2020 Seat Ibiza

It is known that the presentation of the current generation 2020 Seat Ibiza in took place in 2008. Today, we present an overview of the last restyling, which SEAT Ibiza came in . Note that the recent changes that are taking the car, in the long run are the facelift – minor cosmetic updates.

Quite a long time elapsed between the last update (almost four years), it can be easily explained – Ibiza they just did not need, because sales of the model were very good. However, as time went on, and gradually began to breathe in the back of such eminent rivals like Volkswagen Polo in , the Ford the Fiesta in , as well as of Skoda the Fabia .

At first glance at the car quite difficult to determine what changes were made cars. Only after a while you begin to notice the changes that have occurred with the front part, and that, thanks to the general view, not a separate memorable detail. However, we can say with confidence that now 2020 Seat Ibiza has become more athletic and recognizable.

COMPONENTS feysliftingovogo 2020 Seat Ibiza remains the same (the appearance of new variants and no one counted) three and five door hatchbacks and wagon Ibiza ST. It was announced and updated quite popular 2020 Seat Ibiza Cupra, but most likely, the manufacturer expects to see the first results from the renovation of three best-selling models.

2020 Seat Ibiza photo

In front of the car the most notable changes were the bumper – that it makes cars more aggressive; as well as the front bi-xenon headlights – they are somewhat increased in size and received more elongated shape. Grille was largely intact, all the other elements remain the same. On the side note, you can only become more aggressive wheels.

2020 Seat Ibiza photos

the rear of the changes is even more noticeable: some changed bumper design and lanterns in a somewhat different form. However, a clear line of steel body, deprived of the former angularity. In general, even during minor facelift 2020 Seat Ibiza demonstrates the focus on youth social group most potential buyers.

Photo salon

Note that the spaciousness of the interior of the three options presented cars to put it mildly, is not impressive, but expect more from the always famous for its small size cars, it would be illogical, and the nearest competitors can not be called more roomy. In general distress in the back row, it stands out Ibiza five-door luggage compartment dimensions and three-door variants have volumes of 292 and 284 liters, respectively. Note 2020 Seat Ibiza ST, the standard volume of which the trunk is 430 liters. With folded seats this figure reaches essential for Class 1164 liters.

Trunk volume Ibiza

Against the background of light exterior changes are more noticeable changes in the cabin – the majority of its components are more expensive (at least – visually). Familiar strict outlines smooths larger number of colors available design options, and appeared on the dashboard monitor left the most pleasant experience – its purpose is to derive the data of the navigation system. Note and a good quality of media – even in the initial configuration, the system shows a very decent sound quality and is compatible with various devices. More advanced versions are equipped with a full on-board computer is also quite decent quality. In accordance with the stated focus on “Sports”, and changed the wheel – it has become more athletic, like a block, adjusts the climate control.


Technical characteristics of the basic version 2020 Seat Ibiza is modest: 1,2l. petrol power unit has received a total of 60 hp power, which nevertheless is quite enough for a small avtomobilchika. For a small fee you can get a turbocharged TSI: the first of which is at a similar volume has almost doubled the increased power – 105 hp, cool. torque 175 Nm, and thus is very economical – consumption of only 5.1 liters per 100 km. The next unit was 1.4 liters volume, and as much as 150 hp power, which together with the new automatic transmission DSG 2020 Seat Ibiza lets you show the most that neither is a sports performance: acceleration to the first hundred cars will require 8 seconds! Given a maximum speed of 212 km / h, the car, albeit with some reservations, can be attributed to the category of sports cars.

2020 Seat Ibiza

For restyled Ibiza provided and diesel powertrains that stand a good economy. Diesels available two 1.2 liter capacity of 75 hp, and 2 liters of issuing 143 horsepower.. Last on the dynamic characteristics of the just slightly inferior to the powerful gasoline sibling: the maximum speed is 210 km / h, to the manufacturer consumption of 4.6 liters per 100km. The most economical diesel engine model called TDI Ecomotive. It is equipped with the system Start / Stop, which allows you to consume only 3.4 liters of fuel per 100 km.

Options offered for the new 2020 Seat Ibiza transmissions are also very diverse, and able to meet almost all arising questions – available 5-and 6-speed gearbox. We should also note the presence of the seven-speed gearbox, having a dual-clutch – it is available in more expensive models.

Video Test Drive

Driving performance of the models 2020 Seat Ibiza a little surprised: suspension became too tight, which, however, is fully consistent with the positioning of the models in the sports line.


On the territory of the Russian Federation 2020 Seat Ibiza is sold exclusively with petrol engines. Note democratic enough and the price – the most affordable option of car can be purchased for 550 thousand rubles.. (Reference grade). Price more advanced 2020 Seat Ibiza – Style, begins with a mark of 600 thousand rubles. for the most prestigious 2020 Seat Ibiza FR will have to pay 900 thousand rubles.