central tunnel.

Photo of the front seats 2020 Toyota Aygo

Driver has at its disposal a comfortable steering wheel will fit in your car, easily lying down in his hands. Ahead of it informative, easy to read instrument panel. But still the main element of the interior – a touch screen of seven inches, located on the console allows you to manage multimedia in the car, plus perfectly complement its climate controls.

Despite the fact that the size of the wheelbase has not changed, the space inside become still greater. Thus, the front seats widened by 20 millimeters and lowered by 10 millimeters. In this case the driver’s seat can now be adjusted vertically.

Photo salon behind 2020 Toyota Aygo

Unfortunately, the back is not so good. Legroom rear row passengers is very small, which complicates the comfortable ride. If the driver himself has a tall, then he would have to move his chair back, with the result that there is no space left at all, well, or at most will be able to take the child.

Photos trunk 2020 Toyota Aygo

Increasing the length of the body, the engineers also managed to improve the capacity of the trunk. Now, its volume is 168 liters. Not so much, however, for a small amount of luggage, and if possible to place some of the things behind is still a good idea.


We can not say that the Aygo poor grade. The car has a sufficient number of components and options. And already in the database, you can expect to receive the following systems and facilities:

  • Sensors that monitor tire pressure
  • side and front airbags
  • IsoFix attachment
  • Security MYSb TID and ABS
  • Assist for the start of the hill
  • multimedia system, and so on.

Plus, as we have said, 2020 Toyota offers a five-door hatchback and in the three-door version. Both look great in appearance and have the same stuffing. So base your choice should be on personal preferences and usability issues, as to climb on the back row through a side door does not always and not all friendly.


2020 Toyota Aygo – year went on sale in Europe only in the early summer of this year. The price of the starting version is 10.7 million euros. Unfortunately, the supply through official dealers of 2020 Toyota’s new generation of 2020 Toyota Aygo not planned. Nevertheless, through the gray dealers get the car can be. But that’s what will be then the cost – say seriously.

2020 Toyota Aygo pictures

Given the cost soplatformennika, which should also be competitors for Aygo (we are talking about the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1), in terms of price 2020 Toyota will lose, because European cars are sold at a lower price. Nevertheless, 2020 Toyota is 2020 Toyota, and the level of consumer confidence in the French auto industry is not very high and. Because at the Aygo has all chances even at a higher cost to show the level of sales is higher than the two other compact hatchback.


Currently 2020 Toyota Aygo -, the second generation is offered with no alternative motor. This is a three-cylinder liter petrol power unit having a capacity of just 68 horsepower with a torque of 95 Nm.

As transmission offers two options:

  • five-speed manual gearbox
  • robotic five-speed MultiMode transmission.

Mechanics allows the car to be dispersed for 14,2 seconds to the level of one hundred kilometers per hour with a maximum speed of 157 kilometers per hour. Robotic CAT accelerates slower at 1.3 seconds, and has a similar maximum speed.

Photo Aygo engine

On average, 2020 Toyota Aygo will consume 4.2 liters of petrol in the combined cycle, the indicator on the track and can reach three liters and, accordingly, increase in traffic in the city.

Video review


Well, because this car is officially in Russia will not be delivered, it is difficult to evaluate the car in terms of the domestic consumer. However, the owners of reviews in Europe say that the machine turned practical, looks very interesting, with a good layout.

The question may arise with respect to the power plant. Even taking into account the weight of the vehicle to 840 kilograms, its 68 horsepower look quite sparingly. Who knows, maybe 2020 Toyota will make a decision and set a solid engine, although it is on this account any comments by representatives of the motor companies are not allowed.

As a result, the main advantage of the car – this is her appearance. Add to here more comfortable rear sofa, as well as a couple of dozen horsepower, and then the car could really claim to leadership in its A-Class. In the current state and conditions of the declared value of a leader Aygo is unlikely to happen.