2020 RRolls-Royce Ghost Series II

Two and a half tons of ultra luxury and power, available only to the chosen. Tradition and quality, the ability to ignore any comparisons. The car of a perfect world and a perfect life – 2020 RRolls-Royce Ghost Series II .

Due to the unprecedented success of 2020 RRolls-Royce Ghost models, sales of which started in 2010, the British brand is ready to increase the volume of sales and “releases” to market the second generation of the ideal and exclusive Ghost.

The appearance remained without radical changes. The company has retained the classic shape of the machine. In front, a British “ghost” has received a little more expressive and slightly obsessive grille. Modified lights are surrounded by a frame of LED daytime running lights, additional “cilia” at the bottom. Another feature of the Ghost Series II was a small “channel”, squeezed in the middle of the hood. Silhouette appearing when you look at the side of the vehicle can be put into words noble and pedantic. The back portion has a classic brand for outlines: taillights that resemble diamonds, trapezoidal “covers” the pipes of the exhaust system and high trunk line.

Inside the cabin of the Royal 2020 RRolls-Royce have been some changes. New features inherited from the BMW , IDrive system c a huge touch screen, “drowned” in the back of the center console. To the right of the screen, behind the glass installed analogue clock with the symbolic name «Ghost». The classic elements of interior steel tumblers and driver’s dashboard. You should pay on the steering wheel, which has a thin rim and decorated with black wood manual processing.

Rear passengers are surrounded by care and comfort: a fully duplicated controls infotainment system and climate control system. Immediately there is a small table and an LCD display to the passenger that displays any information. The seats are equipped with a massage function, and under his feet covered with “carpet” from sheep’s wool. To the road could be heard a little “punch” the noise of the wheels, Ghost is equipped with 18-speaker premium audio system.

An impressive creation is hidden under the hood of the Rolls Royce Ghost Series II – 6,6-liter V12 engine with twin turbos. This “monster” issue monumental 563 horsepower power and 780 Nm of torque, which is already available from 1500 rpm. This muscular butler dispersed to hundred for 5 seconds, and top speed is 250 km / h which is electronically limited for security reasons. It works in tandem with the engine smooth 8-speed automatic transmission.

Since the launch of new products, the company expects to sell a record 4,000 cars a year. This car is pleasant to contemplate and manage it. However, this level of luxury is able to offer the Audi the S8 , which stands at 230 000 USD less. In this respect the company’s slogan is very simple and self-assured – either you want to have this car or not, and no more compromises.

2020 RRolls-Royce Ghost Series II (video)