2020 Subaru WRX

1,879,900 rubles, and you are driving a full-fledged rally successor model Impreza – 2020 Subaru WRX . Towards pursuit of excellence, the company has done a lot to control this car was the “art” and a piece of sheet metal has turned into a real masterpiece.

2020 Subaru WRX – a

sports car, with fierce poise, “devouring” each centimeter of the road surface.

The design of the new WRX decorate aggressive headlights, a small grille with a wide frame. The impressive dimensions of the air intake and the characteristic for sports the 2020 Subaru , mounted on the hood. On each side of the front bumper mounted fog small and direction indicators, in the shape of ice cubes. On the side, the black model has 17-inch wheels, instead of golden BBS. The front wheel arches “decorated” with silver nameplate “the WRX” and thin vents. Rear spoiler, low profile model was inherited from the Impreza model, as well as four “large-format” of the exhaust pipe and a small diffuser. The nice thing was the legendary sports car blue color of the body.

Inside the cabin the WRX, also felt a certain “spirit» Impreza. Despite the available leather trim, as well as carbon and aluminum inserts in the decoration was also used plastic. Driving wheel got compact size and flat “bottom”. Behind the wheel is installed on-board computer and the instrument panel with bright, “fire” lighting. A touch of sportiness added aluminum pedals and the original design of the handle of a transmission. The front and rear seats are comfortable and spacious, allowing you to comfortably accommodate 5 passengers in the cabin.

Overall, the interior does not look impressive, but is made carefully and tastefully.

The vast majority of models 2020 Subaru BPX will receive a 2.0 – liter boxer four-cylinder engine, which is essentially a reworked version of the engine from the Forester XT . Under the hood of the WRX engine produces 268 hp and 350 Nm of torque. It works engine with new 6-speed manual transmission. To disperse hundreds in this case, it takes 5.7 seconds. In more expensive versions offers stepless CVT gearbox with mode selection system SI-Drive, which works fine, but start slowly c ECTA a few tenths of a second. It’s no secret that the car has four-wheel drive with torque distribution 50/50, in the case of CVT-box, the distribution is equal to 45/55. If necessary, the entire torque can be redistributed to the rear wheels. By the way, the sedan has a fairly low consumption – about 9 liters per hundred.

The cost of the new 2020 Subaru WRX at official dealers starts at 1,879,900 rubles.

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