2020 Seat Leon Cupra

New Car 2020 Seat Leon Cupra should appear in showrooms next month (March), he was officially present at the Geneva Motor Show. However, a few months earlier in the network leaked information about a new product, and we were able to observe and photograph the appearance of the interior design. Just wide user became known specifications of the machine, which, without false modesty, has surprised many. Newbie Leon Cupra can accelerate to 250 km / h, and overcomes the hundred in only 6 seconds! Very bad, and for many fans of fast driving the 2020 Seat Leon Cupra can become a good alternative to other high-speed models.

Price and equipment. In Europe, sales will begin in May go, and the price of the new Cupra will be half a million rubles and above. The basic package will include engine with 265 “horses” under the hood and a 6-step “mechanics”. The top of the equipment boasts a 280 strong unit and robotic gearbox DSG. However, any version of the 2020 Seat Leon Cupra is different enviable shustrosti, and on the road to catch up with this baby will not be so easy.

However, the manufacturers follow the golden rule, when the buyer decides for himself, what he needs and what is not. The car is presented in eight configurations, where you can determine not only the look of your future car (three-door or five), but the scope and power of the engine and gearbox.

2020 Seat Leon Cupra photo

Appearance and size of the new Leon Cupra car almost copy of its predecessor, but high rates of acceleration dynamics and, of course, forced the Spanish producers to make some changes. So Cupra received a powerful front bumper with air intakes and rear spoiler that helps to keep him on the road at high speeds. Grille has become wider, fog lights have been replaced with lamps of head light with high-power LEDs.

2020 Seat Leon Cupra photo

In general, any of the versions of the Leon Cupra -go lineup looks stylish and truly sporty. The streamlined body speaks volumes that the speed is not an obstacle, and the more the better for it. In this still it indicates that the machine is equipped with a sports exhaust system and has two chrome tailpipes.

2020 Seat Leon Cupra Photo salon

The interior of the new Leon Cupra will not leave anyone indifferent and will appreciate quality materials, rich equipment and ergonomics. Chairs designed for fast driving, it is no wonder the extreme line of the speedometer froze at an impressive 300 kilometers per hour. In the presence of the same 5.8-inch screen control, which helps to customize navigation, multimedia and convenience to use parking assistant. Salon trimmed with perforated leather and Alcantara, however, as the steering wheel.

In the basic configuration the vehicle can also offer LED interior lighting, front differential lock, ABC EBD braking system, dual-zone climate control, electric power steering, sports DCC chassis stabilization system when climbing steep slopes and more.

2020 Seat Leon Cupra photo dashboard

Those who will be the lucky owner of Leon Cupra new, can be proud to call himself not so much by motorists, many pilots after filling their new monster allows it. Pedal to the floor, and kilometers rushing past with dazzling speed, if they do not, if they are at all conventional. But for those who prefer a more relaxed ride, manufacturers as well taken care of, adding just three modes: “Comfort”, “Sport” and “cupra”, which will help to set up the machine response to your immediate needs. Having a sports start, Leon Cupra with all of this is not lost of the practicality for which he valued many fans of good-quality cars. The machine can accompany you in a relaxed family trip, and on the racetrack, where everything is decided by your reaction, and how many “horses” under the hood of your unit.

Specifications. Spanish hatchback is equipped with an upgraded 4-cylinder, two-liter engine TSI. Depending on the selected mode, the car can produce different power, but in general the twin-turbo provides the acceleration of the base body to hundred in 5.9 seconds, while the more popular models to cope with the task faster. Fuel consumption at the same time pleases the soul: according to the manufacturer it will not exceed 7 liters in the combined cycle, if you follow the recommendation of the system. Also, the 2020 Seat Leon Cupra can be called ecological car, because it conforms to Euro 5th series. So if you are concerned about not only the speed, reliability and comfort, but also the environment that is your choice.