2020 Toyota Alphard – (photo, price, test drive, characteristics)


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2020 Toyota knows in the production of cars of different classes and different body types. That is not the production of minivans to lead the auto giant’s something new and unknown.

A striking proof that even minivans may be modern, technologically advanced and stylish appearance of the car was light called 2020 Toyota Alphard third generation.

At the same time 2020 Toyota has departed somewhat from traditional ideas about minivans. See for yourself, how Alphard is similar to all other minivans who romp on our streets? It is unlikely.

Since this new product is presented on the Russian market, it substantially increases the interest in it from our side. Because we offer with our comprehensive study of vehicle, to consider it from all angles, to look into the interior, to evaluate the technical specifications and much more.

Photos of the new design of the 2020 Toyota Alphard –

Of course, the appearance – this is exactly where we should start, in this particular case. Before us is a large family minivans, which placed seven people, including the driver. But before you explore the interior space, it should pay special attention to the exterior. Submitted photos and videos to you in this great help.

2020 Toyota Alphard photo front

The front part had a lot in common with the current dynamics of stylistic sub-brand of 2020 Toyota – Lexus. Grille literally huge, and is in the form of so-called spindle. Many people know that it is the release looms began its history 2020 Toyota. Apart from the grille, you can replace a large, stylish optics, which is fully made of LEDs. Special sections for daytime running lights in the form completed, J, which gave some zest headlamps. But fog lights quite classical round shape that has not prevented them fit well into the overall picture.

2020 Toyota Alphard – photo Side

Side minivan is no less attractive. Large, comfortable doors, high sills, quite good in size ideal radii of the wheel arches, every vyshtampovki interesting wheels. Plus, it is worth noting a smooth roof line, a massive feed and stylish exterior mirrors, complemented by LED turn signal repeaters.

Photos of the new 2020 Toyota Alphard – back

Behind 2020 Toyota Alfrad looks monumental. Weighty food, glass canopy over the luggage compartment, complete with stop sign, stylish optics unusual shape, convenient door to the luggage compartment.

Dimensions 2020 Toyota Alphard

Exterior features allowed to play on the perception of size. Externally the car looks more compact than is actually. After all, the size minivan in the following:

  • length – 4914 mm;
  • height – 1880 mm;
  • width – 1850 mm;
  • wheelbase – 3000 mm;
  • ground clearance – 160 mm.

Photo salon 2020 Toyota Alphard the year

The interior of the 2020 Toyota Alphard third generation clearly indicates that this is not just a minivan, and a business-class car.

A new multimedia installation

Traditionally, the Japanese automakers, the interior is equipped with a variety of electronic gadgets, modern equipment. That is hardly worth talking about that on the center console has a multi-media display, and the left driver scattering of electronic assists.

Photo salon 2020 Toyota Alphard –

Finishing is made of high quality materials. There was no use of the skin, soft plastic inlay in wood, aluminum. Moreover, all carefully tailored so that sometimes struck by how meticulously fits 2020 Toyota to develop their top models. But most of all pleased that a similar approach can be traced to the budget cars.

2020 Toyota Alphard photo salon

Salon is organized at a very high level. It is impossible to find fault with ergonomics, even when there is a great desire.

The interior includes three rows of seats, the total capacity of which is 7 seats, including the driver.

The first and second row – a freestanding chairs that are offered with a large space for the legs and head. Also, their position can be adjusted electrically operated, change the longitudinal position of 11.6 centimeters.

At the same time, and the third row we have paid special attention. Rear sofa is designed to seat three passengers, and this may well be a large adult. Free space will suffice them in all directions.

You can transform the Centre, to increase the luggage compartment. The maximum possible free interior so that the cargo space is 1900 liters.


Total 2020 Toyota offers three trim for your new generation minivan. Even the basic version includes a fairly wide range of useful accessories. Starter version is called Prestige equipment and allows the buyer to get such an option:

  • full LED optics ahead;
  • front seats with heating system;
  • alloy wheels of 16 inches;
  • ionizer air in the cabin;
  • three-zone climate control;
  • multimedia complex;
  • touchscreen color display in the center console by 9 inches;
  • electric side doors;
  • electric tailgate;
  • complex security systems;
  • large set of electronic assistants.

A lot of additional equipment can also get a trim Prestige Plus and Suite.

Price 2020 Toyota Alphard – year

It is remarkable, but at the time of sale of new items has already begun in Japan. Plus named expired in prices for Russian motorists.

In Russia, for a minivan premium carmaker from Japan asks for 3.00 million rubles. It was the sum will manage the initial version of the news. If you want to buy it in the richly equipped, then we have to part with a sum equal to 3,494 million rubles. In principle, the difference between the base and the top-end version is not great. While on equipment essential differences you find. Already in the base minivan is equipped with everything you might need modern driver and his passengers.

Equipment Engine Price Fuel Drive unit Consumption maximum speed
Prestige 3.5 AT (275 hp) 2998 petrol front 14.3 / 8.3 200
Prestige Plus 3.5 AT (275 hp) 3393 petrol front 14.3 / 8.3 200
luxury 3.5 AT (275 hp) 3493 petrol front 14.3 / 8.3 200

Specifications 2020 Toyota Alphard –

Now it’s time to talk about the technical characteristics of new items from Japan. It is obvious that such a substantial size and configuration the car in motion should result in a fairly powerful powertrain.

In his role 2020 Toyota invited the six-cylinder
3.5-liter petrol engine that produces an impressive 275 horsepower with a torque of 340 Nm.

A couple of the motor is a six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. Such a tandem allows the car to accelerate from zero to hundreds of 8.3 seconds, and to show the maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Motor consumes about 10.5 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. When this flow drops at the track to 8.3 liters, and the city rises to 14.3.

It is important to note that the engine sounded not only in the line for the minivan, but it will offer it to Russian consumers.

The range of powertrains includes two more motor:

  1. The first is a four-cylinder and a working volume of 2.5 liters. From it removed 182 horsepower power and 235 Nm of torque. It works in conjunction with stepless variator, and can be equipped with front or all-wheel drive. His in Russia will not deliver.
  2. The last one offered to 2020 Toyota Alphard motors acts hybrid propulsion system, which we have to wait is not necessary. Together with the petrol 2.5-liter engine with 152 horsepower electric motor working at 143 horsepower and a torque of 270 Nm. Total hybrid produces 197 horsepower. In the presence of all-wheel drive provides installation of rear-wheel drive another motor 68 hp With this equipment the car is powered by a highly efficient six-speed automatic box, distributes power along the axes.

Video Test Drive 2020 Toyota Alphard –


As you can see, the new minivan from the leading Japanese automaker and the world is impressive in many parameters. So, 2020 Toyota Alphard has a powerful third-generation power plant, attractive and solid appearance, high quality and Ultra-comfortable interior.

What else is required from the minivan business class? In fact, 2020 Toyota has provided everything you need and more. Now we have to wait for the official launch of the minivan sales in Russia. At home, already there is an active implementation of the minivan, which currently shows the popularity of solid performance.

It will be interesting to see how consumers perceive our similar car. Obviously, 2020 Toyota Alphard is designed to the needs of large and wealthy families, corporate clients, businessmen and so on.