2020 Toyota Avalon : photo price, characteristics

2020 Toyota arrived at the international auto show in the city of Chicago, not with empty hands. With them they have taken the latest version of its flagship model. As you know, we’re talking about the 2020 Toyota Avalon year, which was noticeable upgrade in all directions.

Picture 2020 Toyota Avalon year

Modernization has touched the exterior, interior decoration affected, some of the technical aspects. Plus was expanded list of basic and optional equipment.

It should be noted that the first Avalon on sale for more than twenty years ago – in 1994 year. The second generation appeared five years later, and the third generation was published already in 2005. was the year of the debut of the fourth generation, the actual date. It is noteworthy that all the models are produced at the same plant – the company’s plant in 2020 Toyota city Dordzhtaun, Kentucky, United States.

Exterior 2020 Toyota Avalon

Dorestaylingovoy version of the 2020 Toyota Avalon distinguished its extravagance, rigor, some classics in his image. But now, designers have decided to move a little bit in a different direction, giving the car a more sporty appearance.

In the photo and video materials restyled sedan can safely say that it has become more interesting and brighter than its predecessor.

Picture 2020 Toyota Avalon Front

The front end draws attention to the new LED optics, complete with original daytime running lights, LED strip made of an interesting shape. Also worth noting is literally a huge air intake in the form of a trapezoid, enclosed in chrome, an aerodynamic body kit, fog lights fine.

Picture 2020 Toyota Avalon Side

Side of the car looks great. The large doors, athletic, strong body outside mirrors, complemented by LED repeater turn signals, rather large glass trim wheel arches, beautiful alloy wheels. The presence of chrome around the body impresses with its number. But this is the best way affects the car effectively.

Picture 2020 Toyota Avalon back

Behind the car was retouched optics, solid bumper, trunk lid handy, attractive attachment of the exhaust system.

From whatever side you look at the restyling version of 2020 Toyota Avalon, everywhere she looked at the highest level. Designers have coped with their tasks.

If we talk about the size, they are as follows:

  • length – 4960 mm;
  • width – 1835 mm;
  • height – 1460 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2820 mm;
  • ground clearance – 140 mm;
  • drag coefficient – 0,28Sh.

It should be noted the wide range of colors, in which 2020 Toyota proposes to enter the body of their leader. Total nine available colors. Of course, they have their original names, but in fact carried out in such colors:

  • snow-white;
  • silver;
  • beige;
  • dark Grey;
  • Dark red;
  • crimson;
  • bright blue;
  • dark blue;
  • the black.

Interior 2020 Toyota Avalon

In fact, in many ways it remains the same salon. As before, there are used exclusively high-quality finishing materials, and to claim the build quality is not and can not. Everything is very expensive, rich, stylish.

Photo salon 2020 Toyota Avalon

Photos dashboard 2020 Toyota Avalon

The interior of the four-door sedan is filled with large soft plastic, natural leather, carpet, decorative inserts for metal and wood.

Photo of the front seats 2020 Toyota Avalon

Modern instrument panel, center console successfully layed on which, incidentally, is now a new multimedia system is located, which includes a seven-inch color touch screen.

Photo rear seats 2020 Toyota Avalon

All very finely tailored, looks great. By comfort level hard to find fault. Stock leg ahead of 1070 millimeters, while the rear passengers – 995 millimeters. So stretch your legs, you will be where.

Options Avalon

Be sure, in terms of equipment 2020 Toyota buyers its restyled flagship definitely not hurt. OPTIONS will be a few, and a common list of equipment available is as follows:

  • dual-zone climate control;
  • three-zone climate control;
  • an advanced multimedia system;
  • a seven-inch touchscreen multimedia dimpey;
  • navigation system;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • 9 audio speakers;
  • Standard cruise control;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • leather trimmed steering wheel;
  • adjustable for height and reach adjustable steering column;
  • Optitron instrument panel with color display, an onboard 3.5 inch;
  • heated front seats;
  • electric front seats;
  • front seats with perforated leather heated, massage and ventilation;
  • electrically adjustable front seats 10 and 8 directions for the driver and passenger;
  • rear of the sofa;
  • Keyless access to the interior;
  • system ABS, EBD, BA, VSC, TRAC;
  • Ten airbags;
  • tire pressure monitoring system in tires;
  • frontal collision warning system;
  • tracking system when driving in dense traffic;
  • blind zone monitoring system and so on.

Price 2020 Toyota Avalon in Russia

The main sales markets for the latest generation 2020 Toyota Avalon is the United States of America, Canada, Middle East countries. At the same time, and in the Russian market the Japanese flagship officially unveiled.

According to representatives of the company 2020 Toyota, on sale in the North American market of a large sedan that has survived quite a serious restyling, should arrive in the early fall of this year. The prices will start with a mark of 32.5 thousand dollars. Of course, this is the price tag for the basic equipment.

Specifications 2020 Toyota Avalon

As before, the car is front wheel drive only. Suspension is fully independent, front and rear MacPherson strut involved.

At the same time, without changes in specifications restyled flagship car made in Japan has not done. Engineers have tried to modify the chassis so that the driver, if necessary, to select one of two modes of operation.


The first chassis settings mode provides a soft and comfortable work suspension, allowing maximum comfort around town and beyond. If you decide to make the most of its Avalon, a press on the accelerator pedal, then you should choose the second option settings – sport. Suspension will be tough, designed to ensure maximum dynamic performance.


Steering is ideally complemented by the electric power and the brake disc installed everywhere, only with a different diameter. Thus, the front diameter is 295 millimeters, while the rear – 280 mm.

As for the powertrain, here they will have two to choose from.

The first traditional gasoline engine aspirated six-cylinder engine and a displacement of 3.5 liters. Its capacity is 268 horsepower, and torque reaches 336 Nm. It works only with the six-speed automatic. Acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour takes less than seven seconds of your time.

Fans of ecology offers a hybrid version of equipping the engine compartment. Such motor generates a total of 200 horsepower. At the same time the dynamics of acceleration is not too far behind the more powerful petrol engine. So, from zero to hundred hybrid will require 8 seconds to disperse.

Video Test Drive Avalon


It can be said that the Japanese company has enough time restyled for its flagship. Moreover, the changes very positive impact on the car.

Appearance has become more colorful, interesting, modern, and even sports. The interior space has been beautifully done, and remains the same, but with some minor improvements. List of equipment in general strikes – very richly equipped its 2020 Toyota Avalon sedan, the Japanese company.

As for specifications, the motors engineers did not touch it. They are powerful enough, show a fairly good efficiency, excellent dynamics. Yes, we may eventually see a powerful turbocharged engine under the hood of the Avalon. But, frankly, now there is no need for it. The proposed gasoline and hybrid power unit is still quite can survive for a couple of years. And coming soon to release a new, already the fifth generation 2020 Toyota Avalon.