2020 Skoda Fabia Combi 3 – a new generation of versatile cheshkoskoy company

The Czech company 2020 Skoda showed a new generation of its hatchback Fabia even this summer. The world premiere was also organized within the framework started in early October Paris Motor Show. However, the Czechs brought hatchback and station wagon in Fabius – 2020 Skoda Fabia Combi 3.

Generally 2020 Skoda is one of the most popular foreign car in the CIS today. Great demand especially model Octavia . At the same time and Fabia have a lot of fans and admirers. Of course, the novelty necessarily go to the Russian market. In this regard, I want to introduce you to a more detailed overview of the versatile, discover its strengths and weaknesses, as well as talk about the technical parameters and more.

This is not an expensive sports car, which many can only admire. This time we will introduce a practical, affordable car, which is really a lot to pay attention and want to buy in the near future. So that you do not wait until the official dealers will receive new product and start it in every possible way to advertise, we will try to describe all sides wagon, show its strengths and perhaps weaknesses.


If you’ve seen a model third-generation Fabia hatchback in the body, so the versatile looks for the revelation you will not. In general, the new global style first appeared on the 2020 Skoda budget car Rapid .

All recognize that the exterior Rapida – almost the most successful in the history of 2020 Skoda. And we agree with that. Because reacted positively to the decision of the Czech automaker releasing updated versions of its other models in the same style.

2020 Skoda Fabia Wagon photo

That’s 2020 Skoda Fabia Wagon has not been deprived of the year rapidovskih features. Very interesting false front grille blends with almost vertical slats and the label has traditionally placed as if on a small nose – lip of the hood. Stylish, even slightly aggressive optics allows to change the previous opinion on the Fabia as a mischievous, fun car. By these lights wagon became brutal, and it clearly benefited. And yet, to distinguish from the station wagon hatchback only the front part will not work. They are identical.

2020 Skoda Fabia Combi photo back

Exactly as the identical design of the stern. Of course, if only not to take another form of tailgate, topped with a stylish neat spoiler with integrated stop lamp it. For the rest, all of the same line, the same optics, same rear bumper. The mere example – the car looks even behind very, very attractive.

Picture 2020 Skoda Fabia Combi side

But the main external changes occurred in the side. In profile, the 2020 Skoda Fabia Combi was longer, since increased the length of the roof, in order to create a full wagon. Neat door handles, beautiful vyshtampovki door, neat wheel arches, traditional Škoda stand. Plus if you add on the roof rails, the car looks downright gorgeous.

While it is not known what specific colors will offer the car in the market. But let’s say that this wagon is fantastic in white. Yes, he does not possess in excess of the original appearance, even a little simple-minded in some moments. But you can not deny the fact that 2020 Skoda has made a huge leap forward in terms of exterior design. In the photo and video materials you yourself can easily verify this. Take a good look at the wagon on all sides. Now tell me, with about 20-30 thousand dollars, you really do not want to buy just such a station wagon?

As for the size, it is compared with the second generation Fabia, the new station wagon added to the length of 10 mm, width increased by 90 mm, but lose in height 31 mm. As a result, relevant parameters are as follows;

  • length – 4257 mm
  • width – 1732 mm
  • height – 1467 mm
  • wheelbase – 2470 mm.

Depending on the equipment options, the machine will be lowered also in weight. In the base weight is only four kilograms more than one ton. Earlier, the easiest Fabia weighed 1040 kilograms.


Inside, the car continues to delight. Maybe this is not an ultra modern interior, but still high-quality, practical, comfortable. And it is most important for this category of vehicles.

The new Škoda Fabia Combi salon Photos

The front end looks stylish, one can see that the interior designers knowingly receive their wages. At the disposal of the driver’s original, comfortable steering wheel with chrome inserts or other material silver. Unfortunately, we did not know for sure. Pretty standard ducts still does not spoil the picture, as in the center console all the attention attracts a stylish multi-media display. Bottom – a series of buttons, a very intuitive and easy to use. Especially grasp the meaning of the instructions do not have to, everything is clear and the images on the large buttons. Under these climatic control systems. And if the unit is made in the form of an old car cassette player, but in a modern style. Very cool, by the way, looks.

2020 Skoda Fabia Combi photo of the interior

The driver offered to obtain information not only from the two large radii tachometer and speedometer, but also with an onboard computer, which is located between them. He predstalen in the form of a small, but still comfortable display, but not colored. In any case, the data is read from it very easily.

Photo rear seats in the 2020 Skoda Fabia Combi

Interior comfortable, spacious enough due to the increased size. In principle, any particular emotion seats front and rear do not cause, but comfortably allow. And it is very, very important.

Photos trunk 2020 Skoda Fabia Wagon

Separately, I would like to say a few words about the luggage compartment. Of course, it was more than the trunk hatchback Fabia, which seats 330 liters. Wagon 2020 Skoda Fabia Combi can offer in the normal position 530 liters of space. Plus, if you omit the rear seat backs, you get almost three times as much – 1395 liters of luggage volume under loading.

Options and Prices

While the exact list of available options, we can not tell you. Just by the company 2020 Skoda on this issue has not yet been decided, and said it will report prices and complete later.

We only know that is optional for the 2020 Skoda Fabia Combi 3 can be purchased such equipment:

  • pressure sensor wheels
  • a roof with a panoramic view
  • Keyless access to the salon system
  • auto brake system at low speeds
  • help system to start uphill.

Since sales will begin only next year, 2020 Skoda had every right not to hurry with the announcement of prices for wagon and hatchback. So we’ll have to wait for the end of the year or beginning of . The company only said that ozvuchat information on prices later. No exact date when this, as you know, were not called.


2020 Skoda Fabia wagon for its third-generation Combi offer several options for gearboxes. Of course, the most interesting of the available transmission looks robotic DSG. But if someone wants to manage the operation of the engine, then you can take one of the manual transmission – a five or six gears.

Photo Motor Fabia Combi 3

Hatchback and wagon will have the same range of powertrains. Although it is unlikely anyone was surprised. It would be strange and even amazing, if the same type hatchback and station wagon there own separate range of engines.

  1. One way or another, but the youngest and weakest appeared quite dull engine capacity of 1.0 liter. He received three cylinders and a capacity of just 60 horsepower. Apparently, it is offered as the base engine in the initial configuration.
  2. In addition, Škoda will offer several petrol and diesel engines of the same size – 1.4 liters. They provide from 74 to 104 horsepower.
  3. However, the most desirable and attractive engine looks the same 1.4-liter engine, which is equipped with the turbine and provides a power of 140 horsepower. It is clear that many will want to get his name. At least in our country.


Today we had a chance to get acquainted with an interesting car that promises to show solid sales results in Europe and beyond.

Appearance – this is a clear advantage for those potential buyers who are familiar with the quality and reliability of the Czech automotive industry, as well as who is thinking about buying inexpensive, interesting and attractive sedan with a very high practicality. It will be interesting to read the reviews of the third generation of owners wagon 2020 Skoda Fabia Combi 3 and find out what the opinion of consumers on the updated car.

From myself I can add is that the car is like his appearance, was fairly simple, but the original and comfortable lounge. Plus, it’s all right with practicality. Yes, engines generally not very impressive, but, as practice shows, the model Rapid, even these motors from 60 to 104 horsepower exhibit good dynamic performance, as well as seriously save money on the purchase of its owner is not cheap nowadays fuel.

Well, about a 140-horsepower engine is hardly worth talking about. It is the perfect combination that can safely claim to be the most demanded by the new version of the Czech wagon. We hope that this engine is required to be offered in our market. After all, do not forget, what are the current 2020 Skoda cars – Foltsvagenami for the poor. A Volkswagen – is the quality of the sample, reliability, style and more in today’s auto industry.