2020 Renault Talisman : price and equipment, video test drive


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The French company 2020 Renault presented its new business-class sedan. The car was named 2020 Renault Talisman. Information about the new product has appeared on the Internet, although the official premiere of the plan to organize in the framework of the international motor show in Frankfurt. That is, in September this year.

Photo new sedan 2020 Renault Talisman year

To create a large sedan used a modular platform, developed jointly by 2020 Renault and Nissan. Four sedan 2020 Renault Talisman refers to the European class D. In fact, the model will replace the market is already quite outdated sedan third generation Laguna.

(Teaser Video)

2020 Renault Talisman Shikartnaya appearance

Outside the car is really respectable, fully meets the modern business class. The entire perimeter of the body there was a place expressive vyshtampovki, edges, creating the effect of a muscle on the doors, the bonnet, wings and so on.

Picture 2020 Renault Talisman Front

The front end is a lot like the new generation Espace models. There is almost a similar headache LED optics, copious amounts of chrome highlights, as well as a great producer emblem in the center of the radiator grille trim. Trim bumper complement the compact boomerangs daytime running lights, and round fog lights. Of course, there has not been without LEDs.

Talisman photo Side

Side car looks brightly and confidently, like a true American maslkar. Large wheel arches, elegant alloy wheels from 16 to 19 inches, large doorways, domed roof, compact food. It would be possible for something to find fault, but do not see any reason to criticize the appearance.

Photo 2020 Renault Talisman back

Feed is decorated with delicate position lamps, which look great even in daylight. In the evening only increases the charm. Branch pipes integrated into the bumper, tailgate provides easy loading and unloading of luggage.

In short, we have a chic appearance a car that certainly surpassed all components of its predecessor.

As for dimensions, the company has not yet provided the relevant data.

High-quality interior Talisman

After seeing the official photos and video materials exterior, you can look in the salon. This opportunity Reno also kindly provided well before the official premiere.

Photo salon 2020 Renault Talisman

The interior space is designed for five people, including the driver. Interior is made of high quality materials, the assembly at a high level of decorative elements in the measure.

Front seats

Free space is more than enough. No wonder the car is positioned as a business class model. As a result, the landing will be free, the place above his head and feet with a margin. Especially for people of average height.


As for the trunk, it is impressive in its volume – 608 liters. Plus he interior is filled with all kinds of drawers, sections, pockets, the total of which amounted to 25 liters.


Multifunctional steering wheel, modern instrument panel, center console with full touch screen – all this is a mandatory component of the interior of the new sedan 2020 Renault Talisman year.

Options Talisman

The exact list of possible configuration options and additional equipment company representatives 2020 Renault have not yet sounded. Nevertheless, they provided a list of “tokens” that the client can get a basic or as an option:

  • Head-Up Display;
  • digital instrument panel with display 7 inches;
  • audio system with a 4.2-inch display (as standard);
  • modern multimedia system with a horizontal touch screen 7-inch or 8.7;
  • voice command recognition system;
  • heated front seats;
  • ventilated front seats;
  • electric front seat adjustment;
  • massager;
  • navigation system;
  • phone;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • system connecting smartphones;
  • premium audio system 13 speakers;
  • Leather Nappa leather;
  • decorative inserts made of wood;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • emergency braking system automatically;
  • Keeping a traffic lane;
  • tracking system for the blind zones;
  • assistance system when driving in traffic with automatic troll;
  • Assist parking forward and reverse;
  • electric handbrake;
  • system of adaptive head optics work and so on.

The price of the new sedan 2020 Renault Talisman in Russia

As for the price, in this respect the company 2020 Renault has decided to keep the information. The cost of a sedan will be announced closer to the fall.

But we know that in Europe the car will sell after the completion of the international motor show in Frankfurt. The first car will have, most likely, the French, and in the months of October and November the novelty will disperse through official dealers’ sales in other European countries.

Speaking of Russia, it is not reported as to whether 2020 Renault is going to realize its 2020 Renault Talisman on this market. Apparently, our fellow citizens would be interested in such a sedan. Especially if the price will be democratic.

Specifications 2020 Renault Talisman year

Now it’s time to talk about what kind of specifications has provided for its business-class sedan French car manufacturer 2020 Renault.

To begin with, the car is equipped with a special Multi-Sense system. With it you can choose the optimal mode of movement in any given situation, adjust the steering operation, the engine, gearbox, suspension and so on.


In addition, this system is responsible for the operation of the brakes, the sound emitted by the powertrain, climate control, color schemes for the instrument panel, interior lights, and so on. There are five modes from economical to sporting Eco Sport. Plus one mode allows you to customize everything. He called Perso. It is not difficult to guess why.

As for powertrains, they will be five – two petrol and three diesel. They fully comply with the Euro 6 standards.


  • The base diesel with 1.5-liter produces 110 horsepower. It works in conjunction with a six-speed manual gearbox with two clutch discs;
  • Next in the hierarchy of the engine with the 1.6-liter produces 130 horsepower. It can be equipped with six-speed mechanics or dedicated six robot;
  • The most powerful engine also has a volume of 1.6 liters, but is equipped with TwinTurbo system. Due to this, the power increased to 160 horsepower. Responsible for the distribution of its six-speed manual transmission with two clutch disks or dedicated six robot.


  1. Junior petrol engine with 1.6-liter boasts some good 150 horsepower under the hood. Complete with motor uncontested robotised gearbox on seven stages and with two clutches.
  2. The top engine with a similar volume of 1.6 liters produces a solid 200 horsepower. Transmission also has no alternative – semidiapazonny robot with two clutches.

Video test drive 2020 Renault Mascot


Well, the car produces a very positive impression. It all started with an attractive appearance, continued to be as interesting and well-organized interior. Plus, obviously the positive aspects include the packaging and specifications.

Customers will be able to choose what they like more – efficiency or speaker. Although all the motors, regardless of power promise to demonstrate moderate appetite and good dynamic characteristics. Learn to another bidder. After all, this is largely predetermine the 2020 Renault Talisman success in the market.