2020 RRolls-Royce Dawn

Ideal “cut” convertible to a warm and sunny weather on the coast of California. Your personal “Dawn”, built on the base coupe Wraith. Meet and uncompromising luxury – 2020 RRolls-Royce Dawn in .

Unusual “canvas” of the company 2020 RRolls-Royce made its debut at the Frankfurt M

otor Show. Like a beacon of hope, called “Dawn», 2020 RRolls-Royce designed to conquer the highest light.

At first glance, it seems that the car is a replica of the British coupe Wraith. But actually it is not. The converted convertible Dawn on 80% consists of new body parts. The doors were a little moved, “monolithic” grille recessed by 45 mm, while the lower part of the front bumper has been extended by 53 mm. The car retains the traditional vertical and horizontal lines, as well as the impressive headlights with LED “aura” around them. Sideways, the beautiful design of Dawn complement 20-inch wheels (optionally available 21-dyuymvye wheel), aluminum edging of windows and smooth shape of the body. Waist deep blue convertible shows a pair of trapezoidal exhaust pipes and a pair of elegant headlights, similar to diamonds. Quietly and silently in just 22 seconds, “on stage” automatically appears fabric roof, which consists of six layers thick.

Inside, the Rolls Royce Dawn is equipped with all the same benefits of technology and luxury, as the Wraith and Ghost. Interior made of soft but durable leather, complemented by accents of expensive Yachting wood. In front, the instrument panel is made in a classic style, many of the controls are represented shiny, aluminum tumblers. On the center console on the passenger side are analog clock. The interior fit 4 people. To get to the rear seats is very easy and it does not necessarily jump through the “board” of the car.

Under the hood is “inspirational” 6.6-liter V12 engine with 563 hp power and torque of 780 Nm. Collected by hand, power unit allows you to overclock 2.5-ton convertible up to 250 km / h. In this case acceleration to the first hundred takes 4.9 seconds. Motor Works in tandem with the 8-speed ZF automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system is connected.

The new convertible 2020 RRolls-Royce Dawn is committed to excellence in everything and is very seductive car, for someone who has extra 25.5 million rubles.

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