2020 Smart Electric Drive

2020 Smart introduced its new electric 2020 Smart Electric Drive , which will be available with three body styles: 3-door , 5-door and the version with an open top . It is equipped with 81-horsepower electric motor with 60 kWh, capable of a maximum speed of 130 km / h. Cruising car is about 160 km.

And although the 2020 Smart Electric Drive is small enough power reserve, this shortcoming is quite compensates for very fast charging. It can be recharged from a conventional household outlet of 220 volts. At full battery capacity, you will need approximately 2.5 hours. Thus the charging time, in comparison with the previous model, reduced exactly 2 times.

In the case of the charger output of 22 kW, the vehicle can be fully charged in 45 minutes. And it’s faster charge time for your smartphone!

Start selling new electric vehicle 2020 Smart Electric Drive is scheduled for early .