2020 Seat Leon ST – a new wagon from Spain

Presentation of the latest generation 2020 Seat Leon ST – model year took place in the autumn of in Frankfurt, but the initial data about the car appeared on the network much earlier. This is not surprising, because the station wagon turned out quite presentable, and, most likely, will be to compete not only competing models with Volkswagen producers and soplatformennika.

Note that the appearance of the Spanish wagon, there were several other members of the later presentations VW – the new generation Skoda Octavia Combi, and 7 Golf Variant, which also became competitors 2020 Seat Leon ST.

2020 Seat Leon ST Wagon photos

While that was a new decisions in the exterior design of the new station wagon is almost no Spanish, but the outlines of the body is largely copied 5-door hatchback 2020 Seat Leon, the front of the car stands out with stylish, high-power LED lights.

2020 Seat Leon ST photo

Side-view opens to substantially increase the length of the (relatively hatchback) – Added 277 mm were completely given back, which considerably increased the volume of luggage, as well as increased rear overhang that is generally allowed to look 2020 Seat Leon ST more harmoniously.

Picture 2020 Seat Leon ST –

However, the similarity with the Spanish course and versatile Octavia is not in doubt: the roof surface falls back side glass line rises towards the stern at a very slight angle identical to the rear rack.

  • 2020 Seat Leon ST has the following dimensions: length – 4562 mm, height – 1459 mm, width – 1816 mm, with 140 mm ground clearance, as well as the 2636 mm wheelbase.
  • In the basic version of the auto set protectors 205/55 R16, at an additional cost, you can install tires 225/45 R17, 225/40 R18, or 235/35 R19, supplied with 17-19 inch wheels alloy.
  • The total weight of the basic version of the versatile starting with 1233 kg, which is 45 kg more than weighs 5 door hatchback.

Platform wagon Leon ST, as well as a huge number of presented recently new models of German concern, became VW MQ base, which is the basis for Audi A3, A3 Sportback, A3 Sedan, hatchback 2020 Seat Leon, 2020 Seat Leon SC, the latest generation Liftback Skoda Octavia, wagon Skoda Octavia Combi, the prestigious Skoda Octavia RS, VW Golf 7 Golf 7 Estate Variant, the GTI hatchback Golf 7, as well as some concepts concern – the relevant quantity Blue, Cross Blue Coupe.

2020 Seat Leon ST – photos

The new modular platform, thanks to its modular design provides the ability to change the wheelbase options, the use of different drive types.

Photo salon 2020 Seat Leon ST the year

Number of seats in the cabin Leon ST – five, including the driver, interior design is much more modest than that soplatformennika. Front row stands chetyrehspitsevy multifunction steering wheel, instrument panel with a well-readable computer screen, the speedometer and tachometer, the presence of a 5.8-inch console. monitor (optional), Blocks for air conditioning control (or climate control) – all controls are placed very conveniently.

Photo salon 2020 Seat Leon ST Wagon –

The driver and passenger seats are molded very well, and are also equipped with high-quality lateral support, high-quality interior materials. Places in abundance, both in the front and in the rear ranks, all five members of the crew will accommodate comfortably. From the versatile equipment shortcomings can be noted a limited selection of other systems.

Photo sdeny rear 2020 Seat Leon ST the year

The luggage compartment has turned capacious, volume is 587 liters. – In the presence of the three rear passengers. In the case of the folding rear seats, the luggage compartment volume increases to 1470 liters., And down the front passenger seat in the car interior fit bulky items up to 2600 mm in length.

Photos trunk 2020 Seat Leon ST

However, the size of the luggage compartment 2020 Seat Leon ST is much smaller than, for example, the VW Golf 7 Variant, the luggage compartment is able to accommodate 605-1620 liters. cargo or Skoda Octavia Combi – 610-1740 liters.


Worthy of respect for a set of power units offered for wagon – both diesel and gasoline.

  • Diesel engines represented 1.6-liter. (Depending on the settings – 90 or 105 hp); 2.0-liter. (150 hp 320 Nm), consuming 4.1 liters; as well as the 2.0 liter. (184 hp, 350 Nm) expenses 4.3 liters. All diesel engines have the Brake Energy Regeneration system and start-stop systems.
  • The starting of gasoline powertrains became 1.2 liters. (With different settings or developing 86 105 hp), which is the most powerful version in the presence of a start-stop system, brake energy regeneration system, consumes 4.9 liters. fuel in komborezhime.
  • The engines of 1.4 liters. adjusted for the issuance of 122 hp or 140 hp, having substantially the same flow rate when driving in komborezhime – about 5.3 liters.
  • The next was the 1.8 liter gasoline engines among. power unit (180 hp, 250 Nm) created for the sports car variant FR. The most powerful gasoline engine has 256 hp – It is designed for all-wheel drive 2020 Seat Leon Cupra ST.

All engines are aggregated with 5-6 stupas. ILAC or 6-7 stupas. Automatic transmission. The configuration of the rear suspension wagon varies, depending on the type of engine – the engine for 150 hp behind set semidependent torsion beam, more powerful versions get mnogoryichazhka. Front suspension for the same types of cars – used MacPherson struts.

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The most expensive modification of the FR and ST wagon, equipped with adaptive sports chassis, providing 5-five operating modes (Eco, Normal, Sport, Individual, Comfort). Note that not only can change the parameters of the shock absorbers and steering and who received electric power, as well as the throttle valve response. In addition, it provides for the installation of adaptive cruise control, running at speeds of 30-160 km / h.

2020 Seat Leon ST – photo

Sales in Russia SEAT Leon ST – model year should appear near the end of this year, the same will be called and the value of the new wagon. To determine the approximate price of new items, just look at the already sold we hatchback, for which the asking from 639,990 rubles. – Hardly wagon costs increase by more than 50 000 rubles.