2020 Suzuki Swift

For the first time 2020 Suzuki Swift model was presented to the public in 2010, at an auto show in Hungary. Since then, it took more than 3 years, and now we are waiting for version of the 2020 Suzuki Swift model year. It should be very similar to the previous generation car, and at first glance it is not a car with significant innovations. But all this is only the first and superficial impression, in fact, this model has a lot of changes and differences, when compared to its predecessors. Let us examine in more detail all the basic specifications of the updated 2020 Suzuki Swift, .


The machine will be installed new front and rear optical blocks, which was much more modern. In addition, significantly changed the contours of the side glass and the front bumper with integrated LED lights become more expressive. In general, the body has not received any special changes, the previous form has remained virtually unchanged. With regard to size – 2020 Suzuki Swift stretched to a length of 90 mm, a width of 50 mm, and was higher by nearly 100 mm. Its wheelbase has also increased by 50 mm.


Despite the change in dimensions, the vehicle interior from the point of view of space especially not won, the car will be able to accommodate up to four adult passengers, and then, with an average level of comfort. It should be noted that at the back of the front seats have been slightly modified in order to increase the comfort of sitting on the rear seats. However, despite these efforts, it is best to feel the driver (the average height and build), along with a passenger in the front seat.

The instrument panel, as well as a built-in control units with air conditioning and audio system have become much more modern and ergonomic. We should note one more drawback of the car – a speedometer, with very closely spaced display digits. Using a monochrome liquid crystal display, the driver can in “Online” mode to monitor the mileage of the car, as well as the supply of fuel and its consumption. The new wheel was much more convenient to the last option, it is a button to control the audio system and cruise control. Significantly improve the quality of materials, which is decorated interior of the new model.

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The car will be staffed with two safety systems – active and passive. In addition, a standard set of equipment will include: Dynamic Stability Control, Antilock Braking operation and seven airbags.

Equipment Price Engine Box Drive unit
1.2 GL MT 615000 1.2 petrol (94 bhp) mechanical (5) front
1.2 GL AT 675000 1.2 petrol (94 bhp) Machine (4) front
1.2 GLX AT 735000 1.2 petrol (94 bhp) Machine (4) front
1.2 GLX MT 4WD 785000 1.2 petrol (94 bhp) mechanical (5) full

Technical specifications 2020 Suzuki Swift

The power unit for a vehicle is a lightweight 1.2-liter 4-cylinder engine that develops 94 hp maximum power with a maximum torque of 118 Nm. Each engine cylinder has four valves, which makes this car is very high-spirited and economical, despite the equipped weight of about a ton.

Gorjuchki consumption in the combined cycle, according to its manufacturer, is in the range 5.0-5.6 liters per 100 kilometers. The exact figure depends on the particular type of body and the selected gear as well as a 3-door version of the car can accommodate 4 people and 5-door – 5, which greatly affects the final weight of the machine.

Fuel consumption in the city is maintained within 6,1-6,8 liters, falling on country highway to 4,4-4,9 liters per hundred kilometers. Emission of harmful substances, the level of which varies in the range of 116-128 grams per kilometer, the engine of this model meets the Euro 5 standard.

Test drive of 2020 Suzuki Swift

The car is very easy to operate, excellent included even in sharp turns, while showing very little body roll, despite its rather big height. The steering wheel does not use frequent amplification in the “zero”, however, it is typical for the majority of cars are equipped with power steering.

cost of

Price 2020 Suzuki Swift will start with a mark of 615 thousand. Rubles, depending on the specific configuration.