2020 Subaru Outback 2.5

Four-wheel drive crossover based on the wagon that meets the needs of most average customers and has an impressive ground clearance. Before you a new 2020 Subaru Outback .

Maybe for someone this car seem boring “snob”, but in fact, appearances can be deceiving. The new Outback has received massive grille in the form of a stretched hexagon, stylish headlamps with LED lighting and larger fog lights integrated into the black plastic, which is crowned along the entire perimeter of the vehicle. This item is intended to emphasize the off-road capabilities 2020 Subaru. On the side, the car looks great and massive, and black roof rails add a few centimeters of “growth”. Side view mirrors mounted on a massive black racks and tires Goodyear Dueler H, «wrap” around the light-alloy 17-inch wheels. The back of the Outback were “assigned” the expressive headlights, consisting of two parts. The bumper was “impressed” vertical reflectors.

The interior looks a bit old-fashioned, despite the abundance of digital devices. The driver is located in the soft tissue chair with a small lateral support and high seating. On the driver’s console is located on-board computer is also “hidden” in the aluminum tubes tachometer and speedometer, with a pleasant blue backlight. The center console is equipped with a 7 inch display infotainment system, climate control unit, and the inserts of faux aluminum and a soft plastic. But the most important advantage over competitors is a huge amount of free space. The total amount of “tent” is equal to 2.97 cubic meters, and the trunk holds up to 1000 liters of various cargoes. It can be equipped with electric boot lid if desired. These features make the car the most spacious and roomy on any of the rows of seats. Among 2020 Subaru security systems should be made adaptive cruise control, emergency brake and prevent the accident, the band control system and sensor blind spots.

Four-wheel drive crossover is equipped with 2.5 – liter four-cylinder engine capacity of 175 “horses” and 236 Nm of torque. This power is enough to move briskly with a traffic light or tow loads of up to 1225 kg. It works engine with continuously variable transmission CVT, consuming 9.4 liters per hundred in urban traffic.

Equipped with a new electric power steering, a large ground clearance of 22.1 cm, a spacious luggage compartment, as well as having a sufficiently powerful and economical engine – 2020 Subaru Outback is an excellent choice for larger families and active recreation.