2020 Opel Astra : price, photos, and specifications of the new generation of German car

The company 2020 Opel is going to present a new, now fifth, generation of its Astra model in the international motor show in Frankfurt. The event will be held this fall.


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However, now the official data were published online, allowing all the details tell about the new product for a few months before the premiere.

It is important to note that the creation of 2020 Opel Astra years used a completely new platform, which is called D2XX. By the way, it also forms the basis of another popular cars – Chevrolet Cruze.

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Through it possible to reduce weight by 20 percent and reduce the chassis weight by 50 kilograms compared to its predecessor. The curb weight is also lower than that of Astra J.

Let’s take a closer look at the novelty.

Updated vnshnost Astra

The car is the embodiment of the dynamics, style and ease, it is easily visible in the photo. Not surprisingly, the Astra will have to compete in a very saturated interesting models of class C on each side of the hatchback looks great.

Photos of the new 2020 Opel Astra Front

The front end trim welcomes original grille with an interesting bridge, which connects with the very predatory head optics filled with LEDs. Hood is small enough for an impressive angle, decorated edges. Front bumper gives the sporty character and interesting designed fog lights only added to the exterior of the pros.

The side of the Astra

On the side we see a sloping roofline, rather large windows, large doors, an ideal radius of the wheel arches and original wheels. On the doors and mention the amazing vyshtampovki line. All this is carefully transferred to the stern.

The new Astra rear

The back part was pretty big for a car of the tailgate size, narrowed glazing, a small spoiler at the top, as well as a very nice rear optics.

The impression of the new exterior is very, very positive. See for yourself in the photo and video materials, to personally verify this.


Regarding the dimensions, they have become somewhat less:

Length mm. 4370
Height mm. 1460
Wheelbase mm. 2662

Cabin space 2020 Opel Astra

Changes inside, perhaps even more than the outside. Although the dimensions are smaller, it did not stop to make interior more spacious. Especially noticeable increase in space for the rear passengers.

Photo interior of the new 2020 Opel Astra

Of notable mention new innovations door cards, pens and other armrests, modern and stylish multi-functional steering wheel, modified the dashboard, a completely new front fascia and console in the center, where there is now plenty of buttons as before.

Driver’s seat


They were largely replaced by a large multimedia display. Under it – the block button, to understand the assignment that will any more or less experienced driver.


This is complemented by the excellent quality of finishing materials. Assembling, ergonomics at a very high level, which would be the envy even many business-class sedan.



First, I want to tell more about the matrix system LED optics, which can be purchased as an option. This is a unique development for the B class, and not only. The point is that each lamp consists of 8 LEDs, which operate in conjunction with a camera installed ahead. Matrix system performs analysis of data from the camera and automatically adjusts the intensity of light and the length of the stream. This makes it possible to effectively illuminate the road surface and not blindly riding towards cars.

The blue color

As for equipment, the list available equipment for a long time. Because call options are the most interesting:

  • tracking system for road signs;
  • Keeping a traffic lane;
  • alert system when leaving the traffic lane;
  • for distance tracking system before going ahead of transport;
  • warning system and emergency braking;
  • upgraded parking assistance system;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • tracking system for the blind zones;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • new seats with enhanced ergonomics heated;
  • electrically adjustable in 18 directions of the driver’s seat, ventilation and massage;
  • rear row and so on.

The price of the new Astra

The company 2020 Opel is not officially disclose information about the price. But it is known that the production of the new hatchback will plant in the UK, as well as another company in Poland.

The red and blue color

Home sales are likely to outline at the beginning of next year. Also, it is assumed that from the start of the new Astra will be asked of 17 thousand euros.

This, incidentally, is slightly less than the starting price of its main competitor – the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf.

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Will the 2020 Opel is to impose a real fight – is not yet clear.

Specifications hatchback

As we have said, in technical terms, the car has gone through many changes. The most important thing – it is a new platform, which made the car easier. Hence the increased manageability, agility, through new motor car is now not only faster but also more economical.

power plant

The choice will be offered to buyers range of petrol and diesel powertrains.


The role of the base engine will get the 1.0-liter unit with 105 horsepower. Diesel engines start with a 1.6-liter engine capacity of 95 horsepower.

body Components

We also get a scattering of accelerated versions of the diesel engine. In addition to 95 horsepower, it can give out 140 and 170 horsepower, depending on the performance turbocharging. So diesel engines will, in fact, three.

Petrol versions – this is one embodiment of the 1,4-liter engine capacity of 145 horsepower, as well as the most powerful turbocharged 1.6-liter engine with recoil 200 horsepower.

In the red

As you can see, in the engine compartment 2020 Opel will try to offer as many options to reach a broad audience of customers – from the measured and economical driving fans to those who wish to feel the incredible drive by pressing on the gas pedal.

But there will be three transmissions:

  1. A six-speed mechanics;
  2. Dedicated six robotized transmission;
  3. semidiapazonny DCG robot with two clutches.

Sophisticated aerodynamics

Video Test Drive 2020 Opel Astra


New 2020 Opel Astra , in the body K is incredibly exciting, spirited and modern variation of performance hatchback. The car looks frankly good. No less attractive and modern interior appeared.

Head optics

Also, the manufacturer was pleasantly surprised by bundling, price tags and options for motor selection. All this gives quite a lot of confidence in the potential success of new products. Let’s see, of course, how the public will perceive it as part of the auto show in Frankfurt, as well as the car will be able to live up to expectations. Of course, at the moment we are waiting for a lot of this car.

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