2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Last renovation SUV was first introduced in . at MIAS, but let’s not forget that the model has a fairly long history. The second generation is produced since 2005., During this time the Grand Vitara has won reputation as a reliable car, perfect for local roads. Today we look at what the new version added a restyling 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara in addition to the FL-top boxes.

Outwardly crossover is quite recognizable large doors, wheel arches stand out.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara photo

Picture is complemented by smooth contours – car looks confident and stern. Both models feature a new grille, front bumper memorable, contrasting dedicated air intakes.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara photo

Note that the change hardly touched the back of the 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara – vertical lights with rear doors remained intact.

Our SUV is available in two versions: with 3 and 5-Tew doors.

  • The three-door crossover favorably high levels of terrain: the approach angle is 290, departure angle 360. Its height – 1695mm, length – 4060mm, width – 1810mm, base – 2440mm, ground clearance – 200mm. Mass car – 1407kg or 1461kg all depends on the engine.
  • 5 door Vitara FL has a 2640mm wheelbase, 4500mm length, height 1695mm, width 1810mm, ground clearance – 200mm. Weight cars 1533 or 1584kg. However, this car got a bit worse than the 3-door version, indicators of body geometry with the same angle of exit 290, five-door car has a lower longitudinal cross 0 19 as well as the minimum angle of 27 Congress 0. These figures particularly important if you plan to spend most of their time on the road.

It can be argued that the interior has undergone only cosmetic changes, in addition, the quality of materials has increased substantially more pleasant to the touch plastic interior.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara photo salon

Expensive equipment have excellent leather-dermantinovuyu combination upholstery. The second row of the five-door car comfortably seats 3 passengers, with a 3-access door will fit only two people. Now, the interior is made in a simple style: steering wheel has a music control buttons, adjustable in height only. The driver and passenger seats are heated, ergonomically positioned adjustment. Excellent fit in the interior and dashboard with deep wells, it is quite like a predecessor.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara photo trunk

5 door Grand Vitara is capable of carrying 398 liters. payload in the trunk when the seats are occupied, either in 1386 with clasped. His “younger” brother can not carry even half of this volume: the trunk 3-door crossover can seat only 184l, but with the rear seats folded increases to 964l..

Grand Vitara FL is available in 3 trim levels. The most “advanced” version – JLX-EL NAV struck eyes luxurious upholstery, large (6,1dyuym) screen (6.1 inches), audio (SDMP3 USB AUX), navigator Garmin, ultramodern cruise control, xenon headlamps, new wheels shod in 225 / 60R18, push-button start motora.Bazovy variant version of the JX-A got power steering, full elektrosteklopaket, CZ, on-board computer. It is also equipped with air conditioning, heated seats, electric mirrors, fog lights, air bags, CDMP3, cloth upholstery, tires 225/70 R16 with steel rims.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara photo of passenger seats

As for the technical side of the front independent MacPherson with multilever rear axle give every reason to believe that in this component of the Japanese innovation has remained almost unchanged.

However, one can hardly say that it did not go to the benefit of the crossover: all-wheel drive transmission, equipped with a lockable center differential with a downshift distinguishes Grand Vitara among the majority of competitors.

Depending on the model, include tires 225/70 R16, 225/65 R17, or 225/60 R18; and may choose between the steel / alloy wheels 16-gauge. Discs 17-18 – extremely light-alloy. Options for coloring new Grand Vitara quite varied: offered red, dark gray, silver, bronze, white, blue, black, brown.


The range of engines remained almost unchanged: a modest 1,6l. gasoline engine (107l.s.), working with 5 stupas. Manual transmission, available only for the 3-door cars. Motor is clearly not enough for the crossover to “hundred” it will drive a car for 14,4sek maximum speed of only 160 km / h. Of the positive qualities can only be called a flow not exceeding 8,2-8,5l.

For the 5-door version of the more powerful cars is offered 2n. 140hp working with 5MKP (or 4-speed automatic transmission). Motor cars for 10,6sek disperse. to “hundreds”, at a maximum speed of 175 (170) km / h. Consumption -. 8.4 (8.9) liters, but in a city crossover more greedy – 11 l.

The most powerful 2.4L. (169l.s.) engine is equipped with a 3-door version GrandVitara FL, has a 4-speed automatic transmission. Max. the speed of the crossover 170km / h. Mark of 100 km / h for cars reach 11,5sek, flow rate 8l. on the highway, and 12l. in the city. The five-door FL with 5-speed manual (4 stupas. APSC) accelerate to 100km / h in 11.7 (12) seconds. Maximum speed – 185 (175) km / h, the declared consumption – 7.6 (8.1) liters. and 11.4 (12.5) l. respectively. However, real consumption is 10-12l.

Photos of the new 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara in profile

On the road car behaves with confidence. Stiff suspension, responsive controls have proven to be just fine, but unfortunately, only at speeds up to 120 km / h. With increasing driving stability deteriorates significantly speed management requires greater attention and increased fuel consumption peaked. On a small off-road crossover behaves impeccably, and for more complex sites designed permanent four-wheel drive, along with a lockable differential, allowing cars to feel as comfortable. Puzzling only individual elements, it is not clear why the protruding under the bottom: transfer case, the exhaust system, and strong enough (in our opinion), front and rear bumper.

Price and equipment

Price updated 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara FL in the domestic market starting from 895 000 rubles. For that amount available JX-A: 3-door, with a motor 1,6l. (107l.s.), and 5-speed manual gearbox. 3-door version of the JX-E: 2.4L (169l.s.) 4 x stupas.. Automatic, cost 1095000rub. More powerful 5-door version of the Grand Vitara: 2,0l. (140hp), depending on the configuration and the CP is estimated at 1,015,000 – 1215000rub. Finally, the top of the range Grand Vitara 5dr, having 2.4L. (169l.s.) costs 1,145,000 – 1,305,000 rubles.

Video Test Drive