2020 Tesla Model in March

Terse presentation cheerful and optimistic Elon Musk, gave the public a budget electric car – 2020 Tesla Model in March .

On the first day after the presentation in Southern California, 2020 Tesla plant received 200,000 pre-orders for the novelty.

Aerodynamic, drop-shaped appearance of the model resembles more prestigious Model S. The front part shows a “monolithic” bumper, with three small air intakes and predatory headlights. Teardrop profile supplement unusual “armored” wheels and hidden in the body of the door handles. Rounding out the image of the new 2020 Tesla Model 3 with a sliding glass roof and tinted part of LED headlights.

Elon Musk, told the audience some interesting facts about the upcoming models, including the fact that the model will be about 4.6 meters in length and will have a completely new platform. Also, the budget 2020 Tesla Model 3 provides all its passengers the highest safety, what will testify all crash tests, receiving 5 stars. Second, the electric car will be able to overcome the distance on a charged battery is 350 kilometers. However, this is not the final figure and engineers 2020 Tesla will try to increase this figure. And best of all, that all owners will be able to accelerate to hundreds in less than 6 seconds (the figure is not final). Not every car in the US with a starting price of 35 000 dollars (slightly more than 3 million rubles) is capable of this, and even more electric.

Quintuple “green” fastback receive multimedia system with a screen of 15 inches and a head-up display, instead of the on-board computer. The latter will display all the information on the windshield. Based on the photos, the interior is made of leather, Alcantara and aluminum. In addition to the most recent active safety systems, which will be available in the basic version, Model 3 will be equipped with intelligent autopilot system. And outdoor enthusiasts will be able to expand the rear seats, and immerse 7-foot (2.1 meters) without problems surfboard.

Price 2020 Tesla Model 3 in Russia is not yet known. You can only be sure that it will be clearly above the level of 35 000 dollars, or 3.2 mln. Rubles. It should be noted that 200,000 pre-orders, the company will bring 7.5 billion. Dollars. One can safely say that the 2020 Tesla – is the iPhone, the automotive market. By the way, the company plans to fulfill all pre-orders during .