2020 Skoda Rapid Year – new liftback

2020 Skoda Rapid – was one of the most anticipated new products in Russia this season – of course, under the budget sedans. In many ways, this contributed to the success of the previous generation. Despite the fact that the presentation of the new car took place in April, assembling 2020

Skoda Rapid – was launched in February – in Kaluga, which once again confirms the manufacturer’s confidence in the success of cars in the domestic market.

Test Drive

Debuted new Rapid in early , and the fall is already sold in Europe. To us as a novelty came even later than in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Although, it is even better – in the meantime liftback had to undergo a light upgrade, during which the deficiencies have been corrected version of the original, and produced in Kaluga has restyled version. Today we find out what we have prepared a Czech subsidiary of the VW, give photo and video test drive of new items.

Exterior 2020 Skoda Rapid is made in accordance with the new corporate style of the company. This is logical, because the first time the concept of the new style has found practical application in the previous generation of Rapid.

2020 Skoda Rapid photos

The front part of the hood with a wide, oblong grille falshradiatora who share the longitudinal ribs. Also, ahead of the new 2020 Skoda Rapid is allocated a flat rectangular air intake divided into two halves by a perpendicular strip of plastic on the sides of which there was a place for large trapezoidal protivotumanok. It should be noted and placed on the hood of the new logo of the company – in front of all the cars testifies to the introduction of a new corporate identity.

Picture 2020 Skoda Rapid – year

Foods also released straight lines – slightly raised short trunk, sloping rear window, the bumper trim.

The new 2020 Skoda Rapid photo

Side vtomobil demonstrates huge doorways, round shape of the roof, stylish wheel arches, as well as some roundness sides, underlined at the bottom of a ridge. In general outlines of cars unpretentious, but clean and quite attractive. Note that the designers managed to achieve and perfect (for the class) aerodynamic performance – Cx of 0.30, he made it possible to decrease the flow.

  • Parameters of the new school year – Rapid increased slightly: width – 1706 mm, height – 1461 mm, length – 4483 mm, wheelbase 2602 mm figures, and clearance of 135 mm.
  • Note that especially for the domestic car ground clearance of the new 2020 Skoda Rapid will be increased to 150 mm.

For cars, sets of different sizes of disks, and different rut – vehicles equipped with 14-inch. Discs have dimensions of the front and rear track – 1463 and 1500 mm. 2020 Skoda Rapid, which installed 15-inch. wheels, a rut in 1457 and 1494 mm. Total weight depending on the equipment and within the 1135 – 1236 kg.

2020 Skoda Rapid – photo salon

Salon practical – functional layout of controls, the strict contours of the instrument panel, with easy access to all elements of the driver’s seat. Sitting front row bear little resemblance to the budget – they provide a high level of comfort. Free space in the five-seat 2020 Skoda Rapid abound – both in the front and in the back rows.

Photo rear seats 2020 Skoda Rapid

Sedan pleases and quality finishing materials – cloth and plastic decent level. Of course, the door cards can be made thicker, and plastics – softer, but let’s not forget that this is a low-cost sedan, rather than premium cars. The only significant drawback is the lack of interior noise insulation – even when driving at low speeds in the cabin clearly hear other sounds.

Photography boot new 2020 Skoda Rapid

The manufacturer took care of the presence of large luggage compartment, so necessary for this class of car – the presence of 5 people in the cabin, fit into the luggage compartment of 550 liters. cargo, in the case of rear seats folded – 1490 liters.

Compare Models & Prices

The company produces Rapid in three trim levels: «Ambition», «Active», «Elegance». Among the basic equipment appear: crankcase, 14-inch. steel wheels, ABS, safety steering column (adjustable in 2 directions), adjustable driver’s seat – adjustment, front electric windows, immobilizer, Airbag (driver), CZ, heated washer nozzles, a simple audio system with 4 speakers.

The price of the new generation 2020 Skoda Rapid, we will start from 479 000 rubles, the most affordable option cars equipped with automatic transmission, will cost from 579 thousand. Rub. Price is the most expensive version of the 2020 Skoda Rapid at dealerships will start at 639,000 rubles. This complete set, at the buyer’s discretion, can also complement the various functions and systems.


The domestic version of the car will be equipped with 3 variants of petrol engines, information about the possibility of diesel units, so popular in Europe, it is still lacking.

  • The base engine will be a naturally aspirated engine with a 3-cylinder, 1.2-liter. This power unit will receive the injection system of distribution, as well as 12-valve timing. Motor works exclusively with 5 stupas. Manual transmission, and is quite economical – while driving through the city consumption is 8.4 l, komborezhime – 6.1 liters on the highway – 4.8 liter, with the engine fully complies with Euro -. 5. Acceleration up to the first 100 km / h in 13.9 sec., at a maximum possible speed of 175 km / h.
  • The next power unit is a 4-cylinder engine of 1.6 liters. (105 hp, 153 Nm), a copy of the VW Polo of the power unit, is aggregated with 5 stupas. Speed ​​manual or 6-stupas. Automatic transmission. With this engine the budget sedan should accelerate to 100 km / h (similar to the VW Polo, because the official information the manufacturer has not provided) 10.5 (12.1) seconds with manual transmission (automatic transmission), at a rate of 6.4 in komborezhime (7.0) l.
  • The top engine of the new 2020 Skoda Rapid received a volume of 1.4 liters (122 hp, 200 Nm), is characterized by the presence of an aluminum cylinder head, direct injection system, valve timing system, and also complies with the Euro-5. The flagship powerplant works with range-7 Robotic the DSG, having 2 clutch, thereby accelerating car with the engine up to 100 km / h -. 9.5 seconds, with a maximum possible speed of 206 km / h. Fuel consumption is 7.4 when driving in the city, on the highway – 4.8 liter, komborezhime -. about 5.8 liters.

Volkswagen engineers did not reinvent the wheel, and with one of the engines of the new 2020 Skoda Rapid – and went to the platform last generation Polo, to which the Czechs have added some elements from the Fabia and Octavia. New 2020 Skoda is equipped only with front-wheel drive, front – independent suspension, MacPherson struts are used, installed behind the semi-independent torsion beam. The steering is equipped with electromechanical power, front-wheel ventilated disc brakes got, back – the usual.

The new platform is largely determined by the excellent technical characteristics – car perfectly holds road shows good handling even in tight bends, flexibility, and has a slight braking distances.

The completion of the review, we note – 2020 Skoda Rapid has all the makings to surpass the success of the previous generation, and reach the leading position in the segment of low-priced sedans (at least – in the territory of the Russian Federation). Among the main advantages is called efficiency, good finishing materials and interior ergonomics, presentable appearance, excellent handling and a tempting price. The most notable disadvantages 2020 Skoda Rapid – are: insufficient level of sound insulation and stiffness of the suspension (for domestic motorists Czech manufacturer has promised to eliminate this inconvenience to the start of production).

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