2020 Renault Kangoo – Newbie versatile van

Year of birth is the 2020 Renault Kangoo 1997, when he was born, and only 11 years later, the concern of 2020 Renault has released a new, second generation of this popular model. In Russia, this car became officially available only in 2010.

“Heel” (so nicknamed by the owners) increased slightly in dimensions: in length were added 178mm (4213mm), width increased to 159mm (and became 1829mm), height increased by 39mm (to 1839mm) and wheelbase 2697mm (adding 92mm) . The luggage compartment has increased to 660 liters, and if you remove the rear seats, its size is equal to 2866 liters.

External changes 2020 Renault Kangoo the second generation affected slightly. This is reflected only in the design of the front optics, which is more modern and elegant, plus a bumper changed little. Silhouette Body remained almost unchanged, as well as the rear doors, which are opened by their biasing (memorable, it’s a van and this decision is absolutely applicable).

With regard to changes in the cabin of the second generation of this machine, there is a manufacturer of the following: a completely different design of the front panel, – the original decision as an additional pad to the dashboard, information boards and climate control system. Add to this location (similar to minivans), the center console is almost parallel to the floor line (this made it possible to arrange a check point handle in the vicinity of the steering wheel). Armchairs for front passengers were improved lateral support, which has a positive impact on the overall ergonomics.

2020 Renault Kangoo 2 Multivariance use provided by a large range of variation of the rear seating position and the large number of niches, recesses, and drawers for small items. For European consumers group 2020 Renault offers a large range of engine choices, but 2020 Renault Kangoo specifications for the Russian market to narrow the selection of only one, 1.6-liter gasoline unit with 84 horses, plus a five-step mechanics.

2020 Renault Kangoo price

When picking Authentique 2020 Renault Kangoo price is 615 thousand. Rubles. In this case, this equipment includes driver airbag, power steering, adjustable steering column, electric front windows and central locking.

For richer in picking Expresinn version have already put 685 thousand rubles, and for the money, the manufacturer will add the car as follows:. ABS, airbag for the front passenger, rain sensors and light, kondishn, on-board computer, audio system, electric glass, plus electric heating seats for front passengers.

2020 Renault Kangoo photos

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