2020 Mini John Cooper Works – (photo, price and equipment, characteristics)


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Within the framework of the international auto show in Detroit company 2020 Mini presented a new version of its third-generation Cooper hatchback version, called John Cooper Works. Just note it is still only about a pre-version.

The manufacturer has taken quite an interesting solution, according to which exactly one year after the presentation of pre-version of their 2020 Mini John Cooper Works – year will be held the official premiere is completely ready for 2020 Mini production. And it will take place in the framework of the Detroit auto show.

This year, the company needed to modify the car to make it even better, correct operation of some components. Either way, the information about the new product is already more than enough. Because hurry to share it with you, our dear readers.

Photo exterior design 2020 Mini John Cooper Works –

During the presentation of the concept we were all surprised and pleasantly surprised veshnostyu car. No fundamental differences here were not from the classic style 2020 Mini Cooper. However, the manufacturer has shown really daring, dynamic, sporty and aggressive hatchback.

Many rightly feared that companies would not go on such a step, and make the appearance more down to earth, relaxed. Fortunately for fans of the brand, this has not happened. Distinguish from the production version of the concept is quite difficult.

Photo 2020 Mini John Cooper Works Front

The front part is decorated for the traditional Coopers optics slightly oval with LED fillers. Plus, we note an interesting trim grille topped aerodynamic elements petticoat. Bumper made more aggressive and weighty. On the radiator grille has a new mesh that gives the car a certain brutality.

Photo John Cooper Works – Side

When viewed from the side, we see the image of a favorite with many of the classic 2020 Mini Cooper. This is a huge door, flat roof line, elegant legs, which hold nearly circular exterior mirrors. Plus hatchback completed the relief thresholds.

John Cooper Works – photos back

Behind the British novelty it looks great, bold and sporty. Powerful bumper set of aerodynamic solutions, stylish optics, large enough baggage door compact glass, on top of which is located visor. Apparently, there will be provided by the presence of an additional brake light. Separately, I want to highlight a dual pipe exhaust system. Obviously, this manufacturer wanted to hint at a sufficiently high power of his creation.

Especially for version 2020 Mini John Cooper Works range of original rims will be provided. The basic version will be equipped with wheels hatchback is 17 inches, and will be available for a fee options already at 18 inches. All discs are, of course, made of light alloy.

About the dimensions are not according to the manufacturer. Obviously, they are not much different from the classic versions of the latest generation. Nevertheless, it is necessary to wait for the official presentation of the production version, in order to understand the dimensions.

Photo salon 2020 Mini John Cooper Works

If we take into account the third-generation 2020 Mini Cooper, for the John Cooper Works version of the specific changes have been prescribed. Although they are not global, still interior changed markedly.

Let’s start with the fact that the interior of the conceptual version is no different. And this is great, because in many prototype presentation noted the successful design of the inside of the machine.

Photo of interior John Cooper Works – year

Not surprisingly, many of the so liked the car. It is located in the cabin is now a new steering wheel, clearly giving to understand – you are dealing with a sporty hatchback. Also a sporty style designed driver’s seat and front passenger. Rear sofa created a very, very comfortable, although there will be able to comfortably accommodate two people. Due to the rather large door, landing on the back row is not so complicated.

Front seats

The driver is now able to feel really behind the wheel of a sports car. Yes, with all the classic appearance of the body, interior and technical characteristics, which we will discuss later, 2020 Mini John Cooper Works – a great car.

Before the driver is quite comfortable and anatomically correct sport steering wheel and metal plates are provided on the pedals. The gearshift lever is carried out new, more comfortable bed in his hand. Dashboard and extended a few finalized.

Rear sofa

Well, in the end in front of us a very interesting British sports hatchback that has all the necessary qualities to become very popular on the market version. Like it or not, but the 2020 Mini Cooper are very fond of, and is not only in the UK.

Options and prices 2020 Mini John Cooper Works

Alas, because it is a pre-production version, we talk about the packaging it is too early. Of course, the car will be equipped with optional features such as a multimedia system, a set of security systems, electric drive on the chairs, mirrors, and hatch, but more on that we say at the time when there will be official information. To form a complete set on the basis of speculation – is not the right solution.

As for the cost of the 2020 Mini John Cooper Works, then there should also wait until the spring of next year. It was the spring of the company began selling its new products. So far, officials have not reported how much they will ask for a sports hatchback.

Equipment Engine Price Fuel Consumption Drive unit
Cooper 1.5 MT (136 hp) 1183000 petrol 5.9 / 4 front
1.5 AT (136 hp) 1265500 petrol 6 / 4,1 front

If we take into account the fact that the predecessor is in Russia about 1.1 million rubles, it is logical to assume – the novelty will cost about 1.4 million rubles. And this is the price for the base version. Depending on the options and modifications can significantly increase the price.

Specifications 2020 Mini John Cooper Works

Now you can tell, perhaps, the most interesting that we see in the new 2020 Mini John Cooper Works. This power unit.

Since version can be called in many ways unique, expect an entire placer engine is hardly worth it. Available car will be only one motor. This gasoline turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 231 horsepower power with 320 Nm of torque.

To complete such an engine will be manual or automatic transmission. Both have six levels.

To hand on the speedometer hit a hundred kilometers per hour from a standing start, 2020 Mini Cooper required 6.3 seconds. And this is a mechanical box. It is noteworthy that on the automatic hatchback accelerates even faster – in 6.1 seconds. As a result, if we take into account the results of its predecessor, the new version accelerates 0.2 seconds faster. It is impossible not to note the fact that the previous version of the hatchback weighed 100 kilograms more, the engine gave out 39 hp less.

On the mechanics and machine consumption in the combined cycle, an average of 6.7 and 5.7 liters respectively. The car will also be equipped with upgraded brakes from Brembo, plus you can get adaptive suspension and pay a certain amount. What kind of – not specified.

Video Test Drive


2020 Mini John Cooper Works – years – this is a clear step forward on the part of the manufacturer. While not quite clearly how popular predecessor, the new version will be, and whether it will be able to do to beat him.

Anyway, while we face only a pre-production version. Because wise to wait for the official version of the series, and has to make an objective assessment of the charged hatchback based on the information that will be available after the auto show in Detroit in . Wait a little left.