2020 Tesla Model S – electric car of the future

It seems that if the future has not yet come, that is waiting for us just outside the door. The automobile world in the past, even a decade ago turned over. New technologies, the latest developments and projects. All this has allowed to depart from the traditional concept of the car.

Of course, the main issue of the automobile industry is oil. Its reserves are not infinite, resulting have to look for alternative sources of energy, to develop cars that will not depend on the availability of petrol or diesel. A striking example of such a car is the 2020 Tesla Model S. It is a fully functioning car that does not need gasoline.


It would seem that the future of the car, but still it looks distinctly reminiscent of the car, and even a bit of the past. Many of you are familiar with the car Aston Martin Rapide? So, with the 2020 Tesla Model S similarities they quite noticeable. And the roots of Mazda’s design is clearly visible. The latter is not surprising, because the designer who worked on the exterior 2020 Tesla had worked on it the Japanese automaker Mazda.

2020 Tesla Model S front of the photo

The front end looks interesting, solid. Sloping hood, “predatory” optics, interesting execution trim grille makes the 2020 Tesla Es very attractive car. Do not forget yet few people know about the traditional label manufacturer with which we, as well as about the small but neat grille placed on the sides the fog lamps.

Photo 2020 Tesla Model S in the user’s profile

Look at the photo 2020 Tesla Model S side. Lines directs the car ahead, and even a little pull to the ground. The approach is not new, but still a big wheel arches, high dimensional doors and built-in inside door handles created as a result of a very attractive electric car.

Behind most attracted optics, made on the base of light-emitting diodes. In fact, the car looks harmoniously, causes only positive emotions. Yes, there are certain shortcomings and on the back, but only the most demanding avtokritik is to notice those moments. Additional bonus gives large boot lid, which leads to at least a spacious luggage compartment. The car is not just tried to make nice, but do not forget about this moment as practicality.

2020 Tesla Model S photos back

It should also be noted that the car was quite large. This enabled easily accommodate five people inside, and each will have a high level of comfort and convenience. Thus, the rear passengers are not affected by the presence of the transmission tunnel. It simply is not there, which is why the floor is almost perfectly flat. In order to get an idea of ​​the size of the machine, we offer watch the video review, as well as familiarize with overall parameters of the electric vehicle. They are as follows:

  • length – 4978 mm
  • width – 1963 mm
  • height – 1435 mm
  • wheelbase – 2959 mm.

Regarding the trunk, when the rear row can receive the addition of 1645 liters of space. Plus, if you open the hood, where you will not see a traditional power plant. In fact, it’s empty, and there is additional space for luggage volume of 150 liters.

The fact is that the 2020 Tesla Model S is literally built around the lithium-ion batteries. To connect the battery unit subframes from the front suspension, which is a two-lever, and on the rear multi-link. The electric motor is installed behind the rear axle. On top of the structure secured a robust housing made of aluminum. In this way, we managed to get a lot of free space inside. The manufacturer promises to release a version of its all-wheel drive electric vehicle. But in this case it is necessary to install an additional electric motor on the front axle. What is true of this only slightly affected the free space under the hood, where rear wheel drive electric car, as we have said, it is possible to place extra baggage.


Inside, the car looks more than appealing. All trim made of carbon fiber and leather, which underlines the premium 2020 Tesla Model S. The car got paddle shifters on the Mercedes, and has already left behind the wheel are located multifunction switches and controllers cruise control. Right mV see automatic selector box.

Photo salon 2020 Tesla Model S

Some criticism can cause the driver’s seat. The experience of other modern cars get used to the huge variety of buttons, adjustments and so on. Immediately all of this at least. Where should be located the central tunnel is a huge tray. Rise above and in front of us a center console. Although such it is difficult to call, because it really is a vertical touch screen diagonal is impressive seventeen inches. 2020 Tesla interacts very well with smartphones. The operating system for the display using Linux, as taken from the processor NVIDIA. If you are using a tablet, look into the menu of the device will be quite simple. On clicking it reacts instantly.

In fact, with this monitor driver can monitor and manage all systems 2020 Tesla Model S. This lights, and interior temperature, the opening panoramic roof, setting up steering, air suspension.

By the way, the air suspension has become an interesting surprise electric vehicle. By car it can be raised to 23-33 mm or lowered below the standard ground clearance of 152 millimeters by 20 millimeters.


This car equipment more than sated. It is too early to talk about the division into one or another variation of the equipment. Apparently, the manufacturer will not separate versions of the car on the set. The only automobiles are divided according to the capacity of the power plant. There is a version of 60 kWh (302 hp), 85 kW h (362 hp) and an upgraded installation of 85 kWh. (416 hp).

While in Europe, the car is just beginning to appear in the sale, and no one expects the start of official sales trends in Russia. What is true, some people have already managed to get electric cars and appeared on the roads of Moscow.

Many questions is the possibility of car sales in the country. The problem is the service, getting parts and the unit charge the battery. No clear answers to give in no hurry. But the car is designed to use the US networks with 110 watts. If you connect the 2020 Tesla Model S in our network, we have to charge the whole day. Meanwhile, in the United States opened the station for a quick, virtually instantaneous charging electric cars, and free. The use of its own connectors for 2020 Tesla’s network complicates the problem even further.


Since the Russian car officially yet, will focus on foreign prices in America and Europe. So, depending on the capacity of the power plant, 2020 Tesla Model S is priced at 62 thousand dollars. For the money you get a version of 60 kWh and a power reserve of 390 kilometers. By paying ten thousand more, you get a more powerful unit and 502 kilometer reserve. The most powerful unit with the same reserve of 502 kilometers, but more power will cost 86 thousand dollars.


So, 2020 Tesla Model S is offered in three variants of equipment. Each of the motors is its power and dynamic performance.

  1. The base engine produces 302 horsepower. It accelerates the car up to a hundred in 6.2 seconds and top speed produces 190 kilometers per hour. The stock of electric charge of the course is 390 kilometers.
  2. The average engine capacity of 362 horsepower improves the dynamics of acceleration from zero to hundreds of 5.6 seconds. It has a power reserve of 502 kilometers and a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour.
  3. The top engine produces 416 hp, accelerates from zero to hundred in 4.4 seconds and has a power reserve of 502 kilometers. Its maximum speed is 210 kilometers per hour.


Well, we tried as close as possible to acquaint you with the new car, which represents the beginning of the future. Perhaps, in terms of design from the 2020 Tesla Model S is not all perfect, as evidenced by including reviews of the owners. However, the main thing here is not the appearance.

The main thing is that the car industry to a new level. Level, when the world is independent of petroleum. Electricity – this is the most optimal way, which can choose auto industry of the future. Of course, the 2020 Tesla Model S is the only one of its kind, in fact, have such amazing features. But who knows, maybe in the near future things will start to change rapidly, and the impetus to change the automobile industry will give it the 2020 Tesla.