2020 Suzuki Vitara -completion for the segment of compact crossovers

As you know, now such as compact crossovers segment is gaining huge momentum in popularity. Because every automaker considers it necessary to present its own development in this type of body.

And now a little just to make your own CDs. It must meet all the requirements and wishes of customers and be able to compete with clear segment leaders. In the case of compact crossovers – a Peugeot 2008 Opel Mokka , Ford Ekosport , Kia Soul , Hyundai ix25 .

2020 Suzuki Vitara photo

That company 2020 Suzuki at the Paris Motor Show presented a representative dynamic car class. And it was called the 2020 Suzuki Vitara – model year.

Now almost everyone who is familiar with the production line of the company, think that we are talking about replacing the model Grand Vitara. But no. You will be wrong. For its size, more specifically, about which we will tell you later, the new 2020 Suzuki Vitara, even less than the model SX4 new generation . In fact, the younger brother was Vitara compact crossover, as was general technical component and platform. As a result, we can safely say that the 2020 Suzuki Vitara – a representative of the compact class B.

Because the machine is of great interest, and will be represented in our market in the near future, we will introduce you to it just the same obligation. We carry out an excursion into the exterior design, look at the interior, we learn about the equipment and technical characteristics, as well as find out how much it will cost, this compact crossover.


Externally, the car looks very interesting. Immediately there is innovation in the exterior design, which is in the framework of the presentation in Paris, the company said 2020 Suzuki. You yourself just look at the photo and video materials of the new items, and try not to agree that it attractive and stylish.

2020 Suzuki Vitara photo front

The front part of the hood stands out a powerful and an inverted trapezoidal grille fascia clad in chrome. This is complemented by excellent optics with LED filling, blue lenses, daytime running lights, large and solid bumper with air intakes and fog lamps are very interesting at the edges. Daytime running lights are in the form of vertical stripes, which concluded in chrome.

Picture 2020 Suzuki Vitara side

The profile Vitara does not look less attractive. Here, the designers managed to achieve amazing aspect ratio. For quite a long hood, large door openings, ideal radius of the wheel arches. All this is well decorated with plates of scratch-proof plastic on the edges of the wheel arches and at the bottom of the bumpers, as well as in the rapids, of course. Generally side Vitara is much like the Grand Vitara, and in the best sense of those words.

Photo updated 2020 Suzuki Vitara Rear

Stern is not particularly original and refined, in contrast to the front, but everything is functional and practical. Agree, no large tailgate with large glazed windows and a convenient opening for loading and unloading is much more important for the modern car, much less a crossover, even compact. Practicality is complemented by lean basperom with plastic cover, large and stylish optics and neat lines.

2020 Suzuki Vitara years Photo

It is necessary to say a few words about the color of the compact crossover. The manufacturer offers to choose one of the fifteen primary colors. But this is not important. The fact is that 2020 Suzuki gives its customers the opportunity to select the colors of the various elements of the body, such as the radiator grille trim, trim on the bumpers, psevdovozduhozabornikov, moldings, spoilers and so on. Also, there are two separate trim package, the first of which involves the presence of several elements of chrome, and the second focuses on the crossover vehicle component, that is stresses SUV style.

Now with regard to dimensions. Generally very interesting to look at the appearance, and then look at the official figures. It does not say that the car is so compact. However, its dimensions are as follows:

  • length – 4175 mm
  • width – 1775 millimeters
  • height – 1610 mm
  • wheelbase – 2500 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 185 millimeters.

Well, in terms of appearance, dimensions and clearance 2020 Suzuki Vitara can not but rejoice. Let’s see if the interior design disappoint.


There has been some disappointment. But only because it was too proved attractive exterior design. One way or another, but the interior can be described as austere, a little boring, a little original. And originality give interesting vents, as well as the opportunity to decorate a variety of interior color inserts. But in this regard, strongly make no mistake, because in fact used for these plastic inserts will be stiff and noisy.

Picture 2020 Suzuki Vitara saloon

The driver has at his disposal a small wheel with adjustable depth and height of the column, the modern dashboard with large speedometer and tachometer, multi-function trip computer, color touch screen 7 inches, located on the center console, as well as a comfortable climate control unit.

The front seats are well designed, have a pronounced lateral support, are regulated in different ways, that allows you to easily adjust the seat for any driver. Provided that their growth will not exceed 185 cm. In this case, more than enough space. The higher the front row may seem small.

Back row also has a huge space. Although this is hardly worth to expect from the car, the wheel base which is only 2500 mm. Yet this compact crossover and its two passengers in the back seat, he put no problem. With the third encounter difficulty, but to stay there for a short journey can be.

Photo tailgate 2020 Suzuki Vitara

In terms of spaciousness boot fared quite well, too. Standard volume of 375 liters can be transformed in 1120 liters when the rear seatbacks lowered. Pretty normal levels for this class of car.


Of course, in a short time the company 2020 Suzuki specify what options offer configuration for this or that market. Including Russia. In the meantime, we can only list some options that will be available in the database or as additional equipment for the vehicle 2020 Suzuki Vitara:

  • multimedia system with touch screen 7-inch
  • navigation system
  • phone
  • sound system
  • the ability to connect a smartphone
  • panoramic roof-hatch
  • adaptive cruise control
  • system to prevent and avoid possible conflicts
  • the automatic braking in extreme situations the system
  • seven airbags
  • motor start button
  • Keyless Access Salon
  • HVAC equipment and others.

Complete sets are expected to be saturated and rich already in the database. So whether it will in reality – time will tell.


Actually, the price – this is the question that interested 95 percent of buyers of new and used vehicles.

In the case of 2020 Suzuki Vitara – while it’s not so clear. In principle, the producer prices did not name the official. According to preliminary data, in Europe for a new compact crossover will need to pay 19 thousand euro. How much it will cost the Russian buyer – it is unknown.

It reported only that the 2020 Suzuki Vitara new official dealers in Russia will be around in the second half of next year.


Here the special secrets of the manufacturer do not. If we talk about the technical characteristics, they repeat the performance of a larger family car from 2020 Suzuki – SX4 last generation.

That is, the Japanese CD will receive a choice of front-wheel drive or all wheel drive also. Also, customers will be able to take one of the two four-cylinder powertrain and one of three transmissions.

  1. The first diesel engine, has a volume of 1.6 liters and 120 horsepower with 320 Nm of torque. It works in tandem with a six-speed manual transmission.
  2. The second motor gasoline, but has a similar volume of 1.6 liters and 120 in a similar capacity horsepower. This has less torque – only 156 Nm to 320 Nm at the diesel power unit. But here it is possible to choose a transmission. So, a couple of gasoline engine may be a five-step mechanics or the six-speed automatic.

Unfortunately, with respect to the dynamic characteristics or flow information officials 2020 Suzuki has not yet spread. However, given the power of the engines, size and weight of the car, the 120 horsepower is enough, in order to feel confident behind the wheel of a compact crossover not only in the city, but also on the track.


Today we had a chance to get acquainted with one of the latest novelties presented at the Paris Motor Show, which began its work just the day before yesterday.

2020 Suzuki Vitara pictures

If we take into account the opinions of owners of 2020 Suzuki car with which 2020 Suzuki Vitara new common technical stuffing and platform, the new CD is going to be very relevant and popular.

Solid and impressive crossover appearance combined with good facilities and quite frisky motors provided the competent pricing policies will enable the Japanese new product to compete with the leaders in this segment of compact crossovers.