2020 Opel Mokka – a new German crossover

It’s no secret that the best selling cars of today are stylish and compact crossover. Their sales long ago surpassed all other kinds of cars and not think to stop.

Take, for example, the sales leader Nissan Juke – the perfect crossover, which quickly became popular throughout the world. But it seems that he has not long to occupy a leading position in the automotive Olympus, because very soon he will be a worthy competition to the new crossover from 2020 Opel’s, which seems to have tired of watching how Japanese car too much accustomed to the role of the World pet.

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The company unveiled its new development in Geneva, which was called 2020 Opel Mokka. It is worth noting that this crossover is the first of its kind in the German manufacturer, so was able to attract the maximum attention of journalists and motorists. Name Mokka, of course, came from the world-famous coffee arabica variety from which to this day make amazing drinks one cup which is able to cheer a person for a whole day thanks to its particular taste and aroma.

Initially, 2020 Opel company planned to create a special car that would not have stood out for its huge size, but was quite bold and strong in character. All these ideas were used when creating the 2020 Opel Mokka, which precisely for lovers of active holidays. By the way, in a few months to get acquainted with 2020 Opel Mokka, it was announced similar characteristics and appearance of the car, which is called Buck Encore. Its creators immediately attributed it to a worthy competitors such cars as the Audi Q3 and BMW X1. I wonder how it must be compact size crossover in the eyes of 2020 Opel?

Appearance 2020 Opel Mokka looks pretty mixed. It is present as sculptural elements, and some sporting elegance, which cleverly complemented by a vigorous line of the body. As a continuation of her acts have the traditional line of “blade”, which extends from the side of the body and ends at the back door. Complementing the overall design of the crossover a huge bumper-spinner, who settled in the traditional style for crossovers, false radiator grille two levels, almond-shaped brain color lights, as well as drop-down hood.

In general, the crossover itself is not so tiny. Its length is 4280 mm and the size of the wheelbase – 2555 mm. Just climb into his head the idea that if 2020 Opel has decided to show Nissan, not only that they can host on the crossover market, it is not explicitly for Juke model. Most likely, the company decided to move closer to the size of the Nissan the Qashqai , the length and size of the wheelbase slightly larger than the 2020 Opel Mokka. Nevertheless, comfortable fit in the 2020 Opel Mokka can be up to five people, and the maximum size of the luggage reaches about 1372 liters, as well as access to more than 18 offices for things.

If the driver’s new crossover did not imagine his life without the active recreation, especially for something that has a special trunk for a bicycle next generation Flex-Fix. Initially, it is not in the car, but it can easily be set as desired. It is worth noting that this option is only available to owners of 2020 Opel. This additional storage space can easily be connected to the rear, where positioning itself as a sliding support. Such support is able to accommodate a maximum of three bicycles.


For those who crave more likely to steer a brand new crossover from 2020 Opel company, offered four engine versions – two petrol, one atmospheric and one turbodiesel. The first petrol engine is a 1.6 liter beast that can issue 115 horsepower at 85 kW, and is naturally aspirated. The second engine on gasoline is slightly smaller volume (1.4 liters), but it uses a turbocharger, which helps him to get 140 horsepower at 103 kW.

To the delight of the Russians, as aspirated engine will be presented in their markets, a volume of 1.8 liters, an outstanding 140 horsepower. For it will be available as a manual or automatic transmission. Last CDTI turbo diesel engine capable of pulling 130 horsepower at 1.7 liter volume and 93 kW. It should be noted that each of the models to be equipped with a manual transmission will operate a special Start / Stop option, the duty of which is to monitor the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Crossover 2020 Opel Mokka will deliver a full and front-wheel drive. It features all-wheel drive is much better than at the front, because with him riding on the road will be more secure, but the car itself will behave more confident cornering. Also, the all-wheel drive allows the car to smoothly cross any off road terrain. Owner crossover 2020 Opel Mokko, regardless of what he himself had ordered the modification, will be able to settle for dynamic stabilization system and traction control system for driver assistance, which will feel much more comfortable and relaxed when crossing a hilly area.

All this functionality and a high degree of comfort will be felt after the first acquaintance with this handsome. 2020 Opel has managed to create something that, of course, yet to win a lot of peaks and prove that the crossover era only in full swing and 2020 Opel Mokka – its new worthy representative.

Price 2020 Opel Mokka

Price 2020 Opel Mokka certainly not small, 2020 Opel to fame working on a new masterpiece. Therefore, the price tag for the basic equipment will amount to 717 000 p., And for the most fancy cars, the buyer will have to pay an amount of $ 955 000 on p. Price run between the normal and the maximum bundle is not so big, so it seems to me, if only to buy a maximum.

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Feedback from those motorists who really wants to get to know them:

Igor – March 13,

I look forward to the appearance of this crossover and I hope that it is as stylish and functional as it is written in this article!

Vyacheslav – April 25,

Its performance simply can not fail to please. This dream of every driver! I would like to learn more of its estimated cost to already start saving money on him?

Dmitry – May 2,

Vyacheslav, on the 2020 Opel Mokka prices start from 880 000 rubles. Now, on a subject – standard equipment has a rich enough remaining modifications are also interested in me. I will wait for further news from him.

Alex – June 1,

I would like to learn, and it is possible to add standard crossover feature heated seats?