2020 Subaru XB Krosstrek : a photo, price and packaging, video

In recent years, the popularity of SUVs has reached perhaps its peak. Though, given the current demand for these cars, this can not be the limit.

And today crossover – the concept is different. It can be as close to the SUV, be perelitsovanny wagon or increase ground clearance and received plastic skirts hatchback. So speaking of crossovers, it is important to specify, about what exactly are in question.

Photo 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Special attention, perhaps, deserve compact urban crossovers. Not those contingencies that are based on a simple hatchback and different from the source code only plastic protection and a little increased ground clearance. We’re talking about cars that are worth while its compact dimensions called crossovers.

A striking example of this SUV is a brand-new 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek Japan. That’s a real cross, not differing impressive dimensions. For its size, by the way, it is slightly larger than the model class golf. However, its ground clearance is huge, and the movement is carried out through the work of all four wheels.

Sizes due to the fact that the basis for the creation of 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek made model 2020 Subaru Impreza, which has transferred its rally SUV capabilities and provided the ability to easily pass roads. Generally the car is increased interest in the person. The probability of its occurrence is quite high in Russia, and the manufacturer promises to begin sales already from this year winter.

So now we offer you with contact details to meet with a crossover 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek year, to examine his appearance, to look into the interior, to discuss the cost and configuration, as well as to understand what specifications will build new.

Exterior 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Compared with its predecessor, which the model is available, then major changes we have not noticed. All the same elegant lines, bold solutions.

Photo 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek Front

The front part is decorated with exquisite lines of the hood, chrome trim polygonal grille with large bridge in the middle, on which the label of the Japanese manufacturer 2020 Subaru. The convex shape of a large head optics, packed with LEDs attached to the machine muscular, massive, thereby eliminates the compact size. Also attracted the attention of a powerful front bumper with plastic cover in black, and two sections with large fog lamps are also works by LEDs.

Photo 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek Side

Side note vyshtampovki sidewalls extending the protection of unpainted plastic on the thresholds and the edges of the wheel arches, subtle roof rails, solid wheels and powerful rack outside mirrors that designers have decided to supplement the LED repeater turn signals.

Photo 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek back

The back of the monumental, full of clean lines, great bumper and a large rear optics. This is complemented by a rather convenient luggage compartment lid, impressive glazing and a spoiler on the roof, equipped with more and additional stop sign.

the car looks better with some of the parties – hard to say. The machine was really very nice. Although still is unacceptable for such a daring exterior design is a kind word as a “machine”. This is a full car, bold and predatory crossover.

Now we can talk about the dimensions. Submitted photo and video materials allow us to estimate the charm of the body, but muscular and convex shape make it impossible to assess the real size. In numbers, the car is as follows:

  • length – 4450 mm;
  • width – 1780 mm;
  • height – 1615 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2635 mm;
  • the volume of the luggage compartment – 310 liters;
  • ground clearance – 220 mm.

2020 Subaru XB Interior Krosstrek

Unobscured – that’s the main advantage of 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek salon. It feels comfortable and cozy even with the growth of man under 190 centimeters and a weight of 100 kilograms. Rear sofa provides ample space at the knees and over his head. Even long trips do not deliver problems. Configuration full five-seater, the rear because the three of you can sit down quietly.

The driver, as well as the front passenger, have at their disposal a comfortable seating area with the presence of lateral support and the opportunity to adjust their status for themselves.

Photo 2020 Subaru XB Krosstrek

In the hands of drivers lays down a new multifunction steering wheel, behind which hides a modern and easy to read instrument panel. The center console welcomes us pretty deflectors ventilation control units, buttons, keys, responsible for one or another system. There were here without a multimedia complex that today is an indispensable element of virtually any vehicle, regardless of class, body type and price range.

Speaking of the trunk. According passport data, its volume in the normal position is 310 liters. This is not a record for its class. But if you need to immerse something big, you can omit the rear row backrest. This will make virtually flat loading area and the volume of the luggage compartment at the same time will increase to 1270 liters.

Components 2020 Subaru XB Krosstrek

The company 2020 Subaru, as before, for an updated version of its crossover 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek will offer some fixed complete sets. The list of equipment is vast, because we call the most interesting counters that are available in the basic and more advanced trim levels:

  1. adaptive cruise control;
  2. electric power steering;
  3. symmetrical all-wheel drive;
  4. warning system crossing his lane;
  5. collision avoidance system;
  6. automatic emergency braking system;
  7. adaptive fog lights, rotates with a wheel;
  8. new multimedia system;
  9. touchscreen multimedia complex with gesture recognition;
  10. leather upholstery;
  11. automatic climate control;
  12. the system automatically turn on and turn off the lights;
  13. rear armrest and two cupholders;
  14. indicated turn signals on the outside rearview mirrors;
  15. navigation system;
  16. range of alloy wheels;
  17. LED fog lamps and so on.

In fact, a complete set for the 2020 Subaru XB Krosstrek offers a very diverse and rich. So you will have something interesting to complement your car.

Price 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Unfortunately, about the price the manufacturer is currently silent. 2020 Subaru does not make a secret of it, but simply states that the value of their new product will be announced closer to start of sales of the car. Tentatively, official information will appear in late autumn or in early December this year.

For reference, the precursor is from 25 to 30 thousand dollars, depending on equipment level. Apparently, the updated variation of a crossover number will rise in price, due to a number of updates.

Specifications XV Crosstrek

Now we can talk about what the specifications will lean this is definitely a very interesting SUV with increased capabilities in terms of conquering off-road.

For the car will offer four engine. Two of them run on petrol, one diesel and one can be called a hybrid.

  1. The petrol engine has an initial volume of 1.6 liters and produces 114 horsepower. The engine is equipped with a manual transmission, or CVT, on the customer’s choice. Acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour takes about 13.1 seconds. The maximum speed is 187 kilometers per hour.
  2. The more powerful gasoline engine at 2.0 liters in volume boasts of having 150 horsepower under the hood. Choice of transmissions is similar to younger motor. On acceleration from zero to hundred takes 10.5 seconds. Maximum speed is identical – 187 kilometers per hour.
  3. Diesel power unit has a similar volume of 2.0 liters, but its power is somewhat less gasoline – 147 horsepower. You can not select a check point, since diesel is available only dedicated six speed manual transmission. Grieve not worth it, because it has a positive impact on the dynamics of the speed dial. So, from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in tandem with diesel mechanics gains for 9.3 seconds and max overclock crossover to 198 kilometers per hour.

As for consumption, the gasoline powertrains spend around 8 liters in urban areas, and approximately 6 liters on the highway. In a diesel engine, it takes 7 and 5 liters respectively.

  1. The hybrid propulsion system is a four-cylinder engine capacity of 2.0 liter capacity of 148 horsepower. It works with both the mechanics and variator. Hybrid makes its synchronous electric motor, which is mounted directly to the gearbox. He increases power by 13 horsepower, forming a total power rating of 160 hp The electric motor is powered by a nickel-metal batteries.

As you can imagine, a hybrid version of the 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek rather conditional, since the major role the electric component of the power plant is not playing. But if 2020 Subaru wants to call this version a hybrid, that is so. We have nothing against them.

Video Test Drive XV Crosstrek


Updated 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek year is a very, very interesting car, which largely surpassed his predecessor. First of all, in terms of appearance.

Painfully looks conservative 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek before, did not have such a defiant look, predatory grin and muscular “body.” The machine is now perceived differently.

For a successful appearance hides no less successful interior design, modern approach to the equipment, a high level of ergonomics and comfort. Yes, the trunk is too small for this class, but compared to other advantages this flaw seems insignificant.

Add to all the above, Solid set of power plants, where even the youngest gasoline engine may well meet the needs of the driver and not to disappoint him by pressing the accelerator pedal and get a successful new product that promises so pretty popular. Let us hope that in Russia we see 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek, and officially.