2020 Opel Karl – the most affordable new car in the line producer

If previously the most affordable car in its production portfolio was considered a model of 2020 Opel Corsa, is now on the “post” will take a new car, which was called Karl.

The origin of the name is quite logical. Carl was named one of the founder’s sons 2020 Opel. Like this. We note only that in the UK the name will not be used. For this market the novelty called Vauxhall Viva. With what it is connected it is not explained.

At the beginning of December, the first time the public was able to see firsthand the novelty of the German company. Nevertheless, the event was restricted, and the information disclosed manufacturers are not as many as we would like. The official debut is scheduled for March next year. It was then held traditional annual auto show in Geneva, gathering a lot of spectators and journalists. Obviously, this is where you can get detailed information about the new items.

In the meantime, we focus on what the company has declassified most, and it was possible to find reporters who visited the first presentation.


Appearance at 2020 Opel Karl turned out pretty interesting. In the photo and video materials you can personally verify this.

2020 Opel Karl photo

The front part was interesting, as if smiling oncoming car trim grille with a large chrome bar in the middle and a label company in the heart. Compact hood has a nice line vyshtampovki, and optics encouraging. In a rather powerful bumper fog lights are located, in shape resembling a human eye.

2020 Opel Karl photo

Side view makes it clear that a compact machine. But this did not prevent designers to insert dovlno large doors, which greatly facilitates getting in and out of the driver and all passengers. Neat exterior mirrors, a large glass front row and more compact rear.

2020 Opel Karl – photo back

Behind mention stylish and neatly made optics, bumper lean and compact enough to tailgate. However, the upload and download of things it will be, according to preliminary estimates, it is quite convenient.

About the overall performance is almost no data. We only know that the body length is 3680 mm, and a curb weight does not exceed the mark of 900 kilograms.


2020 Opel Karl Saloon car turned out quite interesting and rich. Thus, a stylish multi-function steering wheel allows the driver to comfortably maneuver and include the necessary functions on the steering wheel, without being distracted from driving. Before his eyes is an interesting form of the instrument panel with chrome surround. The data is read without problems, the backlight does not press on the eye.

Photo 2020 Opel Karl saloon

The center console is quite small, but there still was a place for the necessary equipment and the placement of all required controls. Apparently, 2020 Opel will offer as equipping multimedia display with touch controls. Whether he will be the base option, or else will have to pay for it – is not yet clear.

Front seats get comfortable with marked lateral support. Due to a rather wide interior, even large drivers with a front passenger on board will not touch his shoulders. Places enough and front passenger.

2020 Opel Karl photo salon

According to the 2020 Opel company behind the sofa it has a fairly comfortable accommodation even three passengers. That is all Carl ready to take on board five people. In this component, it can be a fight Hyundai i10, which is leading in the amount of free space at the rear.

In general, the main competitors for 2020 Opel Karl soplatformennika perform the above Korean hatchback – Kia Picanto . Apart from it, the 2020 Opel believes its competitors VW Up and a Fiat Panda.

Options and Prices

As you can imagine, because not yet the official presentation, talk about the equipment of the car too early. Of course, a certain set of Carl 2020 Opel standard equipment will get, but list it does not make sense until I received an official information. We only know that the company will offer to hatch as options:

  • fog lights
  • heated steering wheel
  • heated front seats
  • Cruise control
  • multimedia system
  • Various safety systems.

In this case the manufacturer has managed to solve, for what price will sell its compact hatchback. Although the cost is only preliminary, but interesting. So, for Charles it will need to pay about 10 thousand euros. And this is the starting price. If the new product will reach the Russian market, we can safely cook from 600 thousand rubles.


Through the use of a new global platform from General Motors managed to achieve a serious reserve space inside the cabin. By the way, the same platform may soon apply for the production of Chevrolet Spark new generation. But as stated at the level of assumptions and perspectives.

As for specifications, they will be borrowed from the Adam model. That is, the range of powertrains will be sufficiently broad, and will include a three- and four-cylinder engines.

  • In the role of the base gasoline engine will perform a three-cylinder engine of 1.0 liters of the family EkoTek. Its capacity of 75 horsepower. But this is not confirmed information. On the dynamic characteristics of the manufacturer is silent.
  • According to other sources, the base power unit would be a much more attractive version trehtsidindrovogo engine. It will complement the turbine, which will turn the 75 horsepower of 115 horsepower. Plus torque will be 166 Nm.

If the data on the transport of engines with Adam Carl confirmed, then the line, in addition to the above-mentioned motors, will receive an additional two units of 1.4 liters, which capacity is 87 and 100 horsepower.


2020 Opel Karl – is the company’s commitment to fill the niche of affordable cars. Like it or not, but in terms of our time and taking into account the needs of developing countries, need good, high-quality, attractive and compact enough dynamic, that can be purchased for the modest money.

2020 Opel Karl pictures

In fact, 2020 Opel Karl – year to this category belongs. It is not known whether it has established deliveries to the territory of Russia. It is necessary to wait for March next year when the Geneva Motor Show will be held. There 2020 Opel declassify much more useful data and can make certain conclusions about Karl prospects on the world market and in Russia in particular.