2020 Smart Fortwo

Introduced back in 1998, this car was very popular in European countries, despite the many shortcomings. Today, we have presented a third, almost perfect generation 2020 Smart Fortwo .

New Samrt Fort is no longer a “folding chair” or “coffin” on wheels, and is fully functional city car.

The car has received an unusual design and bright color (available in all 40 color schemes). Front, “pop-eyed” headlights with LED backlight in harmony with the “smiling” grille, the center of which is decorated with a huge emblem 2020 Smart. Bumper with longitudinal air intake grilles, designed in a simple, conservative style. In the last couple of round protivotumanok integrated. Side of the car looks stylish and miniature. Door handle set in an unusual meste- between frameless glass and the door. On wheels mounted 14-inch wheels. Modest aft demonstrates square LED headlights, a small spoiler and muscular bumper. Plastic elements mounted around the perimeter of the body, designed to make life in the metropolis multicomputer carefree and less costly to repair.

“Cabin” is also made in the bright and unusual colors corresponding to the color of the body. Salon has become more spacious and more comfortable due to the fact that the body has been extended to 10 cm. Separately, it is worth paying attention to the new, higher seats, a new steering wheel, steering tachometer mounted on the left of the driver, creative on-board computer, in its design vaguely reminiscent of Mini and blowers massive air conditioning system. On the center console, in glossy black frame, set a 7-inch touch screen multimedia system, which is available as an option. To get rid of the feeling of claustrophobia and add to the salon more, 2020 Smart installed glass panoramic roof. Quite practical and organized luggage compartment, access to which can be obtained using two-leaf door. To avoid spending a lot of time to load small items in the bottom flap folding luggage compartment has a special compartment. Of course, the television or cabinet from IKEA in 2020 Smart uvezesh not, but a gym bag, a small suitcase or a week’s supply of food bought in a supermarket – easily.

It helps in this 0.9-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 89 hp and 136 Nm of torque. Working in tandem with the 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission with double clutch, the 2020 Smart accelerates to the first hundred in 10.4 seconds and a top speed of 155 km / h. The average fuel consumption is 4.2 liters per hundred.

The list of standard technology includes a stabilization system with a strong side wind, the movement of aid on the rise, rear parking sensors, tire pressure sensor and airbag. Also, there are collision warning system and monitoring system crossing the intersection.

Bright, agile and economical 2020 Smart Fortwo, perfect for a crowded metropolis, will cost at least 14 thousand dollars.