2020 Opel Astra OPS – playful and cheeky kid

Many Russian motorists, and just fans of the brand 2020 Opel aware of the existence of such models as the Astra GTC. It is from this platform of the car received a new 2020 Opel Astra OPC in , which was introduced back in , and sales have started a year later. Today it is still current v

ersion of the sample .

Today we want to introduce you to this interesting car, and try to answer some important and interesting questions. First of all, whether the 2020 Opel Astra OPS their price, and whether the feel like a real racer, or the owner charged, sports car, how it is positioned.

General review promises to be interesting and rich on details. Traditionally, for ourselves, we first examine the exterior of the car, and then look at its interior, will present equipment, the cost, and do not forget the most important – technical parameters.


In the photo and video materials can be seen that the car is attractive, it causes the eyes to rush to his side. His image of the beast lurking fully reflects the essence of 2020 Opel. Well, let’s try to understand this appearance and identify its most strengths.

2020 Opel Astra OPC Photos

Ahead immediately we see a beautiful, aggressive optics and literally a huge bumper, which occupies a large part of the air intake grille. But above situated false radiator grille is very small, especially against the background of the bumper. At the edges of the fairing, you may notice ducts, but this is only decorative elements, which look very, very realistic. Characteristic for a sports car aerodynamic car only adds style and sophistication.

2020 Opel Astra photo ops

On the side, we note the presence of aerodynamic elements, a large door, miniature knobs and well streamlined exterior mirrors. Hollow wheel arches allow to safely place them on the wheel 19 and even 20 inches, while they will look harmonious and beautiful. Of course, if you still choose the drawing wheels correctly.

2020 Opel Astra OPC Photos

Behind we see a big spoiler, a small glass in the tailgate, stylish optics and educated a large bumper.

Customers are able to order the 2020 Opel Astra OPS in one of eight exterior colors. So, immediately offered two versions of white, bright red, dark green, blue, juicy yellow, blue and black. Regardless of the color, the machine will still look amazing. In doing so, we can assure you one hundred percent.

Now it is necessary to talk about the external dimensions of the body 2020 Opel. Here 2020 Opel Astra OPC shows almost complete resemblance to GTC model :

  • length – 4466 mm
  • width – 1840 millimeters
  • height – 1482 mm
  • wheelbase – 2695 mm
  • ground clearance – 135 mm.


But if you look inside and remember how this model Astra J, it immediately becomes clear where the interior is taken. In principle, everything is opelevskie comfortable, harmonious and beautiful. Front panel, instrument panel, center console are made accurately, comfortably, easily readable and easily manageable.

2020 Opel Astra OPC photo salon

The two front seats are unique, that is, their designers have developed specifically for this model. Seats, Buckets passed all the most stringent inspections and tests, and even received high marks from the German Orthopaedic Association. This means that even in such little reclining chairs you will be very comfortable with. The buyer can choose between full and combined leather-trimmed seats. Moreover, the front seats are adjustable in 18 different areas, including the drive has to configure support for thighs and her helpers at the waist.

Interior Photos 2020 Opel Astra OPC interior

We note immediately that adjust the seat – a process not a quick, if you want to do everything with precision into his body. But if you give this issue time, your landing will be a perfect and comfortable as possible, so be sure of this.

The steering wheel is also performed exclusively for the new model, made its anatomically correct place the necessary control buttons to select the optimal size of the radius, so the steering wheel does not seem too big or too small.

We should also be said about the shift knob that sits perfectly in the hand. Linings provided on the pedals of aluminum and rubber, whereby the foot does not slide over the surface.


Of course, the company did not create a single version of its new hatchback charged, and therefore do not expect that in the basic version, you’ll get everything you could wish for in a car. There are several equipment packages that allow the machine to complement the desired components.

For package worth 25 thousand rubles you get:

  • LED lights in the rear lights
  • thresholds
  • spoilers.

For package worth 45 thousand rubles, you can get:

  • heated and power mirrors that also fold
  • adaptive lighting
  • xenon headlights AFL +
  • Rain sensor
  • light sensor.

If you are willing to pay 80 thousand rubles, then be ready to receive:

  • navigator
  • parktronic
  • side airbags, curtain airbags.

There is another option package, the price of which is 150 thousand rubles. It includes:

  1. leather
  2. Infinity audio system
  3. forged wheels radius of 20 inches.


The issue price is quite relevant and is now causing a lot of controversy. Some believe that so much money is only fair to pay for this sporty hatchback, while others believe the pricing policy of the manufacturer completely unjustified.

Either way, you can judge for yourself. We have already called packages of options and their costs. Plus, keep in mind that the starting price for the base version is 1.16 million rubles. On this basis, consider whether the price is fair, or whether the company should be a little swept away the wave appetites.

Photos 2020 Opel Astra OPS

Of course, if reduce the cost, wanting to buy this baby has been charged much used anymore. However, do this, we can not do anything. Dealers have named their price, and you have to decide whether to spend so much money on this 2020 Opel OPS, or look for something more affordable, not less interesting.


We have already met with a daring, aggressive and sporty appearance, looked in an interesting and comfortable cabin, and therefore now is the time to compare it with the capabilities of the machine in technical terms. Let us study the characteristics and understand whether the 2020 Opel Astra OPC is really such a daring and fast, some apparently seems or sports shell hides a mediocre engine.

Yet with the engine all excellent. You could even say great. Under the hood 2020 Opel placed petrol engine with turbo charging, which amounts to just 2.0 liters. But his power is amazing – 280 horsepower. And this despite the small size and weight of the machine. It is completed with this engine monster only a manual six stages. Unfortunately for some, mechanical variator or at least are not provided.

Photo Motor 2020 Opel Astra OPC

And what the same possibilities in the dynamics of the car has with the power unit? To get to the level of one hundred kilometers per hour on the speedometer stylish Astra require only 6 seconds. At the same time before the cut-off of 150 kilometers an hour will take another 5.5 seconds. It will take about 20 seconds from the start, and already shows the speedometer to 200 kilometers per hour.

Interestingly, the manufacturer claimed top speed of 250 kilometers per hour. But the owners have managed to develop the kid charged around 260-270 km / h. Apparently, the Germans equipped OPS e-collar, not willing to put up with the limitations it was removed, with the result that there were all of 270 kilometers per hour.

Pictures 2020 Opel Astra OPC

As part of the test drives experts noted that the car differs a clear response to the gear change, excellent adhesion and very responsive gas pedal. This wheel set is ideal because not throwing the car at high speed, keeping smoothly withdrawn at any speed quickly and gently. If you press the brake pedal, the car will start to brake quickly, accurately, powerfully, and still maintain a remarkable smoothness.

Experts have noticed that 2020 Opel Astra at the amazing technical and dynamic characteristics of the OPC in , the car is very friendly, wonderful obey the driver and shows his cheeky nature, yet it will not be asked about this. And because such a car can be a great move around the city in slow mode and on the road, when every minute or just want to take a ride with the wind, leaving all competitors behind.


So we finished the introduction to this interesting brainchild of the company 2020 Opel. General reviews of the owners have already said everything necessary, but still a few words of his own to add.

This stylish, bold, aggressive appearance and inside the car, which is in fact docile wild animal. The car is doing what he is ordered to, but from the predatory nature of the 2020 Opel Astra OPS still does not go away.

And most importantly – Is the car good value for money? It is. This is justified by the cost of such a machine and all that offers 2020 Opel. Moreover, do not try to save the extra 200 thousand rubles in order to get the charged hatchback in maximum equipment. Over 1.39 million rubles you get a real pleasure.

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