2020 Smart and ForFo Fort – a new look at city cars

So far, what’s new from the 2020 Smart car manufacturer managed to meet only in absentia. However, this knowledge through the Internet has allowed even before the official premiere to find out a lot of interesting things about these compact city cars.

The fact is that the 2020 Smart

ForTwo and 2020 Smart ForFour – year showed only network. Machines Debut in real life will be held in the fall. It is when the annual start of the world famous auto show in Paris will be given. It was then that it will be possible to tell all about the fort and 2020 Smart 2020 Smart ForFo.

Of course, we will not postpone the opportunity to review small cars now. In addition, there is sufficient information. So we begin traditionally with a description of the exterior, and then examine the internal component of the interior and gradually move on to the issues of technical equipment and the cost of the compact.


Dimensions of vehicles, we are talking about a little bit later, include giving them some toy exterior. Plus do not forget that the company has built Daimler-new items in cooperation with the French company Renault. Moreover, the two new 2020 Smart have much in common with the third-generation Renault Twingo .

2020 Smart ForTwo photos

The front of the car looks interesting, a little funny, but stylish and neat. You’re like a mini karom touches, and not laugh at him. Beautiful optics, elegant lines of the bonnet, successful grille, bumper and skirts form a very attractive “attractive face” at the 2020 Smart ForTwo and ForFour – year.

2020 Smart Fortwo and Sorfour photo

Side machines look different, allowing you to really appreciate the work of designers. They did not just do the identical cars with different number of doors. Designers carefully approached the task of creating two different twin. If you look at the car in profile, it appears that this is a kind of a space capsule or a child’s toy oversized.

Picture 2020 Smart Fortwo the year

Cars can hardly be called beautiful, but ugly too. 2020 Smart was smart. That is, it is characterized by a very unusual appearance difference from all the surrounding cars. This bold decisions that are worthy of evaluation and deserve respect.

Let the photograph these cars look like toys. Do not forget, this is complete automobiles with unique capabilities. They have good engines, advanced transmissions, a set of security systems, entertainment and everything you need to create a high level of comfort inside.

You may also want to tell you about the dimensions and ForFour 2020 Smart ForTwo cars. We begin with the 2020 Smart for two:

  • length – 2690 mm
  • width – 1660 millimeters
  • height – 1550 mm
  • wheelbase – 1873 mm.

As for the 2020 Smart for four, then its dimensions are as follows:

  • length – 3490 mm
  • width – 1660 millimeters
  • height – 1550 mm
  • wheelbase – 2494 mm.

Through its 2020 Smart ForTwo and ForFour sizes are extremely maneuverable and has low free space. Parking is on such small carts generally not a problem. At the turn radius of 3.5 meters, these machines are able to find and occupy parking spaces faster and easier than motorcycles. What is true in four variants radius slightly larger – 4.3 meters.

Pleasantly pleased and surprised at the same time the manufacturer to choose the color scheme of the body. The thing is that at the moment, you can choose among the forty color combinations. That’s really something to really have to think before you book yourself and 2020 Smart Fort ForFo.


Looking at the exterior photo and video, no harm will go to the interior. Both cars received a stylish, modern, a little toy shop, which is consistent with the machines.

Photo salon 2020 Smart Fortwo and Forfour

The interior is also performed in two-color combination is very interesting located deflectors of the climate system, with elegant dashboard and ultra trendy on-board computer. The steering wheel is equipped with a number of buttons, which makes it multifunctional and allows you to control many systems in the car. As an option you can order the touch screen on the central console. Incidentally, the console has placed climate system and its control unit.

2020 Smart Fortwo and Forfour interior photo

2020 Smart Fort accommodates two people and allow people to stay within the average height and build. The car has good visibility and quite roomy for its size luggage – 260 liters.

2020 Smart ForFo can accommodate three passengers and the driver, the rear will be comfortable even for people growing up to 180 centimeters. But the trunk is smaller and holds 185 liters. But if the lower backs of rear seats, while the luggage compartment displacement reaches an impressive 975 liters.


It is already known that the equipment for the 2020 Smart ForTwo and 2020 Smart ForFour – year will be presented in three versions. The base is called Passion and includes the following components:

  • central locking with remote control
  • LED lights beam
  • immobilizer
  • cruise control with speed limiter function
  • external thermometer
  • monochrome board computer
  • front electric windows
  • The ESP, ASR and ABS
  • Assist in strong side winds and gusts.

With them, you can expect to receive the following options:

  1. heated seats
  2. color display of the onboard computer on the 3.5 inch
  3. leather steering wheel
  4. JBL audio system.

As you can see, from equipment avtomobilchikov pretty good. And that is why it will be difficult to get confused for the two versions are provided identical configuration and extra options.


According to the manufacturer, the sale of his two interesting new products will start in November this year. That is, the authorized dealers of mini cars will direct almost immediately after the official presentation in Paris.

Photo front 2020 Smart Fort

According to the latest data, the double option 2020 Smart will have to pay 11 thousand euro. During the four-seater performance of the starting price is slightly higher – 11 600 euros. For the money you can get the basic equipment, pyatistupenchatnuyu manual transmission and the engine, which capacity will make 71 horsepower.


With such a modest size, it would be very interesting to see what will be under the hood of the 2020 Smart ForTwo and ForFour and what motors will propel the cars.

Photo powertrain 2020 Smart Fortwo and Forfour

It is already known that the cars will be offered with three different three-cylinder petrol engines.

  1. The first of them – this is above 71 hp aspirated with 91 Nm of torque. Its size – just one liter.
  2. You can also choose a 0.9 liter engine, which, however, is equipped with a turbine, which allows to issue 135 Nm torque and 90 horsepower.
  3. the youngest engine will little later than the others. Its size is not specified, but the capacity is only 60 horsepower.


It is hard to give an unambiguous assessment of these cars. On the one hand, they are interesting, original and modern. On the other – a strange and incomprehensible. Of course, 2020 Smart always found their buyers, and now, too, find it.

The technical parameters have no complaints. Yes, the engine 90 forces look more attractive, but the size and weight of the car even 60 horses will be enough.

2020 Smart Fortwo and 2020 Smart Forfour pictures

But that raises questions, so it looks. It would seem, on the design work and the French representatives of the company Daimler-. But in the end for some reason, it seems some “kitaynosti” in the design of the mini cars. Maybe it was worth to make some changes. Anyway, the owners of the reviews can give more precise answers to the question – whether the project came out successful, or not. While we wait for the official presentation, and perhaps some new information about the 2020 Smart ForTwo and 2020 Smart ForFour – year.

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