2020 Renault Twingo – the third generation of the compact Frenchman

Compact city cars are gaining more and more popularity. global market trend is that consumers are in need of such a vehicle. At the same time, the growth of the proposals, that is, the emergence of new players in this segment, logical and necessary.

It is unlikely that major automakers will want to stand on the sidelines while their main competitors released a CD for a compact, and win back the tendency of customers to their side.

In the role of catch-up and does not want to be 2020 Renault. As a result, at the Geneva Motor Show we saw a brand new 2020 Renault Twingo – year is already the third generation. This is a stylish, fun little car, which received a number of updates and innovations. At least for the French automaker. Because today we want to get acquainted in detail with the 2020 Renault Twingo, learn about its innovations, to see from all sides on the exterior, to look into the interior, as well as discuss the specifications.


Interest in the new product is justified. The fact that it is not just the work of specialists from 2020 Renault. In the development of third-generation Twingo took a direct part of the Daimler-master. And this, as you know, is not the last player of the modern automobile. That is why to study Twingo becomes twice as interesting.

Exterior turned out pretty interesting, though less futuristic than concepts, based on which to build a car. You can estimate 2020 Renault Twingo – year, seeing the photo and video materials. Well, it looks neat, slightly playful, friendly and even a modicum of sport.

2020 Renault Twingo photo

The front part was a beautiful teardrop optics, a large label manufacturer in the form of a rhombus, and a narrow trim grille that blends perfectly with the large solid bumper. By the way, if the bumper smiling at us, and see their tiny eyes, ie fog lamps. Interestingly, daytime running lights set apart from the main optics. They are built into the bumper and created on the basis of light-emitting diodes.

2020 Renault Twingo photo

If you look at the representative class side, we get a nice image that fit the dimensions of the car wheel arches, door dimensions selected good, interesting alloy wheels, small overhangs. It is important to note that the 2020 Renault Twingo engine located not traditionally been front and rear. That is, do not be deceived these lines, hinting at the location of the front of the engine compartment. He’s not there.

Detect door handles will be quite difficult, because the designers have tried to make them as invisible. Go and do not understand that this is a five-door hatchback, as one can see only the handles on the front doors.

New 2020 Renault Twingo photo

The rear bumper is performed in a sports powerful, we gave an impressive diffuser, spoiler added to the tailgate, and completed the entire process of creating an elegant aft optics.

Features shape of the body allowed to make space within it as comfortable as possible, to ensure as much as possible useful volume.

The buyer has the opportunity to choose one of four variants of body color. Yes, like it is not so much, but in fact it is quite enough. So your 2020 Renault Twingo – year can be yellow, white, red or blue.

What are the dimensions of this kid from France? Let’s see:

  • length – 3590 mm
  • width – 1640 millimeters
  • height – 1550 mm
  • wheelbase – 2490 mm.


About the interior can say a lot. Generally fine name it is hardly necessary, as some fanciful solutions is not here. All aesthetic, concise, simple and clear. In all of this, the salon was surprisingly comfortable and functional. Quite a lot of attention was paid to the arrangement of the driver’s seat, because here you can observe a number of different containers, shelves, cupholders and other compartments for different things, one way or another may require the driver or passengers. Imagine, if you put together all of these volume-shelves of boxes, you get 53 liters of space.

Photos 2020 Renault Twingo saloon

The driver and front passenger can enjoy the anatomical seat with a large enough margin space. That is not necessarily to be miniaturized in order to fit on this place. Do not forget about a class question. So do not be surprised that behind you expect not too much space. Sit here one can be without problems, but two adults will experience some discomfort from the lack of space in the legs and over his head. Rather, it is a place for children.

2020 Renault Twingo photo of the interior

From the driver’s seat overlooking the compact but very comfortable and functional steering wheel, instrument panel with good readability and informative, the big screen on-board computer, a small but comfortable unit for controlling the climatic systems.

Do not be afraid to open the hood and did not find the motor there. Go behind. Open the door. What, again, I can not see anything? Of course, because the engine is located directly below the recess of the trunk. Perhaps this had an impact on its volume, which is a modest 219 liters.

Photo tailgate 2020 Renault Twingo the year

Unfortunately, the outcome regarding the interior is not very comforting. Everything seems like a good idea, but there are some points that spoil the impression. First of all, it is striking the poor quality of materials used. It seems that the French did their best to save. As a result, we face a poor and creaky plastic armrests uncomfortable, not very comfortable lounge, where a driver will be comfortable and front passenger, and even then not very much. Summed up in this regard, the French, what can I say.


Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, but this car we will not. So far, at least, 2020 Renault company has no plans to begin formal delivery of its compact hatchback 2020 Renault Twingo to the territory of Russia.

Consequently, about packaging for our market we can not say anything. If we take into account the European variants of equipment, there buyers now complain that the basic version of the equipment is very stingy, almost nothing of what I would like to get a modern car owner with adequate requirements with respect to their cars.


As already noted, in Russia it will not hatch. In the autumn we should start selling in Europe. Here, the manufacturer, according to preliminary data, ask from buyers of 9500 pounds.

It was the sum cost base version of the car. It is known that nothing intelligent will not be included in this most basic version. Therefore, a more or less equipped with the 2020 Renault Twingo third generation will have to pay extra, optional take that many manufacturers without problems to provide standard equipment. Well, such a marketing approach, the company 2020 Renault. We can only accept and hope that in the end they come to their senses.


If we talk about the technical characteristics, there is no special claims. This is because the engines are good, modern and comply with the Euro 6 emissions level.

Yes, they can not be called strong. And there is no need at such a small size and weight to set engines under the hood and a large amount of power.

As a result, 2020 Renault Twingo – year will receive two engines to choose from buyers. Each of them is equipped with start-stop system. Apparently, already in the database, for which we say thank you to the French automaker.

  1. Its capacity is 70 horsepower, and torque – 91 Nm.
  2. The second motor and gasoline, but its volume is already 0.9 liters. This turbocharged engine that allows you to issue a 90 horsepower and 135 Nm of torque.

Operate engines mated to a manual 5 or 6 degrees.


Well, we met with the third-generation 2020 Renault Twingo, and can draw certain conclusions. The car looks to be interesting, it is a credit to the company and its Daimler-specialists are likely. Of course, 2020 Renault also made great efforts, but might try a little more. In any case, recent reviews of the owners will be able to understand completely, I get the best compact city hatchback or as a failure.

With such an interesting appearance, interior anyhow assembled. Poor quality materials, uncomfortable and cramped back row, no original solutions in interior design. Body of four-plus, but the cabin for three and a minus.