2020 Opel Adam Rocks – hatchback, which became a crossover

German car 2020 Opel Adam enjoys currently severe enough demand. It is because of this manufacturer has decided to release a version of the sport, which was characteristic of the letter S. in its name

But this has not stopped the development of Adam, because 2020 Opel has desired from its hatchback create a subcompact crossover. But still there is to do some refinement. Crossover this car can not be called, even if they wanted to. It is rather a visual adaptation, by means of which the designers wanted to give the car a more daring, ability to conquer more than the city streets.

Despite the somewhat increased ground clearance, send off-road driving a brand new German subcompact still not worth it. But to ride on the streets of the city to study the reaction of others is even worth it.

Appearance – is almost the strongest side 2020 Opel Adam Rocks – year, which makes the car a welcome acquisition for fans of unusual, refined and exclusive cars.

Photo exterior design 2020 Opel Adam Rocks –

Photos 2020 Opel Adam Rocks -, the front

The front part is decorated with a large radiator grille with a large chrome bar and a label maker. For some markets, it provides an 2020 Opel badge, for others – Vauxhall. From this car are not changed. On the powerful front bumper fog lamps enclosed in a chrome surround. The rapid drop-shaped headlights, even somewhat reminiscent of solutions to current versions of Porsche. Small sloping hood, spare ribs, good windshield makes the external perception subcompact very attractive. Yes you do take a look at the photo and video materials, and try not to agree with the fact that the machine has a unique appearance.

Adam Rocks – photo Side

On the side we see characteristic transformed into the likeness of the hatchback crossover plastic skirts in black, which covered not only the edges but also the wheel arches. Inside them, in turn, there was a place for a solid and very original rims. Large side door allows easy fit on the first row, as well as to get to the second row of seats.

The rear of the 2020 Opel Adam Rocks

Rear left attractive. The presence of a compact tailgate, powerful bumpers with all of the same plastic cover, stylish optics and a spoiler with an additional stop signal on the luggage compartment glass allow genuinely astonished at the work done by the designers. The car looks great, anyway.

Special attention deserves the roof. The fact that it is made of material, but very soft and durable. If necessary, the roof moves to the rear uprights on that automation takes only 5 seconds. So this psevdokrossover also has some hints of a convertible.

Photos 2020 Opel Adam Rocks salon –

Saloon car was very bright, but it is quite simple in its execution. But in this case, the word “simple” should be seen as something positive.

The fact that the designers managed with minimal use of buttons and decoration elements to create an unrivaled interior, which has everything you need for a modern and advanced car driver.

Photo salon 2020 Opel Adam Rocks –

Front seats are made very efficiently and accurately. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the important role of the lateral and lumbar support as well as about the convenient location of the head during the trip, which provided an excellent and headrest.

The multifunctional steering wheel has a good grip and original design. Behind it opens eyes on the two large instruments well, which is located between the on-board computer. lighting quality is pleasantly surprising.

Salon 2020 Opel Adam Rocks

The center console includes a multimedia display with touch controls, and buttons to control the various systems of units, including, of course, the climatic equipment.

Back row more suitable for very small children or passengers. And indeed, these machines are designed primarily for two. Although sit there with small dimensions is quite possible.

Packaging and price of the new 2020 Opel Adam Rocks

Already in the basic version of the equipment is going to be quite saturated. While a full list of equipment is not specified, but the sample list, we can offer you:

  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • advanced audio system;
  • multiple airbags;
  • combination seat trim in leather and fabric;
  • multimedia complex;
  • touchscreen multimedia complex of 8 inches;
  • navigation system;
  • climate control;
  • Cruise control;
  • light sensor;
  • Rain sensor;
  • a complete set of systems and assists security;
  • alloy wheels;
  • LED optics;
  • rear view camera;
  • USB ports;
  • Bluetooth;
  • the ability to manage car through a smartphone;
  • compatible with devices running iOS, and Apple and so on.

As for the price for a novelty from Germany, it will be for the Russian market of about 18,500 dollars. For the version with more powerful engines will have to pay about 20 thousand dollars.

Specifications 2020 Opel Adam Rocks –

The manufacturer offers a fairly wide range of powertrains, so customers will be plenty to choose from.

All motors operate exclusively on gasoline, and a couple of them is no alternative manual transmission.

The power unit 2020 Opel Adam Rocks

About engines also need to talk separately, as they grow in power.

  1. The role of the youngest motor went injector unit volume of 1.2 liters with an output of 70 horsepower and a torque of 115 Nm. Accelerates from zero to hundreds of 2020 Opel Adam Rocks on this engine for 14.9 seconds, and the maximum speed – 165 kilometers per hour. The city consumes 7.1 liters, and on the road – about 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers.
  2. Next the engine has a capacity of 1.4 liters and power already in the 87 horsepower with a torque of 130 Nm. He acceleration takes 12.5 seconds, with a maximum reach the speed – 176 kilometers per hour. In urban consumption of 6.9 liters and 4.4 liters on the highway, the average consumption is 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers.
  3. Next the engine has a volume of only 1.0 liters, but due to turbocharging produces 90 horsepower and 170 Nm of torque. Dispersal more serious – in 11.9 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour, with a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour. On average, it consumes 4.5 liters of fuel at 5.5 liters in the city and 3.9 liters on the highway.
  4. The first engine in the line, the capacity of which is composed of three digits – is aspirated 1.4-liter engine with a power of exactly 100 hp and torque of 130 Nm. He is able to disperse the Adam Rocks from zero to a hundred in 11.5 seconds, accelerating to a maximum mark of 185 kilometers per hour. Average fuel consumption is 5.3 liters. In the city the car takes about 7 liters per 100 kilometers, and on the road – 4.4 liters of fuel.
  5. The top-end engine acts trubirovanny 1.0 engine with an output of 115 horsepower and a torque of 170 Nm. It accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 10 seconds (9.9 seconds), and the subcompact crossover to 196 kilometers per hour and can accelerate as much as possible. The consumption is very modest – 6.3 liters in the city, 4.4 liters on the highway with an average consumption of 5.1 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.



The new modification has already become quite well-known 2020 Opel Adam is already beginning to conquer the hearts of many fans not only the brand 2020 Opel, but refined, original, interesting cars. And 2020 Opel Adam Rocks is fully consistent with each of these criteria.

It is not entirely clear how the fate of psevdokrossovera. However, based on the current hype around it, the sale must demonstrate significant results. This is especially true in Europe, where in recent years like the compact city cars with claims of crossover become a serious weakness for the car owners.