2020 Tesla Model X

The new top of the automotive evolution, luxury “green” crossover with the autopilot and remotely updated. It’s time you get acquainted with the 2020 Tesla Model X .

The announcement was made back in at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. Only now, in , started the first sale. The car was developed based on the sport sedan 2020 Tesla Model S.

crossover design resembles an alien. Front, from 2020 Tesla Model X completely absent grille and looks at you a pair of “Eagle Eye” with bright LED. In the lower part of the bumper has done little holes for ventilation of brakes and the installation of LED fog lamp unit. On the side, the car is similar to the oval piece of cheese because of the shape of the roof and sloping tailgate. On wheels mounted 20-ddyuymoye wheels, behind which are visible bright brake calipers Brembo. Another aspect which you probably did not know – flaps up rear doors Falcon Wing. Let them and look so impressive, but such door will be very difficult to get to the parking lots filled cities. The aft part is simple, understated style. On the flat trunk lid mounted spoiler with electric drive and rectangular headlamps with LEDs connected by a thin chrome strip with the words « the 2020 Tesla ».

Inside, Model X is much more interesting. There is a feeling like being inside a computer command center. Behind the “thick” three-spoke steering wheel is a digital display board computer, located above the projection display. But the space occupied by the center console just a huge touch screen command block, where you can adjust almost all of the car. A rear door allows access to the two rows of spacious sports seats. It is worth noting that not so long ago a new “firmware” software to crossover was released. It is composed of a system of automatic machine control, the possibility of parallel parking, as well as automatic climate control. Regarding the latter, in a car equipped with special filters, pollen delaying and even bacteria.

The most interesting thing is waiting for you under the hood. 2020 Tesla Model X top-end modification P90D received two electric motors to power the front and rear axle in the 262 and 510 hp respectively. Dispersal to hundred takes only 3.8 seconds, and additional sport package Ludicrous, reduces this time to the level of 3.2 seconds. “Feeds” the motor from the battery capacity of 90 kWh and provides a cruising range of 400 kilometers. In addition, the crossover will be able to tow the cargo in the total mass of 2268 kg.

Officially, the car will be delivered to Russia. However, it will be available in gray dealers at a price of 8 000 000.