2020 Skoda Superb Combi : a new generation of versatile

The company 2020 Skoda has published official photos of its new station wagon – 2020 Skoda Superb Combi year. The car turned out to be a bright, exciting, technologically advanced and promising.


  1. Appearance
  2. dimensions
  3. Interior
  4. Configurations

  5. Price
  6. Specifications
  7. Video
  8. Conclusion

Many of our compatriots is already well acquainted Czech wagon. He has earned immense popularity around the world for their reliability, quality and level of comfort. Actually, for this 2020 Skoda and value, considering its cheap cars volkswagen analogue.

What awaits us in the new Škoda Superb Combi wagon? Try to understand.

Attractive wagon 2020 Skoda Superb

The exterior design of the versatile Superb

The first generation did not have a station wagon, and only in the second generation, we have seen that the Superb and may have the option of execution. As it turned out, this model is clearly a body-to-face. Liftbek, in Geneva, and planned to show the versatile partially resemble presented this spring. In fact, just before the middle of the door.

Photos front of the 2020 Skoda Superb Estate

The front end features a brand new trim grille, which is installed on all recent versions of 2020 Skoda cars. Hood, according to the photo and video materials, decorate pronounced ribs. Angular large head optics certainly get LED stuffing, but only optional. The front bumper looks strictly but with a hint of sportiness. Very interesting look fog lights, as if repeating the form of the housing head optics.

The side of the 2020 Skoda Superb Combi

On the side we see large wheel arches, imposing wheels alloy, a long body with large doors and vyshtampovki. Roof rails are likely to become optional attribute. But hidden behind the impressive food.

The back of the Superb Combi

The rear part can boast of interesting crafted optics, rear bumper, under which the exhaust pipe is virtually invisible, and a huge trunk lid with an impressive glazed. The issue of the luggage compartment are paid a lot of attention. The designers tried to achieve perfect balance of practicality and attractiveness. And they succeeded.


Length 4861
Width 1864
Height 1468
Wheelbase 2841
Clearance 164
Front track 1584
Rear track 1572
wheel size

215/60 / R16

215/55 / ​​R17

Currently, the exact dimensions are not given the numbers. We only know that now the wheelbase – 2841 mm. It is 80 mm longer than its predecessor.


The interior of the Superb Combi

External changes have resulted in significant changes inside the cabin. Here on the photo and video materials can be seen as expensive and rich looks machine.

Photo salon wagon 2020 Skoda Superb

The central panel

Free space is more than enough. The increase came in all directions. Moreover, the standard rack holds 660 liters, and if you fold the rear row seat, then we get a flat floor and 1950 liters of space.

Driver’s seat


Salon is decorated in accordance with German rigor, detailed plan, an ideal fit for all items. Materials grew in terms of quality, the equipment list has increased significantly.

Qualitative seat

The driver went to the new multifunction steering wheel, highly informative instrument panel, excellent seats, excellent ergonomics.


Full trunk space

Universal has turned downright gorgeous. Let’s see how it will appear in the case.

Cargo capacity

Options wagon

Of course, since before the start of sales is still far, the company 2020 Skoda in no hurry to declare a set of items. However, certain equipment machine accurately be able to:

  • tracking system for the blind zones;
  • automatic braking system in urban areas;
  • Keeping in the lane;
  • auto steer system;
  • system of tracking the status of the driver;
  • tracking system for road signs;
  • latest multimedia system;
  • Multimedia display 8 inches;
  • 64 GB of memory;
  • wireless Internet;
  • Bi-Xenon optics;
  • electric front seats;
  • separate climate control and so forth.

The price of the new 2020 Skoda Superb Combi in Russia

Already, about the price, you can speak with some confidence. The fact that the new 2020 Skoda Superb Combi year will be officially presented during the Frankfurt Motor Show. However, the vehicle model year in Europe will begin selling since the middle of the year autumn. The starting price for the Europeans will be 26 thousand euros.

Large wheels

But in Russia the car will have to wait until did. According to available information, we have 2020 Skoda Superb Combi will appear at the beginning of next year. The wait is not too long.

Specifications 2020 Skoda Superb Combi

Of course, 2020 Skoda Superb Combi is built on the MQB modular platform. Independent suspension with MacPherson struts in front and multi-link rear system. Disc brakes on all wheels.

In the mountains

The choice of customers 2020 Skoda is going to offer three transmissions:

  • A six-speed mechanics;
  • Robotic dedicated six DSG;
  • Robotic semidiapazonnaya DSG.

As for the engines, it is also expected to deposit an impressive powertrains. Each has impressive features and performance efficiency.

power plant

Total expected three diesel and five petrol engines .

  • Diesel. Volume Jr. 1.6 liter 120 hp Two senior motor have the same volume of 2.0 liters, but give out 150 and 190 horsepower. Fuel consumption – from 3.7 to 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers.
  • Gasoline. Junior engine with 1.4 liter outputs 125 or 150 horsepower, depending on the boost. Another offered a version of the 1.8-liter engine to 180 horsepower and two versions of the 2.0-liter petrol engine, which will give out 220 or an impressive 280 horsepower.

As a result, the five motors for eight modifications. Given the presence of three transmissions, options buyers will be more than enough.

Video Test Drive 2020 Skoda Superb Combi


Perhaps, the new 2020 Skoda Superb Combi year has everything to become a bestseller in the wagon market. This car had an excellent appearance. Its interior is incredibly spacious, provide freedom to the passengers of any height and build. In this case we are dealing with a record luggage compartment in its class.

Beautiful rear diffusers

Add to these advantages of a reliable, efficient and powerful engines, combine with a rich basic equipment and the widest list of options, and get the wagon of their dreams. From this car should not expect much. Too good and it looks promising.

At the moment there is not a single reason to doubt the success of the new 2020 Skoda Superb Combi.