2020 Subaru Legacy is presented in Chicago

Before starting the auto exhibition in Chicago in , in the new 2020 Subaru Legacy sedan 6-generation network flowed photos. But the manufacturer has not made to wait long after the opening of the auto show, almost immediately, it was presented Legacy model year. In appearance it discerns sim

ilarities with the previously presented concept in Los Angeles. The body of the sixth generation, has taken a more serious look than sporty, wheel diameter is reduced, body lines are made smoother, and with light equipment bumper simplified.

Photography appearance

Speaking of the body, immediately call dimensions. Manufacturers have stated that at the same wheelbase of 2,750 mm, it was possible to increase the length of the body by 51 mm and get a sedan with a total length 4795 mm. The width of the sedan is 1840 mm and height 1500 mm. Due to the elongation of the body, could be added to the free space of the passengers, a little space, and to increase the total volume of the luggage compartment on nine liters.

Photo in profile

Sitting in the cabin, you feel its rigor, reliability and conservatism. The interior has become much premium, due to the trim quality, expensive materials. The manufacturer announced the improved noise isolation, but in my mind, every update any brand, boasts improved sound insulation.

Photo salon

Of course popular Japanese car brand, stuffed with its new model, innovation, high-tech security systems. The main options include such a system EyeSight cells responsible for the car in its lane position and control approaches the side of the car transport. The Legacy is set 6.2 or 7.0 inch touch multimedia system, the music firm Harman / Kardon distributed around the cabin 12 stereo speakers.

Rear part

Like all new, beautiful, high quality, but the technical details, we can say there is an old, except for a slight increase in power. As before, the two power units used 2.5 and 3.6 liters. First, 4-cylinder engine has increased power by 2 hp to 175 hp, the second cylinder 6, stayed at the old 256 mares. The engine is mounted Lineatronic variable transmission and permanent four-wheel drive Symmetrical AWD, with the company’s chip automatic distribution of traction.

The new body

On the market the new 2020 Subaru Legacy will come in the summer of , this applies to the United States, the price is not disclosed. When the car gets to the Russian market and the CIS countries is not known.

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